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Tingles along the surface of your skin or a chill traveling up your spine are the sensations most often associated with frisson. Some researchers group other strong physical reactions that don't involve the skin—like a lump in the throat, tears welling up, and muscle tension or relaxation—under the umbrella of frisson as well.

One of the most consistent features of frisson is that it feels great even when it's brought on by an unpleasant stimulus, like a scary movie or a sad song. But how can something bad make us feel good? One likely explanation is a hedonic reversal or benign masochism. When you know you're safe, you can enjoy an experience that would normally be frightening or upsetting—you can reverse the feelings associated with the event.

Take the example of watching a scary movie. Your body winds itself up as though you're the one under threat rather than the characters in the film. Since you're aware that you're actually just in a movie theater or your living room, though, you can relax and take pleasure in the rush of adrenaline, endorphins, and frisson that course through your body in answer to the on-screen dangers. One recent study showed that when people experience frisson from real-life situations, it's likewise in circumstances where they feel secure and trust the environment.

What's happening in the body during frisson

Frisson may be a personal and subjective experience, but that doesn't mean it isn't real. Scientists have recorded measurable physiological changes in people who are experiencing frissons, such as increased skin conductance and, sometimes, a rise in heart rate or goosebumps.

During frisson, activity spikes in the brain's reward centers, the same areas that are stimulated by worldly pleasures like food, sex, and recreational drugs, and they release dopamine, often called the feel-good neurochemical. What's amazing about this is that human beings are able to obtain the same type of enjoyment from art as we do from fulfilling our most basic biological needs, even though it gives us no obvious survival advantage.

What feeling frisson says about you and your brain

One of the most interesting features of frisson is that not everyone feels it. It's not clear exactly what percentage of the population does—researchers put the figure at anywhere from 55 to 86 percent—but even those who experience frisson do so with varying degrees of intensity. 

Studies conducted in the past few years have shown that people who get strong sensations of frisson have specific neurological and personality traits. Researchers at Harvard scanned the brains of 10 subjects who experienced powerful frisson and compared them with the brains of 10 people who experience none at all. They discovered that the brains of the frisson group had a much higher volume of connections between the auditory cortex, where sound is processed, and the areas of the brain responsible for reward and emotions.

Individuals who get frisson also share a common personality trait: Openness to Experience. According to music psychologist Mitchell Colver, "people who possess this trait have unusually active imaginations, appreciate beauty and nature, seek out new experiences, often reflect deeply on their feelings, and love variety in life."

Colver's research suggests that frisson may have less to do with the depth of emotion someone is feeling in the moment and more to do with how much they are immersed in an artistic experience. He writes that "making mental predictions about how the music is going to unfold or engaging in musical imagery (a way of processing music that combines listening with daydreaming)... are associated with frisson to a greater degree than the emotional components."

Frisson is a heightened version of the enjoyment all human beings are able to derive from art, and Colver's work suggests one way you might be able to cultivate your own ability to experience this pleasurable sensation: Instead of just letting the music flow over you, try concentrating on it. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and you, too, might feel a delightful chill creeping up your spine.

3 days ago. Feb 14, 2020, 6:57 AM

Your probly wondering da fauq let me just say i was bored looking stoophs up and came across something that readly caught my attention was like yup had to copy paste and post so without further a due i give you the article i came across enjoy 


Have You Ever Had a “Skin Orgasm”?
These ephemeral sensations say something about your personality—and your brain.

Have you ever heard soaring music or a heart-wrenching story and felt a rush of tingles over the surface of your body? 

If so, you've experienced a phenomenon called frisson. Pronounced "free-sawn," the term comes from a French word meaning "to shiver." In English, frisson refers to the sensation you get when a piece of art—like a song, a film, or a book—moves you so deeply that it elicits a physical reaction.

It's still a mystery why some of us feel frisson, and others don't, but researchers are discovering that the people who experience this sensation the most powerfully have character traits and neurological wiring that set them apart.

Other names for frisson

You might have heard frisson called "chills" or "thrills," but most researchers avoid those terms because chills are so strongly associated with negative experiences and thrills with positive ones. Frisson, on the other hand, can occur in response to a wide variety of art, regardless of whether it's happy or sad, positive or negative.

"Skin orgasm" is the most colorful, but possibly also the most accurate, name for the phenomenon. Some people describe the experience as waves of pleasure coursing over the skin, and, like an orgasm, it's an involuntary physical reaction. 

