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1 week ago. November 24, 2022 at 5:44 AM

DISCLAIMER:  The following story depicts a DD/lg relationship that takes place between two consenting adults, one of which identifies as a little.  The story takes place while she is in little space and her part is written from that perspective.  It may be a trigger for those with certain types of trauma in their past. 

It had been a long day, so when she arrived home, she was happy to see Daddy's truck already parked outside.  She walked in the door and saw him sitting on the sofa, a smile on his face as their eyes met.  He motioned over to her, and she felt herself melt on the inside.  Daddy's lap was where she needed to be right now. 

She sat on his lap sidesaddle, her bottom settling neatly between his thighs.  She curled into his chest and felt his thick arms encircle her waist, pulling her close.  She nuzzled into the crook of his neck and breathed him in, absorbing his scent, his warmth. 

He nuzzled back, burying his face in her golden curls for a moment before asking, "How was your day princess?" 

She looked up at him, bright blue eyes sparkling as she spoke. 

"It sounds like you accomplished a lot today," he said. 

"Yes Daddy, I did, but..." 

"What is it princess?" 

"I missed you today," she said, as she leaned back into him and moved her bottom, ever so slightly, in his lap. 

He let his gaze take her in, from her innocent smile, to the smooth, alabaster skin of her throat, to the slow rise and fall of her breasts.  He noticed the soft fabric of her top taking the shape of her hardening nipples and whispered, "How much did you miss me princess?" 

Her smile widened to a not so innocent grin as she flung her arms apart, "This much Daddy!" She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight for a moment before settling back in his lap.

"Well, I missed you too sweetheart," he continued to whisper, as his hand found the hem of her shirt.  He tugged on it gently, stretching it over her erect nipples. 

She leaned back into him hard, the friction bringing a soft moan to her lips. 

As she leaned back, he hooked his chin over her shoulder, eyes focused on her pert breasts and their most prominent features. With his right hand he continued to tug, first one way, then the other, her soft coos music to his ears, while his left hand found its way under her shirt, where he began to slowly stroke her belly with his fingertips.

She caught her breath when she felt his fingers on her skin. They were rough, but soft, like a cat's tongue.  As his fingers roamed across her skin and circled her belly button, she felt a shiver of run through her body. She could feel goosebumps spreading up, across her stomach, over her breasts and shoulders, and down, to other places.

He let his second hand join the first under her shirt.  He traced the underside of each of her breasts before cupping them in his hands. Squeezing them gently, he brought his thumbs over the top, slowly circling her areola.  As he did, he could hear her breath quicken as her areola shrank and her nipples hardened even more.

Ripples ran through her body, from where Daddy was touching her straight down between her legs.  She leaned into his chest, hands grasping his thighs, to steady herself. 

He kissed her neck and shoulders as he began to roll her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, pulling them, pinching them, softly at first, but then harder, her moans becoming more insistent.

Each time Daddy pinched her, she squealed. She could feel the heat and moisture building up, her body reacting to Daddy.  She clamped her legs together, trying to stop the rising wave of pleasure, but it kept coming.

He could see she was struggling as her climax approached.  He paused so she could catch her breath as he pulled her shirt up and over her head. He wrapped one arm behind her and leaned her to the side so he could bring his lips to her breasts, kissing first, then suckling, nibbling and grazing her sensitive nipples with his teeth.  

She began to tremble uncontrollably. "Daddy...," She moaned.

"It's ok princess, let it go," he said.

He felt her body tense and her moisture saturate his thigh as she released.  "Good girl, that's my princess," he whispered as she snuggled in his arms and drifted off into sleep.

3 weeks ago. November 8, 2022 at 11:18 PM

DISCLAIMER:  The following story depicts a DD/lg relationship that takes place between two consenting adults, one of which identifies as a little.  The story takes place while she is in little space and her part is written from that perspective.  It may be a trigger for those with certain types of trauma in their past.   

He remembered how scared she was to introduce him to her "little", but when she finally shared, finally realized that he was a safe place, she let him in completely.  She would get so excited when he came home from work each day...she would run straight at him, full speed and jump into his arms, trusting that he would catch her...

