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Beginning 2020, my blog will be dedicated to littles. For the love of color, glitter, pillows, forts and anything else that makes littles go, "awww."
17 hours ago. Feb 17, 2020, 1:01 AM

Some days, a simple photo inspires me. It makes me think of the love that I have for my Master. So simple and beautiful. He gives so much of Himself to me, and it is my pleasure to serve Him. 

I don't know anyone who has escaped this life without suffering. Giving your suffering to someone prepared to take it for you will build such amazing trust and love between the two. I am so blessed to have found that One. My Master is unbelievable. He is such a gift to me. Committed to being raw and vulnerable with me, He doesn't hold anything back. He shares things that in other relationships He didn't share. We have both learned that being raw and vulnerable is truly the way to growing closer. In those moments when something happens and one of the two says, "I shouldn't have said that," the other always says, "No. We are raw and vulnerable which means We face it together. No matter how uncomfortable it might be." I love being so naked for Him. I have NEVER had someone in my life be so naked with me. Hiding nothing. Loving through the bumps. We grow stronger each and every day. 

I thought Our need for one another was obvious prior to meeting in RL, but after spending time together, my body needs Him more than I ever imagined it would. Everything about me needs everything about Him. I am so blessed to have found this spectacular man. I have vowed my whole body to Him. There isn't one part of me being withheld. Not one thing withheld. If He wants it, He gets it. Even things that I may be uncomfortable with at first. He never pushes anything, but He does introduce new ideas and stretches me. I trust Him. I know He would never do anything to bring harm to me in any way, and it is because of that level of trust that I can completely yield all of me to Him. 

He has my heart. The soft sweet parts and the hardened rough parts. He is healing me. He is working the hard parts out and leaving sweetness behind. 

My appreciation does grow with every day. It has only been a little over four months for Us, but We have grown pretty quickly because of raw and vulnerable. When We get Our RL moments, I am so very thankful for Our time. My appreciation is off the charts and remains that way, even post RL visits.

There is literally nothing I wouldn't do for Master. I know Him to be a law abiding citizen, so He would never expect me or Us to do anything illegal. His desire is to build Us. To press me and help me to grow. 

Just a reminder to Him that my body is His to use as He pleases. His body is mine, and I make it my personal mission to give Him new reasons to smile each and every day. 

To Master, this post is completely for You. Thank You for today. Thank You for Your love, and for growing together with me. I look forward to what We become as One. Each twist and turn is interesting. It is fun to take this life on together. I look forward to everything this life has to offer Us. Yours -- Always & Forever.


2 days ago. Feb 15, 2020, 3:36 AM

To the Man who has been looking for me His whole life...I've been looking for You just the same. To those who stood in the gap while we waited for one another, I am thankful. To those who gave their time, love, comfort, and friendship, thank you. I thank You for caring for my wonderful Master. I thank You for being one of those lights who helped to guide Him in the dark in whatever way that you did. Not everyone is intended to work out to be "Forever," but everyone plays their part in getting us to our desired end. 

This is the last man I will kiss. There are only so many words in the English language, and I have tried to find words that I've never used with anyone else in my life to tell Him just how much He means to me, but it's really difficult.

Words that I have never spoken before in my life except to Him are:


I want to kneel

I want to bow

I am Your slave (Your...whore, slut, bitch, fucktoy, princess)

I want to serve You

I need Your permission

I will never leave You

I want Your brand (if You choose to have One)

I want You to (something private just between He and I, but He knows what it is)

I want You to build Our bed (to accommodate Our lifestyle)

Please take me to the woodshed

You own me

I am Yours mind, body & soul

I want what You want

Whatever You feel is best for me

You are my One

...I know there are so many more things that I've said to only Him. One thing is Capping each time I refer to Him or His pronouns. I've NEVER felt to do that for anyone else. He's never asked me to use capitals when referring to Him. I'm not attempting to following "protocol" when I do. I am because He is that important to me. Don't get all crazy on me, but He is as close to my god here on Earth as He can be. I have told Him that He is second to only One. That One is my Creator in all His forms (3 in one). My earthly Master is second. He is my all, and I've never said that to anyone else. I've never felt such love and passion for someone else, as I do for Him. One reason He is truly incredible to me is because He doesn't force anything. Maybe it is because He doesn't have to. I guess it is my submission that makes me desire to kneel before Him. I've just never had someone who was truly as completely right for me as He is. Incredible. 

