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Laundry Ho's Halloween Mayhem

This is my favorite time of year, so all month long I'll be posting creepy stuff, weird, literally crazy stuff. So this is your warning :)
I forgot to mention, I'm a bit methodical.

Don't copy my stuff...that's as simple as I can put the copyrighting laws. However when quoting please use NicoleR.
8 hours ago. Oct 22, 2020, 3:35 AM


I mentioned on another blog that I love dancing and I took ballet, tap and jazz lessons when I was younger.

I have friends who use to help with the chorography in our local playhouse... No not that kind of playhouse. She had taught some other women and I the moves to Thriller for an event. And we were spot on! I love bragging about it because we worked our butts off and if you knew those women, you would think absolutely no way.

So in the spirit of Halloween... And a challenge...


...and that wasn't the only dance we did ... if anyone has ever had the privilege of being hit with wet toast...




12 hours ago. Oct 22, 2020, 12:00 AM


I really don't know what works best.

Not Looking


Not Interested

Entering a fake Doms name

Super Bitch

Go Away

Fuck off

Piss off


I'm to the point where I'm going to start messaging them something psychotic.

I'm really too nice. I figured, I do not reply to that message, one message, and if I don't answer they'll leave me alone... Wrong.

I have every bit of respect for my protector however I do not respect lazy ass men who will not read my profile.

Awhile back, I really thought that other subs with protected in their collar just meant they were super bitches. Now, I know that I was wrong.

I'm really tempted to put some super dark hellish art on my profile and put in my profile,  "the pictures show what my bitch does."

I could probably remove position, sub.?

Any ideas are welcomed because I'm tired of cuffing season.


1 day ago. Oct 21, 2020, 2:47 AM


First things first...

LOL... I'm the "giggling poltergeist under your bed" really suits me... LMAO 🤣





This is a short (31 minutes) Friday the 13th

Fan film...



1 day ago. Oct 20, 2020, 6:01 PM



This is for men aside from my protector

that think all subs need a father figure.


I was raised by vanilla parents who were

stern but caring.

I have a father, an ex-stepdad, friends who I

look up to because they're my parents ages,

a protector that I take advice from on


I don't need another father.


Do not ever come to me and have never

spoken to me with advice on how to raise

my child.


Do not ever tell me what to do with my kid

without having prior knowledge of

who I am.


You call me a mama bear, you have no

idea; because I will .... you ...., I will ... your

...... ... if you ever mention my kid

without saying hello and introducing

yourself in a private message.


I don't care who you are.

My adrenaline is pumping more than it

should be right now because I want to jump

through my phone and ... someone to

...... .


I don't care if you meant well.

You don't know me; especially when you

have never spoken to me prior.


I'm so furious I'm shaking.


And to apologize saying you didn't know...

No you didn't know because YOU HAVE







2 days ago. Oct 20, 2020, 4:34 AM



WOO-HOO 🙌🏻 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


It's the itty-bitty baby pumpkin.

I will love it and squeeze it and kiss it forever and ever 🤗🤗🤗!!!


No it isn't my first pumpkin but it is my first pumpkin this year 🙌🏻🤗🙌🏻🤗🙌🏻🤗🙌🏻!!!


Trick or treat smell my feet

Give your Dom something to good to eat

If you I don't care

He's probably gonna tell you to not wear any underwear!




Ok I've noticed a lot of subs having issues with Doms...*I can hear it now 👂🏻🦻🏻 why does it have to be about Doms* it isn't about Doms, it's about 'doms' lower case because they're not worth my extra second of capitalization.

I was just reading today's posts and I have seen 2 that sound a whole lot alike. I am so so sorry for y'all's hurt. If a dom doesn't have time for you then he doesn't deserve your time.

There were some other posts I noticed and they all seem so sad, mad, dreary, fuck you... I'm all for fuck you posts, I've earned a record here... anyway...

I'm starting to think that October 2020 is like the month of insta-stupidness. I'm not going to make this about them.

I started off with happiness and I'm going to end it.... with... who the hell knows what...


I'm not a huge fan but the lyrics make sense


I know it's not this easy and I wish I could  tell y'all it was...BUT We got to shake this shit off...


Because it's a...


Just tell him you're kinda busy...


And you're still kinda busy...

Dom's and wannabees... I know that...