She would hug him tight and pepper him with sweet "little" kisses while she giggled endlessly...they would end up rolling around on the floor, laughing and tickling and playing, enjoying each other...some days they would color or finger paint, others they would play with her stuffies, and sometimes they would play board games... 

Most days he would plop down on the sofa when they were done and kick off his shoes...she would hop in his lap and curl up against his chest to watch her favorite princess movies...she would cuddle with him, her "little" bottom moving in his lap, wiggling and squirming as she sang along with the songs in her movies...

What she couldn't know was that her wiggling and squirming would give Daddy the tingles...after he would tuck her in for the night he would go to the bathroom and Daddy would make the tingles go away...but one day, as she was cuddling against him and settling into his lap, she jumped up and said "Daddy! You're poking me!"

Thinking quickly, he said, "Baby, Daddy has keys in his pocket, you sat on them!". Then he stood up and took them out, convincing her that she had indeed sat on them...

For months after that they would play and cuddle and she would sit in his lap and later Daddy would make the tingles go away, until one day Daddy made a mistake...

When he came home, they laughed, they cuddled, they played, just like they always did, and then she hopped in his lap. She gave Daddy really big tingles that day, and that day Daddy poked her again. He said, "Baby you're on Daddy's keys again!". She looked at him with her pretty blue eyes, head cocked sideways, and said "Nah ah Daddy, that's not your keys!"

He said, "Yes baby, it's my keys, just like all the other times!". She looked up at him, still sideways and said, "Nah ah Daddy!". Then she hopped off his lap, walked over to the coffee table, and with a considerable amount of attitude and one hand on her hip, she pointed down to the table with her other his keys...

"Daddy, what is poking me?" she asked. He was beet red, and before he could answer she sprinted back towards him...she was between his legs in an instant, patting between his thighs with both hands, trying to figure out what had poked her...

As her "little" hands explored and probed, his tingles got bigger...and then she found it...her little hands tried to grab it but each time she brushed against it, it would move...he just sat back and watched, enjoying the sensations rippling through his body...questioning himself, unsure of what to do.  Should he stop her or let her continue...but when he looked down at the most precious thing in his life, he couldn't say no...

He saw her biting her lip, sheer determination on her face as she tried to find it...he wanted her to....and then she found his zipper...she unzipped it as quickly as she could muster and then he felt her "little" hand on his stiff flesh, her "little" digits unable to completely encircle him...unwilling to give up, she thrust her other hand in and with both hands wrestled his member out into the daylight, fully erect and throbbing...

She looked up at him, head cocked sideways again, tight curls framing the quizzical expression on her face, and asked, "Daddy, what is that??"

She looked at him confused, not sure what to make of this thing that was suddenly sticking out of Daddy's pants. "Daddy, what is that??" "It is Daddy's super-secret special part princess.", he said. "But Daddy, I don't have one of those things!" "No sweetie, you don't, Daddies and princesses are very different down there." "Well, what does it do???" "Would you like to see baby?" "Mmmhmm! Yesh Daddy, please!!"

"Ok, squeeze it baby, how does it feel?" "It feels hard Daddy." "Yes, it does. Do you know why it gets hard like that?" "No Daddy, why??" "It gets hard when Daddy gets the tingles. The tingles are a special feeling that Daddies get, and it makes their special part grow up and get hard." "Does it stay like that forever Daddy???" "No baby, it doesn't", he softly chuckled, "but Daddy does have to make the tingles go away so it will get soft again." "It gets hard and it gets soft?", she asked, confusion on her face again. "Yes baby, it does, would you like to see how?" Yesh Daddy, yesh!!"

"Ok baby, well first you have to keep squeezing it." With both "little" hands on his shaft she squeezed as hard as she could, her brow furrowed in concentration...."Baby, not quite like that, let me show you." He put his hand on hers, "You don't have to squeeze so hard princess..." "But Daddy, you said to squeeze it...", a frown starting to form on her lips..."I'm sorry sweetie, you're right, I did say that. I should have explained it better. Do you still want me to show you what it does?" "Yesh Daddy..." "Ok baby, hold onto it with both hands, squeeze, but not too hard, ok?" Ok, Daddy..." "Yes baby, just like that...", mmmmm, a soft moan escaped his lips as her "little" hands grasped him intimately for the first time..."Good girl, just like that...pull up and down slowly baby, ok?"...."Yesh, Daddy, like this?"....mmmmmm, "Yes baby, just like that, you are such a good girl..."