In a paper published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, music psychologists Psyche Loui and Luke Harrison write that the term "skin orgasm" helpfully suggests "a pleasurable sensation that is paradoxically both universal and variable." This name isn't often used in research, though, because its link with sex has the potential to confuse or bias participants in scientific studies.

Experiences that cause frisson

In music, the features that most commonly induce frisson are ones that violate our expectations, like crescendos, the onset of unexpected harmonies, the entrance of a human voice, or affecting lyrics. This surprise factor, combined with one of the loftiest and heartbreaking songs in the history of musical theater, is why so many people experience chills watching Susan Boyle's audition on "America's Got Talent":

For more frisson-inducing music, check out: 10 Songs That Will Give You Chills

Sensory stimulation other than music can bring about frisson, too, including various sounds (like fingernails on a chalkboard), sights (like pictures of puppies), tastes (like the tartness of lemon), and touches (like a head massage). It's even possible to feel a burst of tingles just from imagining a past experience, with no real-time stimulation at all.

In stories—whether they're on film, in print, or told aloud—we tend to get chills from selfless actions, moments of quiet contemplation, reflections on the meaning of life, expressions of solidarity, and violent separations. 

What does frisson feel like?

Fundamentally, frisson is an emotional or aesthetic response so powerful that it triggers a physical reaction. It's a moment of ecstasy, of being transported by an experience. 

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Food, is by far one of the greatest loves anyone will ever know. Why ? It's actually insanely simple, for you see food does not discriminate, does not hate, love, or see us for our pyshical or there in lack of pyshical appereance it does not judge does not start rumors does not lie,cheat, steal except ypur heart and starvation, food is kind loving and if cooked correctly will be by far one of the best motherfking orgies your mouth will ever enjoy 😄 but in light of this information do not reach for food as a comfort when your sad, for food can never replace true undying loyal human love trust and unconditional attentitive caring touch. But by all means cook your arses off share the love and emotion you put forth into your creation with others and let them taste the happiness and become overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure of not knowing what they are feeling, every time i step into the kitchen i just seriously can not have a bad day. I pass this awesome knowledge of happy delightful expierneces ive had unto you the cage family for all to enjoy 😄 go forth make, bake, create amd share spread the happy through your creations.

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3 weeks ago. Jan 24, 2020, 9:04 AM

From day one i lingered by her side, jokingly talking about my submission to her. A friend who quickly i adopted as a sister, we share the same perversions in thought on creation, we fight,argue and smile on alot of topics, she collared me at first it was a huge massive joke, cute fun a display for fun of sorts which quickly grew into a protection of my heart, fragile pure honest and good, far from such are these words is my heart, riddled with scars sorrow pain and anguish longing for an embrace of someone understanding such as her, but continuosly i am seeing as a brother in her eyes, so i keep my head to the ground some days are harder then most wondering if she will ever be more then just my sis miss an adorable nick name i gave her out of a deeper affection for this wonderously beautiful creature, this goddess i wrote a poem for built a house for in a game as ridiculous as it sounds and yet as i try to just soilder on it hurts deeply to hear rather read how her current continuosly simply mistreats her wanting to procreate with another woman, and for what, because she isn't a swim suit model, because he can't worship her in bed every night sigh confession of willing submission to be denied hurts but not as much as confession of true undying love to be denied, and here i am once again wandering the night the only comfort the darkness and shadows the cold harsh winds to remind me that the pain eventually will subside and life will continue on as usual that this is my norm, to find someone so special i will simply be denied their love, because in this life i am not worthy of such a creatures love, the false hope i carry with me is my own doing amd rightfully so for this is my punishment for those i have hurt, betrayed, lunged my own pain and scars upon thier hearts, to satisfy some twisted sense of existance, no matter how much of a better person i become i can not escape what fate and karma has set forth for my final destiny, an endless tourment of wanting but becoming the rose that has blossomed and dies alone in the winter. This is my fate, a cold cruel reality, harsh, harsh,insane but fitting for such a monster as i, a fate i must learn to accept and embrace with as much joy and grace as one filled with so much sorrow can muster, so i enjoy the sunrises as well sunsets alone a day at a time with some peace of mind sitting on this ledge over looking the town, all i can do is smile, knowing for even a rose living a wonderously well deserved observed life cycle eventually dies alone... the end









3 weeks ago. Jan 21, 2020, 7:06 AM

The wolf pup looked around at humanity, with great anticipation, set off on his new adventure full if hope, love, and inoccence.

