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3 months ago. October 19, 2022 at 11:48 PM

DISCLAIMER:  The following story depicts a DD/lg relationship that takes place between two consenting adults, one of which identifies as a little.  The story takes place while she is in little space and her part is written from that perspective.  It may be a trigger for those with certain types of trauma in their past.   


It is Sunday, early afternoon, and you and I are walking through the mall, eating ice cream cones, laughing, enjoying each other's company, holding hands, both giddy from the movie we just finished watching. You are acting like a big girl but the ice cream is bringing the "little" in you to the surface. I can see her twinkle deep in your eyes and I can see her giggle forming at the corners of your mouth..


You tell me that you need to go to the bathroom, so we find one, but instead of the women's bathroom you ask me to take you in the family bathroom. We go in and I watch you as sit down and I hear a soft tinkle. After a bit you tell me you are done, but that you need me to wipe you. I say you're a big girl but you give me puppy dog eyes, so I fold up two squares and I reach between your legs to gently wipe you.


As I wipe, your eyes roll back slightly, you grab my wrist and start to hump my fingers as you begin to softly moan. I drop the toilet paper and feel you rub your button against my fingers at first, your warm little parts becoming moist at first and then soaking wet. Your moans become deeper, and I hear you whisper "Daddy" as you slip yourself onto my index finger, taking most of it inside you as you gasp for breath..


I feel your body clench my finger from the inside and I hear/feel you release, your little body quivering. As you catch your breath, I take your hand and place it just below my belt, so you can feel how daddy is reacting to you. I tell you to unzip it and you do, like a good girl. Your small, soft hand encircles me and pulls me out where you can see just how big and purple the tip is now. I say, "Princess, be a good girl, suck and lick on it, just like a lollipop." You look up at me, and without breaking eye contact, begin to softly lick and suck on daddy..


I feel you tug downwards, pulling my foreskin taut as your lips slide over the tip..your tongue begins to swirl slowly around the head, teasing, coaxing, drawing out sticky sweet precum that you lap up your tongue continues to swirl I feel myself nearing climax, but I want to share it with my "little" girl.  I reach down, gently stroke your cheek, tell you how good you did and then pick you up and sit you on the edge of the counter.


I spread your legs and step between them..I rub my purple tip against your pretty, wet princess moan again and lean back, arching your back, eager to feel daddy inside you.. I want to be in my "little" girl desperately, I push forward feeling your tight body open up just enough to let me in..


I grab your waist and thrust deep, feeling you grip me like a vise on the inside.  You sit up straight, throw your arms over my shoulders, trembling, and take me all the way inside ..our bodies rock and sway as we approach a climax together .I feel you tighten and begin moaning, "Daddy..daddy..daddy..." I can't hold back any more, I thrust deep and erupt inside my "little" girl as you explode on my can feel me twitching, emptying myself as you gush....I hold you tight as our spasms subside and then, as we both catch our breath I look down at you, see your "little" once more, a wicked glint at the corner of your eyes and I realize I've been had.  My "little" girl got just what she wanted from daddy. I look you square in the eye, shake my head and we both bust out giggling. . We take our time cleaning up, and then I look at you, see that twinkle in your eyes, and ask, "More ice cream?". You jump towards me, a smile spreading across your face as you throw your arms over my shoulders, give me a big kiss and say " Yes daddy!". And we walk out, no one the wiser, on the lookout for more ice cream.

CotrolYourHole - Very hot, thanks for posting! Reading this to my wifey before we play later today will be fun😎I’ve been coming up with some kinky short story ideas, and DD/lg will be one of my favorite kinky dynamics to include in a story haha
3 months ago

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