For a moment he lost himself in the sensation, her "little" hands gently tugging up and down on his shaft, his foreskin slipping up and down over the tip and then back down, taut, his moans seemingly focused her concentration...she seemed to know instinctively that what she was doing was making him feel very, very good....he reached down as he gazed into her eyes and softly stroked her cheek, "Sweetheart you are making Daddy feel very good!" "I am?" "Yes baby, you are.". A smile quickly spread across her face, and she redoubled her efforts, her tugs growing more insistent and coming more quickly, his foreskin making soft, wet noises as it lapped up and over the tip and back down again, causing his tingles to radiate out from the tip to every extremity...

As she continued stroking a sticky, crystal clear drop of precum began to gather on the tip. Her eyes were glued to it, watching it grow until her curiosity got the better of her, "Daddy, what is that stuff?" "Take your finger and rub it all around the tip, tell me what it feels like..." Her little hand grasped his tip, the precum smearing against her palm, she started rubbing it all over his tip and then grabbing his the precum spread it became more difficult to grasp the tip until it was so slick that each time her "little" fingers encircled the tip it would slip out, evading her grip. "Daddy, it is sticky and slippery!!"

"Yes baby, because the tip is very sensitive. " She kept grasping, precum still oozing from his tip, until he could no longer control his moans, "Baby, you are going to make Daddy's tingles go away very soon!" "Is that good Daddy, do you want me to make your tingles go away?" "Yes baby, I do, but something is going to happen when they go away." "What is going to happen?? Tell me Daddy, please??" "When you finally make them go away it's going to make a big mess princess. It's going to squirt white stuff out. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes daddy, I want to make them go away for you..." "OK sweetie, don't stop, you're almost there..." Her "little" fingers teased up and down his shaft, slipping up and over the ridge of his swollen mushroom head, bringing him to the edge of release...his hips betrayed him, his body moving with her hands until..."Princess, it's coming!! Daddy's tingles are going away!!" As his eyes half rolled back at the flood of sensations, he tried to focus on her, his beautiful "little" girl, witnessing one of Daddy's orgasms for the first time...her eyes wide with wonder as his shaft twitched in her soft "little" hands, shooting a creamy white stream into the air...". "Daddy!!! Does that happen every time???" "Yes baby, it sure does.", he said, as he caught his breath...."Let's do it again!" she shouted, a smile spreading across her face from ear to ear..."Yes princess, let's do it again", he said as his member slowly began to deflate in her hands, "Daddy just needs a minute, ok?"......

1 month ago. November 2, 2022 at 11:24 PM

DISCLAIMER:  The following story depicts a DD/lg relationship that takes place between two consenting adults, one of which identifies as a little.  The story takes place while she is in little space and her part is written from that perspective.  It may be a trigger for those with certain types of trauma in their past.   

We all file in the front door, tired after an evening spent trick-or-treating.  As you help the kids sort their treasure, I make a quick, light dinner, but all the while, deep inside those beautiful eyes I can see you, the "little" twinkling in there, waiting for her daddy. As soon as the kids are tucked in and we head up to our room, she comes out to hop up on the bed on all fours, still in your Hello Kitty costume, purring like a "little" kitten...I take a few steps forward, standing at the edge of the bed as you purr and start to rub your body against you feel me react you nuzzle against me, rubbing your head and neck below my waist, making me react even you feel me throb, your purrs grow deeper, louder....I stroke my pretty kitty, letting my fingers trail down your neck, over your shoulders to your bottom as you rub against me..

You pad around the bed slowly, eyeing me, and each time you approach you brush against you pass again I run my hand down your back gently, letting my fingers trail down your spine where your skin is arch your back as goosebumps spread up your neck and across your circle the bed again and as you approach I let my hand slide down your back again, this time I let my hand stroke the bushy tail on your costume, giving it a gentle tug that brings a purr to your beautiful kitty smiles big as you glance back over your shoulder and see the pleasure I get from watching you in my eyes...

