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The stuff that goes on in my mind.
3 months ago. October 27, 2022 at 6:40 AM

She stood under a tree, the long, arching branches shading her from the sun. A few steps away, he devoured every inch of her with his gaze, her naked body flushed, beads of perspiration beginning to form as he made his inspection..

He watched her, anxious, fighting the urge to fidget, while he explored her with his eyes.  She was glistening, her body responded to his eyes as if he were already touching her.  A soft breeze carried the scent of her spiral locks to his nostrils, warm cinnamon and vanilla. He breathed deep and took her in..

She stood patiently, ached for him to finally take her, to kiss her, to taste the sweet remnants of the wine they had been drinking on his lips, to feel his hands on her, his fingers probing her, teasing her, tracing the petals of her pretty pink flower.  Her knees buckled at the thought..

The sound of the wind rustling the leaves in the trees brought him back in time to see her clench her knees and thighs together as her eyes closed to almost imperceptible slits.  She was ready.  He moved quickly, hand on the back of her head pulling her into his kiss as he pushed her back against the tree..

She gasped as the bark bit into her back and bottom.  She felt his other hand lift her leg and as he entered her she melted away into ecstasy..

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