For me: We subs assure you

That we want a happy Dom we want your...


So please stop giving us steak...

Because you never know what you're missing when you don't treat your sub like a real Dom should


She's a...


But if you can't treat her as such then...





3 days ago. Oct 18, 2020, 8:50 PM

I just received a message.

I'm really not sure why people think that other's are not allowed to have bad days.

If I'm post something on here that's along the lines of fuck you or in your face or quotes that may have something do with a situation or relationship that I was in prior to that post that means I'm having a bad day which could be that I'm hurt and/or pissed off and it's not really to test the staff or anger others who were not involved, its a way of me being able to communicate and listen to others that know what I'm going through.


Sometimes I may post something in reference to a challenge that someone else has posted.


Most of the time I'm, here commenting on blogs that speak to me especially if it's something I've 'been' through in which I give the suggested advice that was given to me. If I'm 'going' through the same situation, I'll put, you're not alone.


Other times I post things that are stupid, funny or if it goes along with the season and/or holiday.


My profile states that I know what I stand for, what I don't want, what I may be willing to try and things that resonate with me. There are also pictures in my profile that are frequently rearranged, taken down or put back, new ones added. I have a bit of ocd with what comes first and last.


Now with that out of the way.


If you do not know me, if you have not ever spoken to people that I speak to daily if not every few days, that do know me and instead you may only run into ones that I do not speak to anymore (there being a reason) and you have never said hello to me or introduced yourself or spoken to me in random...

Why would you think that it is ok to ask me a mental health question, ask for my phone number or to leave here and message you somewhere else?

3 supposed doms (the d is small because they do not deserve a capital D).

If you are trying to scare me...

I assure you and there are others who can assure you that I don't scare easily nor do I give a fuck about calling you out.

I suggest you tread lightly around me and for your information I've reported you for harassment.

I'm not the submissive who runs away and hides. I'm the Submissive who launches myself with claws extended.


4 days ago. Oct 18, 2020, 12:45 AM


Halloween Challenge Part II (Erotica) accepted




Our honeymoon began with the most

amazing gift from my father; an antique

horse drawn hearse. At my request, it was

painted a midnight purple and a few

installments were required.


The man I married was most handsome, as I

stole him from my sister *slight sadistic

cackle*. She's always had such great taste in

all her toys.


Along the route to the lodge, I was able to

undress inside the hearse.


My father had installed plenty of soft fur

blankets and pillows; for the ride would be a

bit bumpy.


As I undressed, having to be on my knees to

do so because there wasn't standing room,

my groom stared at me, almost drooling.


The top of my dress was a corset, so I reach

behind me and pulled the lace for it to untie; I

reached up aways to loosen the criss-crossed

lace binding me in this beautiful attire that

held my breasts at the perfect position for

viewing. I reached back around to the front

and laid the corset down flat to the dress as

my breasts were able to be free. With the

chill in the air, my nipples immediately


I shimmied the bottom portion of the dress

over my bare ass, brought my left leg out and

put my left knee down on the the fur covered

floor of the carriage and did the same with

my right. Then threw my dress behind me.


My groom, sitting in front of me on the

midnight purple, nailhead, leather bench

watching my breasts bounce as we are in

route to the lodge.


I crawled to him and up between his spread

legs, I sat upright on my knees I unbuckled

his leather belt and pulled it out of his belt

loops and handed it to him. I then

unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I

reached inside and to my surprise I didn't

have to fumble with getting my hand into

boxers; I was able to immediately grab his

thick beautiful, hard cock, and pulling it

towards me and tease him with my tongue.


He grabbed my hair and not to roughly

guided my head up and down his cock at the

speed he loves and with the belt in his other

hand he begins to whip my ass for every time

I don't twirl my tongue around his thick,

hard present to me. 


He pulls my head back and ask me to help

pull his pants from underneath his ass and

down his legs. I removed his shoes and socks

as he removed his coat and laid it to the left

of him on the bench and then the tie which he

tossed to the right of me on the fur covered

floor. I had put his shoes to the left of me and

tossed his socks behind me and as I was

about to toss his pants, after removing his

feet from them, he grabbed my wrist of the

hand that held them and took them and laid

them neatly on top of his coat. "You're

wasting time." I told him. "We have plenty of

time." he said as he went, within a matter of

a few seconds, from sitting on the bench to

his knees, and his right hand cupping my

bare pussy and his middle finger sliding in.