As you circle the bed you begin to almost prance, and each time you pass me you give me a huge grin and a "little" giggle before wiggling your bottom in the air, as if to tempt me with your's then that I notice the adjustments you've made to your costume, a small slit of fabric is missing between your thighs, and the tail, not part of the costume at all, but an accessory for my kitten's bottom...I can smell you now princess, in heat, aching for daddy the way he aches for you...

You sidle up purring, rubbing against daddy's belly, his member brushing against your thigh as you feel his fingertips on your throat, stroking downwards, between your breasts with one hand as the other caresses your bottom and teases your my finger brushes over your button you giggle and look up at me, your luscious curls framing your face, your eyes full of desire..

My hands find their way to your waist....I scoot you over, so your knees are on the edge of the I part your legs you feel my tip against your button, at the edges of your swollen pink look over your shoulder at me and purr as I slide inside my "little" girl, feeling your kitty embrace me from the hands run up and down your back as I thrust, one settling on your hip, the other wrapping around your throat, pulling you up and back, fully onto me as I bury myself inside you..

Your purr disappears into soft, sweet moans as your body trembles and releases on me, gushing...I feel your wetness on me and thrust harder....your second comes faster, as I push deep into your moisture I feel you clench and cry out "Daddy, please daddy"...I turn you over, your costume soaked with perspiration, and enter you again, this time able to look you in the eyes as our bodies throw your legs around my waist and pull me in deeper, almost chanting, "Daddy, please....daddy, please" under your breath.....I feel you begin to tremble again, your eyes close and I feel you clench just as I erupt, spraying my seed deep inside my "little" girl as you cry out "Yes daddy, yes!"...we hold for a moment, panting, on the verge of tears or laughter, I'm not sure which, and then we collapse into each other, peacefully dozing off, you in my arms..

1 month ago. October 27, 2022 at 6:40 AM

She stood under a tree, the long, arching branches shading her from the sun. A few steps away, he devoured every inch of her with his gaze, her naked body flushed, beads of perspiration beginning to form as he made his inspection..

He watched her, anxious, fighting the urge to fidget, while he explored her with his eyes.  She was glistening, her body responded to his eyes as if he were already touching her.  A soft breeze carried the scent of her spiral locks to his nostrils, warm cinnamon and vanilla. He breathed deep and took her in..

She stood patiently, ached for him to finally take her, to kiss her, to taste the sweet remnants of the wine they had been drinking on his lips, to feel his hands on her, his fingers probing her, teasing her, tracing the petals of her pretty pink flower.  Her knees buckled at the thought..

The sound of the wind rustling the leaves in the trees brought him back in time to see her clench her knees and thighs together as her eyes closed to almost imperceptible slits.  She was ready.  He moved quickly, hand on the back of her head pulling her into his kiss as he pushed her back against the tree..

She gasped as the bark bit into her back and bottom.  She felt his other hand lift her leg and as he entered her she melted away into ecstasy..

1 month ago. October 19, 2022 at 11:48 PM

DISCLAIMER:  The following story depicts a DD/lg relationship that takes place between two consenting adults, one of which identifies as a little.  The story takes place while she is in little space and her part is written from that perspective.  It may be a trigger for those with certain types of trauma in their past.   


It is Sunday, early afternoon, and you and I are walking through the mall, eating ice cream cones, laughing, enjoying each other's company, holding hands, both giddy from the movie we just finished watching. You are acting like a big girl but the ice cream is bringing the "little" in you to the surface. I can see her twinkle deep in your eyes and I can see her giggle forming at the corners of your mouth..


You tell me that you need to go to the bathroom, so we find one, but instead of the women's bathroom you ask me to take you in the family bathroom. We go in and I watch you as sit down and I hear a soft tinkle. After a bit you tell me you are done, but that you need me to wipe you. I say you're a big girl but you give me puppy dog eyes, so I fold up two squares and I reach between your legs to gently wipe you.


As I wipe, your eyes roll back slightly, you grab my wrist and start to hump my fingers as you begin to softly moan. I drop the toilet paper and feel you rub your button against my fingers at first, your warm little parts becoming moist at first and then soaking wet. Your moans become deeper, and I hear you whisper "Daddy" as you slip yourself onto my index finger, taking most of it inside you as you gasp for breath..


