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Ultimate scripted pet

My journey with hypnosis
Creating my ultimate pet
1 year ago. Aug 15, 2019, 12:17 PM

I have given my pet rules she has to follow, my first rule of course is she has no voice, I am her voice in all matters. I don't believe anything needs to be discussed, if something is my will, then it is done. However even with that being said, I understand that ultimately individuals will rebel one way or another if they don't have a voice. So I gave her a platform, called her journal in which in the journal she can write about anything she desires. speak freely with out being punished for it. I make her save her journal entry into google drive and share her journal entries with me. 

these are a few excerpts


June 24 journal entry

The reason i had asked Master if we could talk thursdays is because i have a few questions before agreeing to go further...the rabbit hole doesn't scare me anymore..but i do have a few concerns before committing 100%..
Not because I question how i feel about him...but the insecurities and issues for lack of a better term I feel because of certain things..that is what I wish to talk about and put to rest before hand.

I love you Kenneth Earl Maxwell with everything that i am..
hot day so far...charging phone so i can finish up tasks..and take more pics per Masters request...while also getting household stuff done.
Random thoughts
Im fighting this damn crazy trying to pull myself out of trying to tell myself that i can get excited by masters come getaway friday for cpl days...i did tell thats a step..i so want to be excited..but fear of something occuring and everything being cancelled once again..i know master says he wont let anything stand in way..but life seems to be too much disappointment general not just lately with Master.. wish i could shake my head clear of the thoughts and bs...wish i could just see like i use to

June 23 journal entries

Yep i got drunk. Master ignores me ..fuck it why not. He wants me to submit to him completely..and i so want to..but he does shit like this and makes me feel like im dirt that he wipes off his shoes..master is suppose to love me..he says he does..then this...i want to just cry...but i cant..i love fucking much...this hurts...this rejection...this disappointment...this sadness…… yep got drunk...and hung out with my brother and kat...didnt tell them...but cried on becky… cuz she knew something was wrong….why is it MASTER cant love me...cant respect me enough to at least tell me whats up . I would do anything for him…….Anything...
Been a rough hungover own fault...well mostly lol

Finally heard from him...says hes coming up Thursday after work..says he wants to tell me something....says we can still getaway fri-sun..
Do I dare even hope?

Random thoughts in my head
I have so many stupid questions and other shit...feelings and whatnot... in my head...
Why do i feel so damn confused…
Why do i still want to please him so much…
Why does it seem to hurt so much when he disappoints me, ignores me,
Why is what was suppose to get easier seems to be getting more confusing…
Why does he make me feel like I don't deserve anything i dont matter..
Like there is something wrong with me..
Am i that hard to love?
Am i that undeserving of happiness…

June 22 journal entry
Dont know whats going on with him…
So fucking confused
Promised he would be up last night..
He messaged me around 6..didn't
say anything about not coming assumed he was still coming..then said he was still in Leominster at 8:30 doing errands..wasn't gonna make it up..that he would call me when he got home..haven't heard anything..i've messaged response..
I know I didn't do anything dont know whats going on.. wish he would just text or call already..
Don't wanna just sit here...cuz i will end up driving myself crazy…
Its nuts..

June 21
Had the best night sleep in a long time.. lol slept on couch on porch lol
Was up for like 3 hours and passed out on the porch again .. I think it was the sound of the rain that lulled me to sleep.
I miss Master so much..can't wait to see him tonight
Usually i've heard from him by now...when he's on his way.