To my Master, My Daddy, My Lover & Friend, You are worth the journey I had to take to get to You. Always & Forever, Yours!

The One who has truly changed my life. I am eternally indebted to You for that salvation.



3 days ago. Feb 14, 2020, 5:09 PM

princess & Daddy's Valentine's Tea Party

The room had been full of giggles and fun. Today was princess' playdate with Daddy. Daddy had built her a fort in the living room, and she was dressed in her princess dress wearing her gorgeous hot pink heels and beautiful tiara he had bought her for Valentine's Day. What an awesome day it had been. It was a funny sight to see the two of them lying in the fort with their legs hanging out. Her legs wrapped around his, as was her custom. 

It had been a full day. The tea party wasn't your average pretend tea party. Daddy was serious about the princess/Daddy tea party. She loved baking petit fours, and he helping her. She would let him lick the spoon, among over things she would never deny, while baking. Her petit fours were pretty famous among their friends. She was a "from scratch" baker earlier in her life and hadn't lost her ability to make wonderful confections that just blew his mind. Blowing his mind was her superpower.

For Valentine's Day, she had picked her favorite recipe. It included a raspberry jam buttercream that made a beautiful pink center. He loved this part. Her buttercream creations were amazing. The petit fours had been baked and poured fondant had dried. She was adding the final touches as Daddy was setting her beautifully decorated table. You could tell it was a very special day. The table was set perfectly for a princess tea party. Daddy had a special surprise for her flowers. It was a very unique choice that he was sure to win princess points for. 

She and Daddy shared a seat and a plate. As is the rule, she is pantiless. It makes spontaneous play easy, and it always reminds her that she is owned. Her body is not her own, and she loves to be reminded of that wonderful fact. On princess' play day, Daddy went bottomless also. This gave princess the free opportunity to take what was hers anytime she wanted without having to ask permission.

She sat in Daddy's lap and fed him. Him always first then her, taking turns. Sometimes, she would tease and take two bites, but would get a slap on her beautifully displayed breasts. They were a nice sweet pink which showed how much teasing she had been doing. With each strike, her juices would flow more. He could feel them running down his leg where she was seated. He slid his fingers inside her soaked pussy to take what was his. She loved that he never asked. He always took what was his. Consent was settled at collaring. She was his completely. 

After eating, Daddy had a big surprise for princess. One she would surely NEVER forget. princess loved to feel Daddy's dominance and control. She more than liked it. She lived for it. She needed it. Without that control, her days were very blue. Today was a very pink day. No blue today.

They returned to the fort, and Daddy told princess to lay on her tummy. He did allow for one stop before she assumed his requested position. Anytime a position required her to be on her knees, she would bow so beautifully to her amazing Daddy and beg to suck him. She couldn't suck him to completion because of his surprise for her, but he allowed her time with her Daddy's cock. She loved to circle the head with her tongue. To hear him enhale as she took him completely and would swallow to give the feeling of her throat tightening around the head. Could she get any wetter?

Daddy ran his fingers through her hair and tightened his fist. Her head pulled backward, and he could look into her eyes. "princess, it's time," he said. "Yes, Daddy," she responded as she assumed the position on her tummy. "No looking, princess," he instructed. princess closed her eyes and waited. She could hear him preparing something, and then he wrapped something around her wrists and ankles. OH, what a wonderful surprise. Daddy is going to have fun and enjoy princess' sweet, pink pussy soaked for his pleasure. This is going to be a great Valentine's Day! It will be a first in 18 years.

He applied the straps to both her wrists and ankles and buckled them together. Her arms pulled back tightly and her beautiiful pink heels pointed up in the air. She was completely under his control. She wouldn't move until he told her to move. He pulled out a bag of toys. New toys. He planned to pull out as many orgasms as he could from her, and so he began. As wet as she was, the first would not take long and the begging came quickly. "Yes, princess. Give me your orgasm," Daddy responded to her plea. Their play continued until she was completely wasted and lying listlessly on her tummy still bound.