I feel your body clench my finger from the inside and I hear/feel you release, your little body quivering. As you catch your breath, I take your hand and place it just below my belt, so you can feel how daddy is reacting to you. I tell you to unzip it and you do, like a good girl. Your small, soft hand encircles me and pulls me out where you can see just how big and purple the tip is now. I say, "Princess, be a good girl, suck and lick on it, just like a lollipop." You look up at me, and without breaking eye contact, begin to softly lick and suck on daddy..


I feel you tug downwards, pulling my foreskin taut as your lips slide over the tip..your tongue begins to swirl slowly around the head, teasing, coaxing, drawing out sticky sweet precum that you lap up your tongue continues to swirl I feel myself nearing climax, but I want to share it with my "little" girl.  I reach down, gently stroke your cheek, tell you how good you did and then pick you up and sit you on the edge of the counter.


I spread your legs and step between them..I rub my purple tip against your pretty, wet princess moan again and lean back, arching your back, eager to feel daddy inside you.. I want to be in my "little" girl desperately, I push forward feeling your tight body open up just enough to let me in..


I grab your waist and thrust deep, feeling you grip me like a vise on the inside.  You sit up straight, throw your arms over my shoulders, trembling, and take me all the way inside ..our bodies rock and sway as we approach a climax together .I feel you tighten and begin moaning, "Daddy..daddy..daddy..." I can't hold back any more, I thrust deep and erupt inside my "little" girl as you explode on my can feel me twitching, emptying myself as you gush....I hold you tight as our spasms subside and then, as we both catch our breath I look down at you, see your "little" once more, a wicked glint at the corner of your eyes and I realize I've been had.  My "little" girl got just what she wanted from daddy. I look you square in the eye, shake my head and we both bust out giggling. . We take our time cleaning up, and then I look at you, see that twinkle in your eyes, and ask, "More ice cream?". You jump towards me, a smile spreading across your face as you throw your arms over my shoulders, give me a big kiss and say " Yes daddy!". And we walk out, no one the wiser, on the lookout for more ice cream.

1 month ago. October 9, 2022 at 1:50 AM

We spoke for years.  When we finally were able to meet, it was in a public place, safe and well lit.  When I first laid eyes on your face in person I was entranced. The sun illuminated your face, your eyes sparkling, your smile beaming, your spiral locks radiant. I could not turned away. The scent of your hair was hypnotic, I could barely focus on your words, your presence was so overwhelming. We talked for a while, it felt like a lifetime and mere moments at the same time and then we parted ways. We chanced to meet only one other time. I held you in my arms, I tasted your lips, felt the warmth of your skin, felt the electricity of the unrealized passion between us palpably, but I held back, respecting the boundaries you had set. I don't know if we will meet again or speak again, but you are always with me and in the deepest, darkest part of the night, when the world is quiet, I close my eyes and focus. I can smell, taste, feel you and you are mine. 

1 month ago. October 7, 2022 at 2:55 AM

Her eyes gazed up at him as his member parted her lips.  As he entered her mouth she felt his foreskin slide back, exposing the tip and the frenulum below.  She breathed him in, savoring the smell and taste of him, thick and heady after a long day in the sun. She let her tongue swirl around the head, then slip down the shaft, back up again, the tip of her tongue brushing the frenulum.  She felt him twitch, tasted his precum, slick, mercurial, almost sweet, teased out by her tongue.  She closed her eyes for a moment and absorbed him, let the privilege of pleasuring him wash over her as his fingers found their way to her spiral tresses.  She lingered in her thoughts as his fingers tighten, followed by determined thrusts.  She was brought back to the present as he hit the back of her throat. She winced, eyes opening, to see him, head back, eyes closed, a deep growl gathering in his chest. He gripped her firmly in both hands, his thrusts penetrating her throat now. Her eyes began to water and she blinked back tears.  It was for her to pleasure him, she was his to use as he saw fit.  She would not stand down, she would give him what he needed. She willed her throat open and took him in, all of him.  Her breathing slowed as his pace quickened, until he roared, pulled out and showered her face in white hot streams of shimmering silver. After a moment, she felt his fingertips under her chin, bringing her gaze up to meet his eyes.  "Good girl." She couldn't contain her smile as her tears of gratitude began to flow.