Omfg... my chest rising and falling, and me

panting, he tells me to unbutton his shirt and

I do as I'm told while I'm trying to

concentrate on undoing buttons and holding

myself upright on my knees while being

fingered and becoming absolutely soaked and

panting and about to drool because for some

reason I can't close my mouth. When I'm

done unbuttoning he removed his finger and

takes his shirt and lays it neatly on top of his



With the carriage having big windows, to be

able to enjoy the view of course; wild animals

and nature and whoever else maybe viewing

into those windows are seeing him lye down

and me straddle him. My God his cock is

magnificent! It feels so so so good, omg... He

tells me to ride him however I want and as I

lean forward and his mouth goes for my left

breast and bites my nipple and his left hand

his massaging my right and his thumb

flicking my right nipple, all of a sudden I feel

the most wonderful long finger going into my



Omg I ride him and ride him...the bumps on

the trail were a wicked blessing...I cum, I ride

more and more; becoming fatigued he takes

his left hand and holds me up by my throat

saying, "no, Nicole, you mustn't give up yet,

for I haven't cum." I'm so fatigued, however I

haven't given a safe word. Through the

haziness in my eyes I see him grab his tie

that he had tossed on the floor. As I'm trying

to catch my breath he is tying my wrists with

a simple handcuff knot and pulling my arms

up and taking the leftover tie and tying it to

one of the bars, helping to hold the ceiling,

above. As my fatigue is beginning to subside,

I feel the crack of the belt on my bare

ass..."AHHH, I'm awake... I'm awake!" I

shouted."You better be," he demands in his

deep voice. Another lashing on my ass

almost brought a tear to my eye but

definitely brought the weak gasp out and I

begin to pant. Hanging from my wrists but

balancing on my knees I feel so vulnerable

even a little frightened... nerves. "It's just

nerves." I repeated to myself. I look down

and he's maneuvered himself back beneath

me. He says, "Maybe you won't slump

forward again." *blushing and giggling* I

suggest, "Maybe you could tell the carriage

driver to move things along." "Oh I don't

think that's going to happen before I get

what I want." he slightly chuckles. He

instructs me to slide down slowly onto him

and from then he gives his arms the best

workout of 'my' life! Holding my hips he

pumps himself with my pussy and each time

he pulls me down my g-spot loses control.

*OMFG he's the ultimate gift, as my head

falls back and my eyes roll back. I've lost my

will power to do anything. I feel his

wonderful cock hitting my g-spot, my cum

almost flowing over him, my knees bumping

along the fur and drool going down the side

of my face. But no sound do I make, I can

barely feel me breathing. My subspace is

absolutely divine.* "Are you ok?" his sweet

question is answered with the softest touch

of the tip of my finger." I don't know what

happened but when I woke I was wrapped in

the fur throw from the carriage floor and I

could barely see his chest because of his

shirt. He says, "We've arrived!"


I sat upright and realized how I do hate the

ass backwards driving in Europe. Those last

words of his, I'll never forget as I stepped

from the car and my head rolled between his


"What!?!" "What do you mean?" This young

man's words and gasping beside me. "I meant

that I had the most awesome wet dream

known to man." He exclaimed, "Your head!?!"

"You would be dead!" With the memories

fading, I turn to him "This isn't rhyme time

young man; and furthermore, who said I was







6 days ago. Oct 16, 2020, 12:04 AM


I'm going to share a conversation I had yesterday...I have permission...

♂️im not sure what i want, but your starting to feel like a handful.

♂️like more brat than submissive


♀️I am

♂️ I dont think you're sorry

♀️I am
♂️ are you sure?
♀️Maybe had I not been such a brat with the past 2, I would have less trust issues
♂️not sure i follow that
♀️Because I always get left, I have to start over
♂️do you think they get tired of your brat.
♀️I was the ultimate Submissive to my first because I was a virgin to all of this. I've been mentally fucked and had to recover. I'm a bit of a brat and that's probably why no one sticks around...