Her sounds began fading as she drifted into sub space. He loved taking her there. He knew it was a place where she felt safest with him. He let her relish the moment. He sat back and admired his possession. The object of his affection. He did adore her. He couldn't think of anything that could have made the day any better, except that it would never end. He couldn't imagine how those before him had ever missed the wonderful creature that she was, but he didn't belabor the thought. She was his. She had proven her loyalty and devotion time and again. She was truly his. His little slave. His little princess. He would not live without her. He realized just how much his power actually belonged to her, but she never wanted it. She would only protect it. She would give it to him each and every day, sometimes, multiple times a day. She was his and he was hers. 

She began to stir, as he unbuckled the straps. He climbed into the fort along side her and pulled her into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered just how much she meant to him. She wrapped her legs around his, as she is known to do, and she whispered back to him something only he would ever remember. She was so deep in sub space, she would never remember the beautiful truth she shared in the moment, but the smile on his face showed it was a good thing. She would be his forever. Never to be released.

To my Master, my Daddy on this--Our 1st Valentine's Day. You saved me. I adore You! Always & Forever. YOURS

Here is my Valentine's request for year 2. Yes, I will be here with You for year 2. --Always remember FOREVER





4 days ago. Feb 12, 2020, 10:58 PM

I won't quit 

I won't defy You

I won't betray You

I won't deny You

I won't leave You

I won't use You

I won't abuse You

I won't ignore You

I won't silence You

I won't disrespect You

I won't stop!

I won't stop loving You

I won't stop hearing You

I won't stop needing You

I won't stop desiring You

I won't stop adoring You

I won't stop hearing You

I won't stop touching You

I won't stop sucking You

I won't stop fucking You

I won't stop dreaming of You

I won't stop wanting You

I won't stop thinking of things that...

I won't ever stop doing for...

my Master, my Daddy, Us!


To my Master/Daddy, my words, my heart for You on this page to remind You of all of the things I won't do. How is that for limits? Always Yours in every form imaginable, Forever!


5 days ago. Feb 12, 2020, 12:44 AM

I thought of all my little bunnies out there when I saw this. You are beautiful creatures.

Daddy, it is just 1 pillow. 

6 days ago. Feb 11, 2020, 3:35 PM

I find that my pink octupus, Pi, is as one would expect her to be give her many tenacles. She is super clingy and can be a bit pushy.

Fortunately, the other stuffies have had nothing to say about it. 😏

Her loves her monkey...Nanners.

Nanners, can you breathe?

Master-my One, YOURS. Always & Forever!

6 days ago. Feb 11, 2020, 3:28 AM

This topic has been a subject of conversation for Master and I from the beginning. I had a major revelation, an awakening, regarding the image I was portraying (intentionally or not) when I came to The Cage. Tell me if this sounds at all familiar to you.

Profile of a "submissive"

I am strong, independent, and intelligent. I like (fill in the blank with concrete imagery meaning--things that are "set in stone" as likes). I don't like (fill in the blank with the same types of things, just the "avoid" category). Then the profile continues with what I want you to know about me. Things you surely need to be mindful of when talking to me. I may add how alpha I am, and IN CHARGE of my life. I am "successful" in all that I do. I could draw a beautiful picture of what I am looking for in return, but guess what? unless I am looking for a submissive man (errr, person), then I realized my perfect "dominant" most likely stopped reading at "alpha" or "I'm in charge" or "I am successful in all that I do." Don't go get all puffed up just yet. Let me share my story with you first. Then, I think you'll be like, "ohhhhh!!! yeahhhh!!! I can see that!" Let's see.