Through his travels he came across many a human to many cruel and nonunderstanding of him, they scoffed laughed, some even scolded him for being who he was, how he was, his ears down, his eyes lowered, tears fought back with a hate filled ferocity only matched by a hungry raging inferno of an unjustly lit flame consume everything in it's wake, the young pup trudged through the rain feeling as though mother earth and mother freya were crying for him, for his pain, his heart ached so bad being torn assunder being ripped from his chest upon valintines day of all days, all he could do is feel cold numb ditest for humanity, alone filled with mixed emotions, thoughts, how could she on a day of love, just let me go like i ment nothing more then a wayward musing to her. The tears began to slowly stream down the soaked fur of his maw, the rain began to pour even harder,but he solidered on not knowing where he would go for everyone had been so cruel amd heartless, unknowing to him he began to ascend a hill with much rage his heart beating ferociously as if to call to war every broken heart past, present and future. Reaching the top of his obsiticle, he trudged forward, tired but still he marched for marching was the only thing keeping him from screaming out his pain in the form of a packs battle cry, no he wasn't that kind of wolf he swore to never be that kind of wolf no he fought his pain finding himself in the middle of the path. Pausing to look up and around even through tears taking notice to the abaonded cemetary, his tears began to flow freely as if a dam suddenly burst from with in he freeded his pain, his suffering,his rage for the dead to see, unafraid the young pup put in a pair of ear buds and began to blair music, the rain hammed his face the wind whipped whistled and howled, without taking notice the moon full bright beautiful came from behind the clouds spot lighting his preformance the rain parted giving him the center stage, the abandoned cemetary was abandoned no more, ghost had come to life as the young pup danced sang bellowed with all the years of pain,suffering bottled and locked away he freed through song he bled all those pent up emotions to the universe for everyone to feel, until his breath gave and he fell to his knees crying and sobbing hiding his face the dead clapping cheering before walking back to the shadows to rest once more, the young wolf lay resting in tue comfort of grandmothers fullmoon light curled into a ball whimpering wanting longing for the one thing everyone longs for a partner who accepts them for who and how they are taking no notice to the human who was softly approching with cuation in fear of this fericous creatures emotions softly placed a hand on his shoulder, the young pup let out a quick yelp and quickly retreated behind a tree to hide afraid of the humans cruelty, but some what curious he poked his head cauticously just enough so the moon could catch a single eye in her light, the young wolf become silent after a soft gasp of shock the human was female blushing but had a sad expression upon her eyes, the wolf careful removed his head from the safety amd cover of the trees the young human creature looked up, their eyes met i a single glance and were locked in an eternal battle of conflict not with eachother but with their own souls and the other could see this. Why are you sad the human girl asked, because humans were cruel and unkind to me, at the very words the young girl burst into tears sobbing uncontrolablly the young pup couldnt help himself he quickly but caustiously rushed to her side softly wrapping an arm around her pulling her close into a hug nuzzling her cheek protectively, she unexpectedly recprocated his gesture of loving protection by burrying her tears into soft furry chest, he held her even tighter and asked why are you sad, the girl replied because humans are cruel demoralizing demons bent on hurting good people, upon hearing this the young wolf did something a wolf only does when they are truely sad for another he held her close and tight raised his maw toward grand mother moon with his ears back his eyes saddened his howled for the girls pain and sorrow he howled a song of saddened healing, it was beautiful sad filled with love and devotion to a race not of his own, the girl understood the gesture but knew not its meaning, reached up placing a hand on his soft cheek closing her eyes with a heart filled with hope love and joy gently kissed him on the lips the young pup placed a hand upon her cheek and reciprocated her actions with one more passionate and gentle moving past the kiss he drew close to his chest and whispered i would never leave you or hurt you my angel of salvation, she snuggled into his chest and whispered my name is valkryie before falling asleep in his arms, my name is engel. He rested his chin softly upon he head so as to carefully not to wake his sleeping valkryie, keeping watching till the dawn he began to sing in a docile but strong yet soft tone till sun began to pierce the horizon, two damaged broken sad amd enraged souls had found comfort in each other vowing to never leave hurt or betray the other, everyday valkryie and engel would walk to the abandoned cemetary bringing it to life with their showman ship an aray of dance and vocals until they settled into eachother till the dawn engel the forever watchful protector of his valkryie such until the time it was for them to part from this world even on theie final day they passed with one final show graceful a dance filled with energy,love, healing emotion and ghosts from around the world from all eras came to watch amd when it was done, escorte them safely onward to their next show in the after together, for valhalla had seeing amd felt their emotion grow a strong bond and called them home.



4 weeks ago. Jan 18, 2020, 3:09 AM

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