♂️A brat can be okay; as a dom, I personally prefer less brat but I think breaking the brat can be very fun and rewarding,

♂️if you can't break the brat I could see how a dom would lose interest

♂️I think a brat needs a strong dominant to reign her in.
♀️I wasn't a brat in the beginning
♂️you're saying bad doms made you a brat?
♀️...I become defensive=why should I do what you want, I push buttons to see how much you can take, if I cry I rebel, you hurt me I rage, you please me why should someone else get that attention, you give me casual conversation and attention and I want more, I become attached and when you leave I feel broken to the point I rage/act out/cry... you say I'm the only one and I found out it's a, Yes

♀️Others... The past year...3 Doms and numerous players and ghosts and spouse (gaslighting). How does someone expect a perfect submissive when she's been broken and entire year...over and over and over?
♂️there is no perfect submissive for starters
♂️ I've only been on this site a relatively short time

♂️but i have had a similar expeience

♂️i look at it like you have to go thru the shit to find your diamond


♀️But I'm losing my strong willed self in the process

♀️I've never wanted to hide but that's how feel each time
♂️like it chips a little piece out of you, each time somehow your less, they took something from you?

♂️ I know what your feeling

♂️I think most on here are fakes

♂️and i have lowered my expectations alot

♂️you get kinda tired from it, i totally understand like it wears you down instead of builds you up.

♀️It's hard to find that excitement again.



For Me:

I don't know if I would even classify, the men that I have called Dom or Sir... actual Doms.They don't deserve it.Yes I can act out but that's when I expect a Dom to actually communicate and it may take several times to remind me because I need to be able to form a habit of not acting out and do what they expect of me and do that by means of necessary (not torment) punishment and/or being taught the practice instead of him just leaving.

How am I to learn something if the practice isn't taught. I don't know how to use a fork unless I'm taught. I don't know what my Dom wants unless I'm taught. Telling me something once isn't ever going to work for me. I've spent 42 yrs in my head and one sentence will go poof and disappear.

I always ask for good mornings and Goodnights not just because I want you thinking about me but also because I've become use to or accustomed to them. I actually feel lost when I don't get a good morning in the morning and it's because I have asked for them and it has become a habit for me.

Why should I do something or act and/be a certain way that he wants me to do or be; Why should I even try to bother remembering if he isn't going to bother to remind or teach me hence the practice of it and me being able to form a habit. If he wants something bad enough from me and wants me to achieve this then shouldn't he make sure he's teaching me the practice. I become use to his messages because he sends them everyday, why not tell me to exercise everyday until I say, "I just finished exercising"...because then that's when he is able to pat himself on the back because he has been a good teacher because I did the practice without being told.

No, I'm not a child but you haven't been with me for 42 yrs either to understand what it takes for me to be able to form a habit. I have ADHD, if he's not going to help me be his submissive then how am I going to see his expectation as of any importance if he only says it once.

Pleasing my Dom in certain areas takes teaching me a practice so that I may form a habit.

If he wants me to submit shouldn't he teach me in what he expects me to do as his submissive?

I think some Doms often throw their hands up because they think we're just being bratty and maybe some subs are. For me, maybe I am being a brat but I also have the tendency to forget a lot of shit.

Also, if you're a Dom/Domme who isn't use to Alpha women (dominant in our everyday life); certain subs, like myself, may come off as being a brat or we are both. Don't you think that instead of leaving that person you have just invested time in, you could possibly say, let's talk about what's going on and tell your sub that it's your turn to be in control because her/his day is over and her/his responsibilities have subsided for the day and you're the Dom/Domme?

If you cannot fathom taking the time to mold (NOT BRAINWASH) her/him into your very own submissive (SSC) don't expect her or him to act appropriately.


Why am I a brat?

√ Because I was given something wonderful, a new life and he took it back.

~ Come to find out, he took it back from more than a dozen of us.

√ Because I was able to laugh and then I had forgotten to use my safe word but then I was able to laugh and then I had forgotten to use my safe word but then I was able to laugh and then I had forgotten to use my safe word but then I was able to laugh and then I had forgotten to use my safe word...over and over and over.

~I will not ever justify my actions for this shit again.

👻 ghosted



√ Because it was the most intense thing I've ever experienced in my life and he had to step back and take time for himself.

~ I retaliated and told the sweetest man I've ever met that he was just like the rest.


So I don't enjoy not getting my way, because that chance has always taken away=habit.

1 week ago. Oct 15, 2020, 5:25 AM

The Invitation


And some great scenes...



Yes I do write about naughty things, you should read my mind...or my previous post😁