My profile read much like this. STRONG, INDEPENDENT, KICK ASS, SHE-WOMAN (not verbatim but that was the identity I was driving). I made the same mistake in my profile that I made when first taking the BDSM assessment. I led with my vanilla characteristics. While most men should surely appreciate a strong, independent, and intelligent woman regardless of which side of the slash they are on, the man I was looking for might have mistaken me for a Domme or at best a switch, which most dominants resist because of the fear of her "topping from the bottom" (my first BDSM assessment read the same way, SWITCH). I wasn't describing the vulnerable me. I didn't describe the sweet me. I didn't share my NEEDS and how flexible I am in relationships. I would always reserve these characteristics for when I got to know someone. My process was terribly flawed. I wasn't attracting the man who could be trusted with the sweet and vulnerable details. This is how I ended up being ghosted so many times. This is how I ended up with those who were playing a role or wanting some quick fun with no real responsibility. "Hey, this girl can take care of herself. I can just have fun." I wasn't looking for that. I needed a dominant. Deep inside was a submissive NEEDING her Dominant. She had grown so weak from malnutrition that even she couldn't recognize a true dominant.

The guys that I attracted (even though my name includes "sub" and I was clearly identified as "submissive") would write with "I want to be your slave" or "degrade me," "dominate" me. At first, I thought it was that they weren't reading my profile. The others that I attracted were those who would check out the newbies. "Get them before they learn anything, so I can be the one to teach them right." I try to believe that is their true motivation instead of being those who wait at the bottom and feed on those who haven't build enough technical nourishment to be able to identify someone who wants to protect them vs. someone they need to be protected from. I was so confused. I didn't understand why I wasn't attracting the truly dominant men. Why is it that all of the men in my life have always been like my...OH SH*T! It HIT ME like a ton of bricks. But first, a little history. Yes, there is always a reason why you do what you do.

My Current Life

I have never hid this fact. I am married. My husband actually has a profile here, too, though he doesn't come here. He says, "The Cage is your playground." I appreciate that. My husband and I are polyamorous. He and his girlfriend prefer other communities. I like the separation of playgrounds personally. Actually, this isn't a playground for me anymore. It is a home of sorts. It is where I found my incredible MJS. When I began identifying the right way, I attracted the right type of man.

For 15 years, my husband hasn't been dominant. It has been a subject of frustration and many conversations our entire marriage. I used to believe that this was something a man could choose to be. Some may disagree with me, but I now believe a man is either dominant or he isn't. With me, my husband isn't dominant. Does that have something to do with my "strong, independent, kick-ass she-woman" vanilla persona? Perhaps. But which came first? Hmmm...the persona. It is who I am. He was attracted to a strong woman. If I was empowered by being needed by a submissive man, I guess that would light me up, but it didn't. Instead, it did quite the opposite. My light went out. The fuel necessary to keep that light burning bright MUST be nurtured. It isn't his fault that my light went out. It really isn't anyone's fault. It is just the reality of not knowing how to attract the characteristics that you truly need to keep the light burning bright.

Noun or Verb

When my husband and I chose to live a polyamorous lifestyle, the first thing I said was, "I am going to pursue a Dom." Boy did this ride get interesting before it finally settled into being exactly what I needed. I met several guys who were good at the verb, but not great at being the noun. I shared with a friend here that what she had been encountering in her journey of "clubs" was a lot of verbs. She was finding plenty of men capable of "dominating," (verb) but she wasn't finding the "Dominant" (noun). The noun will embody the verb. By being WHO (noun) he is, WHAT HE DOES (verb) will be complete. If we focus on the verb, then we can easily miss the noun.

Anyone can attempt an action. If you enjoy being spanked by anyone, then the person needn't be a Dominant. You can line up anywhere and take turns getting spanked. The same for whatever your kink. If it is the ACTION that you need, then yeah, anyone will do for you because all you need is a person to do it (unless you can find a robot to, then you could have it anytime you need it), but if you are looking for someone to share your life with who will join you in this lifestyle, you need more than the verb. My husband tried to be the verb after 14 years of me consistently asking for domination. He never tried before. Perhaps the "I'm going to pursue a Dom" spoke more loudly than I did the past 14 years. The verb didn't work for me. I realized perhaps this is something that some people aren't able to be.

