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2 months ago. November 24, 2022 at 5:44 AM

DISCLAIMER:  The following story depicts a DD/lg relationship that takes place between two consenting adults, one of which identifies as a little.  The story takes place while she is in little space and her part is written from that perspective.  It may be a trigger for those with certain types of trauma in their past. 

It had been a long day, so when she arrived home, she was happy to see Daddy's truck already parked outside.  She walked in the door and saw him sitting on the sofa, a smile on his face as their eyes met.  He motioned over to her, and she felt herself melt on the inside.  Daddy's lap was where she needed to be right now. 

She sat on his lap sidesaddle, her bottom settling neatly between his thighs.  She curled into his chest and felt his thick arms encircle her waist, pulling her close.  She nuzzled into the crook of his neck and breathed him in, absorbing his scent, his warmth. 

He nuzzled back, burying his face in her golden curls for a moment before asking, "How was your day princess?" 

She looked up at him, bright blue eyes sparkling as she spoke. 

"It sounds like you accomplished a lot today," he said. 

"Yes Daddy, I did, but..." 

"What is it princess?" 

"I missed you today," she said, as she leaned back into him and moved her bottom, ever so slightly, in his lap. 

He let his gaze take her in, from her innocent smile, to the smooth, alabaster skin of her throat, to the slow rise and fall of her breasts.  He noticed the soft fabric of her top taking the shape of her hardening nipples and whispered, "How much did you miss me princess?" 

Her smile widened to a not so innocent grin as she flung her arms apart, "This much Daddy!" She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight for a moment before settling back in his lap.

"Well, I missed you too sweetheart," he continued to whisper, as his hand found the hem of her shirt.  He tugged on it gently, stretching it over her erect nipples. 

She leaned back into him hard, the friction bringing a soft moan to her lips. 

As she leaned back, he hooked his chin over her shoulder, eyes focused on her pert breasts and their most prominent features. With his right hand he continued to tug, first one way, then the other, her soft coos music to his ears, while his left hand found its way under her shirt, where he began to slowly stroke her belly with his fingertips.

She caught her breath when she felt his fingers on her skin. They were rough, but soft, like a cat's tongue.  As his fingers roamed across her skin and circled her belly button, she felt a shiver of run through her body. She could feel goosebumps spreading up, across her stomach, over her breasts and shoulders, and down, to other places.

He let his second hand join the first under her shirt.  He traced the underside of each of her breasts before cupping them in his hands. Squeezing them gently, he brought his thumbs over the top, slowly circling her areola.  As he did, he could hear her breath quicken as her areola shrank and her nipples hardened even more.

Ripples ran through her body, from where Daddy was touching her straight down between her legs.  She leaned into his chest, hands grasping his thighs, to steady herself. 

He kissed her neck and shoulders as he began to roll her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, pulling them, pinching them, softly at first, but then harder, her moans becoming more insistent.

Each time Daddy pinched her, she squealed. She could feel the heat and moisture building up, her body reacting to Daddy.  She clamped her legs together, trying to stop the rising wave of pleasure, but it kept coming.

He could see she was struggling as her climax approached.  He paused so she could catch her breath as he pulled her shirt up and over her head. He wrapped one arm behind her and leaned her to the side so he could bring his lips to her breasts, kissing first, then suckling, nibbling and grazing her sensitive nipples with his teeth.  

She began to tremble uncontrollably. "Daddy...," She moaned.

"It's ok princess, let it go," he said.

He felt her body tense and her moisture saturate his thigh as she released.  "Good girl, that's my princess," he whispered as she snuggled in his arms and drifted off into sleep.

Sapphire Submissive​(sub female){Sir Wolfe} - Very beautiful.
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