1 year ago. Aug 15, 2019, 12:02 PM

How do I begin to describe the feelings, the rush of it all. Knowing with a snap of the finger, I could literally destroy her. Which is not my intention. No I do not want to destroy her like that. I do however want to break her, and truly own her. She is not going to be just a pet, a piece of property, or a slave, no I need her to be more than just that, I need her to be the D.O.G. women. (Damn,Obeidenat, & Grateful) I can not alright call her a dog women, it might not make sense to her, or may make her feel degraded.
The whole point of this of course is to degrade her, humiliate her, to dominate her but still leave her feeling worthy and with dignity. She is never allowed a voice. Of course this has a huge impact on my sex drive, when I am dominating her, degrading her, my dick gets so hard, hearing her begging for permission to cum….then feeling her cummmin all over my cock, the warm fluid shooting out and coating my hard cock and balls as I am ramming her pussy, her clenching down on my cock as she cumms gripping it, making me want to cum. Fuck it feels so fucking awesome.
And knowing she can not get enough of my cock, of me, is a feeling of ultimate power, which I know I have to keep in check. Of course none of this would have been possible without hypnosis, oh don’t get me wrong her orgasm when we met were strong and powerful on their own, and her enjoyment of orally satisfying me was genuine, but with hypnosis I needed to lock it all in, to make it so our sexual encounters were beyond anything she ever felt. So the beginning hypnosis scripts had to be crafted and devised in such a fashion,she would hunger more and more for me and my cock. But to tear down her walls, to remove her defences I devised certain questionnaires, once she answered them, and I had enough time to analyze her answers, the scripts i developed would break through her walls after our first encounter. So the first encounter after we had sex, I put her under, then using a fractionating technique, i had her open her eyes and look at me, when she did she would be so in love with me, then I had her close her eyes, i deepened the hypnosis, and repeated the fractioning technique again, this time I made her love for me grow stronger, and with each breath, it would grow stronger, then I had her close her eyes and deepened the trance again, then i had her open her mouth and shoved my cock in her mouth. And with every inch she felt in her mouth her love grew even stronger. Then I had open her eyes as she was sucking on my hard cock, and had her look into my eyes as she continued sucking my cock and made the suggestion she enjoyed sucking on my cock more than she ever did anyone else, that in comparison to her past encounters they paled in comparison. Then I had her close her eyes, and told her she needed to taste my cum, she wanted to taste it. So she began sucking my dick faster and faster, and just as I was about to shoot my load in her mouth. I had her open her eyes and told her once she felt, and tasted my cum in her mouth, her love would grow 10x stronger than anything she has ever felt. That the feeling of cum shooting into her mouth would taste better than her favorite dessert… then I deepened the hypnosis, and brought her down deeper….then slowly I talked her up to the waking state, we laid there. Chatting for a bit and then she looked at me and told me she loved me...she admitted she was afraid to say it, not sure How I would react. Considering we had agreed to just fwb. Our next encounter, I repeated the hypnosis script, but this time when I used it, I told her I was going to begin eating her pussy, which would feel so good so enjoyable it would be better than anything she ever felt, then I next starting rubbing her nipples with one hand, and told her anytime I rubbed her nipples it would be like I was rubbing her clit, i proceeded with rubbing her clit, and her breast for several minutes, then I stop. Then I told her I was going to begin rubbing her nipples, and it would feel as if her nipples and clit were connected and whatever I did to one the other part of her body would feel it as well. With the same level of intensity , I did this several times, then I brought her back to the waking state, then after a few minutes, i began rubbing her tits, her body began to shudder, I asked her how it felt. She replied it felt amazing, I asked her what she felt, she told me when I was rubbing her tits she could feel it all the way down to her clit as if i was rubbing it with my hand. I chuckled a bit and told her I was going to give her the best fuck of her life. i put her under hypnosis, again I used the fractionation technique to deepen the trance, I had her look at me, and told her with each touch, with each kiss, with each breath, with each heartbeat her love for me would grow stronger and stronger like nothing she ever felt before. Then I deepened the trance, this time I told her I was going to begin fucking her. And with every inch of my cock, with each and every thrust she felt, my cock would feel more amazing than any other dick she ever had, with each inch my cock she would feel so amazing it would send waves of orgasmic pleasure rippling through her body, with each inch, with every thrust she would feel her love growing stronger, then as she was nearing the point of having an orgasm, I told her to open her eyes and look at me, and as she came I told her with each orgasm she felt the stronger her love for me would grow a 100x stronger. It would be so strong that her next orgasm would be even stronger than before.I continued fucking her bringing her to another climax, and indeed it was stronger, then my turn to cumm, i had her open her eyes and look at me, and told her every time she felt me cummm her love would grow even stronger. After I shot my hot load my dick was still hard, so I told her to she was going to suck my dick and as she did she would enjoy the taste of my cumm and her juices all over my cock that she would begin salivating uncontrollably. And the more she sucked my dick the more and more in love with me she became, her love would be like that of a raging fire building in intensity with every inch she felt in her mouth, and the deeper down on my cock she went the hungrier for my cock she would become, and as I came in her mouth, I told her she would feel her love for me consuming her, like nothing she felt before. Then I deepened the trance and Told her she had 2 choices (here i was using a technique called a double bind I told her when she woke she could remember what we did and all of my suggestions except the amazing sex or she could choose not remember what We did and when she woke she would only remember we had the most intensely satisfying sex of her life that would leave her feeling so filled with genuine love like nothing she felt before…
Now there is a truth about hypnosis, you can not make someone do something against their will, but what you can do, and what exactly I did, is you can in this case stir up feelings they had from their past, to multiply those feelings. You can also as I did fulfill a need, as in her case she deeply wanted to feel loved, valued, and important.

I had several reasons for doing this, my first reason, I had a crush on her from the first time I saw her my sophomore year of high school, I would after school fantasies about her, and masturbate.
Second reason, I still had a crush on her, the final reason I wanted her to feel truly loved, I wanted to be her knight in shining armor, I wanted to make sure when ever we had spent time together She would feel loved. To feel she mattered. I accomplished this and so much more. I didn’t do any of these things with malice intent, however I had to do these things, I needed her sexually in the worst way, She had an insatiable appetite, she was more than just an incredible piece of ass, I wanted more and more to devour her body and make her so enthralled with me she couldn’t get enough of me and eventually turn her into the ultimate pet….

1 year ago. Aug 15, 2019, 4:13 AM

Are there any other dom's male or lower-class species ever use hypnosis on your subs, if so what was your experience?

1 year ago. May 14, 2019, 1:24 PM

One of the  difficulties of having a relationship with a pet that lives several towns away, is keeping them in line, so it is ever more important to have them do several daily tasks, and also self punishment. Now somedays I add special tasks, sometimes these special task will only take my pet a few minutes to do or a good portion of her day. Some of her daily tasks involve her sending me 3 set's of photos of herself presenting, writing certain sentences and uploading them into google drive. Then their is the self punishment which she is to video herself, some punishments have included her repeating while on her knees "I am my masters fat fucking pig to do with as he wishes" other punishments included being made to wear nipple and clit clamps for an entire day, with her needing to video her self during the course of the day. And at the end of her punishment she is made to video herself admitting what she did wrong 3x before being allowed to remove the clamps. 

Their are many creative ways to keep a pet from a distance inline.