As it turns out, he is a switch with his girlfriend. She calls him "Daddy." This was really difficult for me. How can he be all dominant now with her and not me? Why didn't he try back at year two when I first brought it up? Why did it take me searching for a dominant to make him truly listen? Whatever. I can't beat myself up about that. I also have to realize that maybe she can be perfectly happy with calling him Daddy one day beating his ass the next day as his Sadist. (Those of you who are switch may be able to explain that to me more if you'd like.) I realize that I can't be ok with the switch because I need the DOM, 24/7. I have had to accept that our marriage has really changed. He and I aren't intimate anymore. To call us "poly" anymore is really a stretch. We are really more of roommates and don't even share the same room anymore. I guess that is still poly. The relationship can vary greatly between partners in a poly relationship, and the key to poly is that all partners are aware of each other's existence. ("Ethical non-monogamy" is the other name for poly.) We are that. 

But to get back to the subject...(squirrel)

My husband's attempt at domination (verb) didn't light me up. I needed a dominant who is ALL NOUN. I am happy to have found Him. All of that being said, the way that I found Him was by making suggested changes to my profile for one. I needed to show more of my "little" side and my "submissive" side. In conversation, He was able to learn how strong I am in my vanilla life. I didn't have to run Him away by putting it on my profile. We began as friends. I was far more intentional than He was. I lovingly tease by saying that He was "clueless" to my interest. Looking back at my early comments on His posts, I can see my interest, but I have to admit that it wasn't completely obvious. There was one of our friends here who was on to us, or she at least had a sneaky suspicion anyway, when He introduced me as His "breath." Miss M, you know who you are. I haven't asked if I can use your name, so I'll stick with Miss M, and I think you'll recognize my shout-out. Feel free to self-identify in the comments if you'd like.  

The difference between what I had experienced in the past (verb) and what I experience now (noun) is glaring. So, if you enjoy the play then make sure your profile focuses on the "kinks" you really are interested in, but if you're trying to attract a 24/7, lifelong Dominant, be sure you show your submissive side as it pertains to lifelong service. Don't give too many details. Hit the highlights. Keep it simple. I've been made aware that because of the number of subs looking a lot of Doms don't read really long profiles (which probably means none of them are reading this post LOL), so now we can plan to take over the world while they aren't watching. hehehe just teasing. Think of your profile as a movie trailer. You have just a minute to convey enough interesting things to make the Dom want to rent the movie. What movie do you want Him to watch? The one where he just pleasures himself and turns it off as soon as he is finished? or the interactive movie where you both enjoy but then it's over? or do you want the romantic film, with sexy scenes, hot and fun play, and hunger for more that leaves you naturally feeling like you want to serve him (that is domination in action--he doesn't have to "do" anything. It is WHO he is. The noun). Whatever it is that you are looking for, try to convey that in words and photos on your profile, without giving away too much to strangers. Value your body the way you would want him to. Protect your image and share it only with those who truly earn your trust. 


So if you feel like you haven't attracted the one you are truly looking for, take a serious look at your profile and your interaction. If you are into the verb, hey, there is not one thing wrong with that. I'm sure you would probably prefer to attract the one who is interested in domination over being your dominant. And listen, I realize this doesn't mean the one providing domination isn't a dom. There are Doms who aren't interested in 24/7. They want to play, and again, there is nothing wrong with that as long as the sub is looking for the same thing and is aware it is play only. The focus of this post has been the switch when you need a 24/7 Dom, which has been my life since 1992. Oh lord, some of you just realized you weren't born yet! I won't even go there. LOL. Don't hesitate to ask for feedback on your profile (from subs and non-collared Doms). After all, it is kind of like a resume, and we are being interviewed. If it didn't work, then ask, what could I have communicated better? (and remember, sometimes, it isn't you at all. Get really good at being able to tell the difference.)


To my Master, my incredible Dominant, Perfect for me. No longer me and You. Now, We are Us. Always & Forever Yours

6 days ago. Feb 10, 2020, 8:28 PM

Some things require no explanation.

I will let these memes speak for themselves.




To Master. My Beast. Yours to devour as You please.

1 week ago. Feb 10, 2020, 2:05 AM

I shared in an earlier post that princess got lots of goodies from Daddy during Our visit. The boring baggage claim turned out to be not so boring. Here are a couple. One was for fun, and one was for cuddling.

