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The wolf no longer howls at the moon, It no longer rises or falls for him.

Now all the old ones are just cobwebs, and the new ones are spiders trying to take them down.
2 months ago. November 28, 2022 at 2:18 PM

I see those amber skies returning,

Begging me to remember who I was,

Whom, I have always been,

A warrior,

Someone who didn't prey on the weak,

But relished in the wicked defeated,

A lover,

Showing it so unconditionally,

Without question when found,

A friend,

To shine on their darkest day,

And allow the rain to fall freely,


I was...

I am.


Someone, of substance and morals,

Someone, of honor, and virtue,

Someone, of undying love, and relentless truth,

Someone, through trial and tribulation,

allowed themselves to harden...

Forgetting how soft they really were.


I no longer allowing the lines on the sand,

To be blurred by people who wish to define me,

I will remain me even if they leave,

Even if they spurn and speak malice,

Even if they turn all those around unto me,

I understand now,

That if people wanted to....

If they wanted to give love or time,

Become a home, become your peace,

Become the thing you dreamed of,

They would...



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