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Basically going to share creative writings so away we go weeeee
5 hours ago. Mon 19 Aug 2019 07:42:35 PM IDT

Ok so here we go weeeee

Prettt sure the title alone had some of you going oooooohhhhh shiny red thing i must push it haha here it is take a moment to step away after reading this wander outside look down take a moment to take in the ground around breathe in get a good breath in and let out slowly almost like a sigh then slowly look up taking in the visual once your looking up at the sky repeat the breathing process and take in the sky and smile and realize this your alive yesterday is gone tomorrow is unforseeing but today is a gift that is why they call it the present 😊😊 enjoy your gift everyone big poofeh wolf hugs 


18 hours ago. Mon 19 Aug 2019 07:24:22 AM IDT

Decided to start everyones week out with a relaxing list of tunes change it up a bit enjoy big poofeh wolf hugs =D






21 hours ago. Mon 19 Aug 2019 04:26:30 AM IDT

Its how we feel when we connect with friends and that special someone so yup its a thing 🤘





1 day ago. Sun 18 Aug 2019 07:56:50 PM IDT

There is no such thing as the alpha all these articles on the alpha male in the human world are just simply nonexsistant its a chemical attarction ffs when we find someone were into our brains release a chemical that stimulates our senses now if its reciprocated then the attraction grows deeper and deeper and ffs as far as the visual goes we usually go after visually appealing to make our lives seem so much better this also holds true for material tvs cars computers everything we always want the shiny because it makes us happy but again its all chemical if its a mutual attraction hey guess what its gonna happen if not well then atleast the sex will be good till that becomes dull borning and you both realize thats all there is so stop fucking looking and calling your selfs fucking alpha jesus fucking odinn it doesnt fucking exsist face desk end rant 



2 days ago. Sun 18 Aug 2019 01:31:27 AM IDT

To cotton tail from hitsyubaya hope you like it






2 days ago. Sat 17 Aug 2019 06:05:37 PM IDT










2 days ago. Sat 17 Aug 2019 08:18:58 AM IDT

Wrapping hands around the pole he would begin to swing his hips seductively to the music loosing himself into the spot light exposing his soul to the world in  a dance of lust and love expressing his hidden nature of pain love lust amd wanting slowly sliding down the pole swining his legs in and out running a hand down his chest to his warming groin his body tempature rising falling to his knees smacking the stage with his palms with an undying passion flinging his body backwards expressively running his hands through his hair like some nymphomatic pyscho on a lustful binder with himself licking his lips as if he just had the most delcious wine of his life he would throw his arms back amd thrust his head in a circle whiping his hair around letting fall to the front as he would swing a leg over sensually amd begin to crawl back up to his knees arch his back towards the heavens bringing a single digit to his lips he would lick the tip and lovingly suckle the nail in wanting as he would begin to roll his abs to the tunes in an almost love making motion towards wandering curious eyes leans back wraping his hands once again around the cold hard shaft he would lift himself off his knees placing one hand over the other he would pull himself up his crotch extended outward till completely standing he would turn around and begin to attentively make love to the hard shaft dry humping it giving it a good long lick as his hips grinded against that cool steely structure softly barely touching it teaseingly careasing his bottom he would give it a good firm smack grinning blowing a loving kiss to his new found fam/ community love you guys big poofeh wolf hugs <3 =D


2 days ago. Sat 17 Aug 2019 05:58:20 AM IDT

Was browsing blogs litterally just had my mind pew pew pew blowing away cause i herd this song and thought i should really flop this song onto a blog cause its perfect for helping people feel good i hope anyways read a friends bkog and ibwas like whoooa fucking epicly trippy just randomly synced i guess i unnnoo 😝 anyways hers the tune enjoy amd push through it love you all poofeh wolf hugs