Here is the unicorn family. They came with hair accessories to glam them. It was such a sweet gift. He said when He saw them He thought, "Oh, princess would love those." And princess did.

Then the cuddly gift. He seems to know the stuffies I would enjoy. The problem is the octopus and little monster stuffies, being the trouble makers that they are,'ll see in the photo. 

Neubie: Giddy up cowboy!

Pi: He's a unicube Neub. Not a horse.

Neubie: Giddy up unicoot!

Pi: CUBE, Neub, CUBE!

Neubie: Giddy up uni-cube-neub-cube!

Pi: {exasperated sigh} I think I just understood the look on your face, Neub.

Neubie: What look? It's my face!

Pi: {sadistic laughter}

princess: {in mommy tone} Pi

Pi: What? I didn't say it.

Neubie: Say what?

princess and Pi: {laughter} 

princess: Nothing Neubie. You have an innocent look. Right, Pi?

Pi: {muffled laughter} Yeah, ok.

princess: Thanks a lot you two for bombing the introduction photo of Fetti. grrrr

Welcome Fetti to the princess family. 

To Master/Daddy, thank You for Your thoughtful gifts. I enjoy remembering fixing the unicorn's hair while waiting for You, and when I cuddle Fetti, I remember the big, sweet smile on Your face when You gave Him to me. Such beautiful memories I will replay over and over. I love You. Always, princess

1 week ago. Feb 9, 2020, 2:02 AM

Some would read this meme and take it to mean something physical. Yes, it is in partly physical, but more than the physical hunger I have for Him, I have a hunger for Master's domination and control. I was introduced to this lifestyle over 20 years ago. I had experienced domination in the verb form, but never the noun.

When I tasted His domination, I became ravenous. Now, every day I wake in NEED of Him. He is the noun. He embodies the verb. There isn't just an action without the "dominant" to back it up like I had experienced so much in my past. I "thought" I needed Him before We met in person. I "thought" my desire was strong. It is only AFTER serving Him in RL that I realized just how much I was starving for a dominant and not just any dominant. HE is THE dominant for me. Without question. Without reserve. My desire to serve Him is unbelievable. My desire to love Him and adore Him is unprecedented (and I have experienced deep love in my life, but unfortunately, it was never returned to me in the same intensity). I have found my match in intensity and in every other way I need.

That taste for domination doesn't go away. I go to sleep with it peacefully cradling me in my memories of Him holding me at night as We would sleep. I wake ready to start the day with Him as We connect with the beast in full display for me. I love Our mornings together. (I love Our afternoons and nights, too--OK OK, I love it all!) The mornings are amazing though because He always wakes so hungry for me. I feel His domination so strongly, and it nourishes me and takes me through the day. I'm so happy to say I am no longer starving, but I will make sure that I always remain hungry. I NEVER want to be fully satiated unless I am in His arms in subspace. Outside of subspace, I want to remain hungry, driven back to Him again and again. 

Just like fabulous food, You comfort me. The memory of You will forever be on my lips and keep me craving You. Even before Our RL time together, I asked myself, "What could I have possibly done to deserve Him?" I still ask myself this question.

Master, I have craved Your hunger my whole life. I have craved Your desire. I have craved Your need to consume me. I just didn't know who You were or where to find You. You joke all the time, "You took your sweet time getting here," and yes, it took way too long. It is my plan to NEVER go a day without You. When "vanilla life" gets in the way and keeps Us from having Our typical time together, my need for You grows exponentially. I asked You just yesterday, "Will You ever grow tired of me wanting to be less than six feet away from You?" In short, You identified how my need for You is perfectly matched with Your need for me. My need for Your domination is perfectly matched with Your wild desire to dominate. I couldn't be happier unless We were 24/7 IRL. I know We do 24/7 in Our way, but I am awaiting that day when I wake to the beast lying next to me ready to consume me as He wills in the flesh, and the nights when Daddy cuddles princess to sleep after consuming her body complete with all of her worries and fears. 

To my Master, always Master first, and then Daddy, Daddy only to princess. I am Yours! I will always love and care for You, Your body, and Your heart.

31 days to Our next visit