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The stuff that goes on in my mind.
2 months ago. November 2, 2022 at 11:24 PM

DISCLAIMER:  The following story depicts a DD/lg relationship that takes place between two consenting adults, one of which identifies as a little.  The story takes place while she is in little space and her part is written from that perspective.  It may be a trigger for those with certain types of trauma in their past.   

We all file in the front door, tired after an evening spent trick-or-treating.  As you help the kids sort their treasure, I make a quick, light dinner, but all the while, deep inside those beautiful eyes I can see you, the "little" twinkling in there, waiting for her daddy. As soon as the kids are tucked in and we head up to our room, she comes out to hop up on the bed on all fours, still in your Hello Kitty costume, purring like a "little" kitten...I take a few steps forward, standing at the edge of the bed as you purr and start to rub your body against you feel me react you nuzzle against me, rubbing your head and neck below my waist, making me react even you feel me throb, your purrs grow deeper, louder....I stroke my pretty kitty, letting my fingers trail down your neck, over your shoulders to your bottom as you rub against me..

You pad around the bed slowly, eyeing me, and each time you approach you brush against you pass again I run my hand down your back gently, letting my fingers trail down your spine where your skin is arch your back as goosebumps spread up your neck and across your circle the bed again and as you approach I let my hand slide down your back again, this time I let my hand stroke the bushy tail on your costume, giving it a gentle tug that brings a purr to your beautiful kitty smiles big as you glance back over your shoulder and see the pleasure I get from watching you in my eyes...

As you circle the bed you begin to almost prance, and each time you pass me you give me a huge grin and a "little" giggle before wiggling your bottom in the air, as if to tempt me with your's then that I notice the adjustments you've made to your costume, a small slit of fabric is missing between your thighs, and the tail, not part of the costume at all, but an accessory for my kitten's bottom...I can smell you now princess, in heat, aching for daddy the way he aches for you...

You sidle up purring, rubbing against daddy's belly, his member brushing against your thigh as you feel his fingertips on your throat, stroking downwards, between your breasts with one hand as the other caresses your bottom and teases your my finger brushes over your button you giggle and look up at me, your luscious curls framing your face, your eyes full of desire..

My hands find their way to your waist....I scoot you over, so your knees are on the edge of the I part your legs you feel my tip against your button, at the edges of your swollen pink look over your shoulder at me and purr as I slide inside my "little" girl, feeling your kitty embrace me from the hands run up and down your back as I thrust, one settling on your hip, the other wrapping around your throat, pulling you up and back, fully onto me as I bury myself inside you..

Your purr disappears into soft, sweet moans as your body trembles and releases on me, gushing...I feel your wetness on me and thrust harder....your second comes faster, as I push deep into your moisture I feel you clench and cry out "Daddy, please daddy"...I turn you over, your costume soaked with perspiration, and enter you again, this time able to look you in the eyes as our bodies throw your legs around my waist and pull me in deeper, almost chanting, "Daddy, please....daddy, please" under your breath.....I feel you begin to tremble again, your eyes close and I feel you clench just as I erupt, spraying my seed deep inside my "little" girl as you cry out "Yes daddy, yes!"...we hold for a moment, panting, on the verge of tears or laughter, I'm not sure which, and then we collapse into each other, peacefully dozing off, you in my arms..

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