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Yes... I'm new...

Ive spent these past week learning and questioning Doms and Subs about the Bdsm. I can't say I'm able learn in a week.I can't promise to remember... Rome wasnt built in a day. But I have learned to recognize certain aspect of myself. And things that I have denied about myself, due to me not understanding that whatever I am, It's ok.
There is nothing wrong about the kinks I like or enjoy knowing about. But thank you to those willing to share, to teach and thank you for the advice and the encouragement to be me even if I am learning.
As I have said I will not walk into a lions den until I have the knowledge of the environment. It would be foolish to be eaten
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Haven't posted anything in awhile life has a way of being a traffic jam on your way home.

Well over the past few months I have concentrated bettering my self as a person. More physical attributes, I believe myself to be a confident person. I love me, I've become a bit more blunt over the years not so meek as I used to be. Ran across an old class mate and one of my co worker asked if he was an old crush.

I laughed and said no but one of the bullies that used to tease me as a kid, I like him more as an adult now. As my co worker stares at me mouth wide open in surprise. Yeah I forgave all who hurt me the day I started loving the person in the mirror. 

I always considered my self the female version of Superman/Clark Kent. Two people in one body, which one you get who knows. Guess that's the Gemini in me. Hehe

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There was an incident that happen the other day. That made me stop in shock that I had to sit and breathe and crash hault on my thought process. (I tend to think alot so my brain is always in chaos).

It made me realise can I actually submit to a Dom? Can I give over control?


But than a thought came to mind, as I was talking to a friend.

In all my life;

I have changed my thought process to adapt, to change the way I think or how I live for the better.


But this does not feel like I have to change anything, this feel right. This is me.


This journey that I'm taking, it stills the chaos that runs through me.

I've walked this world blind and all I needed is the right guide to show me where my steps needed to be and how to avoid the bumps so I won't fall.(I'm accident prone)


But it will always be my choice to hold on or let go.


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Question: How and When did you realise you are a submissive?

I wasn't aware of my behavior or my actions.

I have an older man that works with me. And me being boss I have to take the more dominant role.


Older man: "Did you eat today?"


Me: "No, I didn't have time."


Older man:"That's no excuse, it's not healthy to skip meals." Pulls out a ruler and says hold out your hand and take a punishment.


I look him straight in the eye. "Eyebrow lift" Excuse me? With all  seriousness .


All while my hands clinch to my sides  out of his view.


Older man:"laughs, I'm playing"


Me: Hmmm.


Walks aways, I'd never fought so hard with myself to not pull my hands out for him."mentally shakes head in shock, I'm in trouble."