3 days ago. Fri 16 Aug 2019 08:31:51 AM IDT

Lovers of the night

Walking through this small town the witching hour draws near so i trudge aimlessly towards the quite amd seculded cemetary for some form solitude from cold cruleties of the days harshness for some time to relinquish my lingering thoughts of the past few months with a show of song amd dance for the departed of beneath grandmother moon under a clear sky with no one else as my audince to cheer me on and appriciate my preformance but the shadows and figures hiding among the trees i create my play list plug in my ear buds take the center stage say my prayer of thanks to odinn freyja tyr thor loki hel and fenrir for the many safeties amd blessings take my bow amd begin my show of vocal and visual showmanship for the desceased till my legs and body can no longer carry on i give my all for the dead breath gives i take a final bow beneath the illuminating light of grandmother as a cool breeze washes over me to compliment my preformance and embrace me in a calming attentive hug i lay to rest my back upon a headstone retrieving a ciggarette from my pocket i light it and take a suttle but satisfying pull pulling and earbud from my ear i here a slight snicker surpised i jump quickly to my feet my reaction claimed a small sweet and cute giggle whose there i shyly let slip from my lips unable to stop my curiosity i look onward into the darkness with anticipation until a shadowy figure presented its self shyly from behind a tree my eyes could do nothing more but emit a bashful gaze as my cheeks turned a bright red as this pale tender goddess of the night approched i wanted to move away but my body was frozen in place as this creature of beauty and mystery approched smiling i could only fix my sights on two very pearly white and pointy k-9s amd before i could react accordingly she was upon me smiling sensually and softly blushing inreturn at my blank bashful stare hello my my arent you delciously cute she uttered so effortlessly i tried to find words but all i could do was stammer and stumble over my words she giggled even more so cuter then before at this reasponse she took my hand gently into hers looking deep into my eyes she asked do i frighten you all i could do was nod she came closer till our lips were but inches and our breaths met what could i do she had me all i could think was i was going to be a meal for some creature of the night she smiled even sweeter placing her lips gently upon mine she pulled me in close embracing me as if we have been long lost lovers parted by the sea and reunited at last all i could do was relax into the passion of the intertwining of our tounges and the gentle embrace of her hug i could feel myself loosing contro but not agressively i slowly placed my hands on tje swolle of her back holding her close i gently laid her on the cold but soft grass with our eyes closed i begin to explore her kissing my way down her chin to her neck her scent intoxicating with ever breath in i became more and more addicted to her and her alone i slowly begin to stroke her leg sensually as i used my free hand to explore her torso stopping only to look up seeking desperatly for permission waiting anxieously shelooked back at me with a loving passionate lustful gaze nodding indicating i had permission to please my goddess i softly undid the top button of her blouse exposing her cleavage to grandmother moon the shadows began to dance an embrace of sensuality as i traced my hand to the button beneath the free one and unbutton the second button on her blouse the wind began to softly howl a song of love in our ears it was warm and welcoming i continued to the third button unbuttoning the third and final button exposing her firm valptious breasts to the world the stars began to dance amd sing as i leaned in and gave her tummy a soft kiss as she let out a soft gasp of pleasure placing a hand upon on my head running her fingers through my hair softly pushing down on my head i began to kiss my way down stopping above her waist line nibbling teasingly at her pants ......



To be continued what did you really think i was going to give you the entire thing in one sitting 

Lovers of the night continued
Altough in my mind i knew she wouldnt feel i stoped teasing her waist line and softly kissed my way down her right thigh her breathing soft and steady as i slowly made my way down her thigh to her shin till i was upon the top of her sneaker gently taking her right foot in hand i untied her sneaker slipping it off as well as her sock with much eager anticipation softly setting her leg back upon the cool grass i took her other foot into my hand untieing her left sneaker and gently slipping it off just as much eager anticipation sliding her sock off with both feet exposed for the world to see i placed a soft loving kiss upon each reaching up placing a hand lovingly upon the button of her pants letting it rest there a moment listening for any indication of approval it felt like a millenial before i herd a sigh of approval reaching up with my other hand to meet with my other i postioned my fingers giving a gentle tug at the button there was a gentle and slightly loud pop informing the world that we exsisted in the night i slowly traced my finger down to her zipper as her breathing becsme slightly unelevated the zipper gave a slight echo to our surroundings as i unzipped her reaching behind her i gave her cute bum a couple of soft taps to hint that i wish for her to raise her hips slightly she reasponded accordingly by raise her self up slightly and i carefully slipped her pants down her slender waist past her knees and off of her placing them off to the side i looked up and was met with the gaze of a blushing but entracing beauty i softly began to kiss my way up her leg giving her smooth soft skin gentle loving nips as i worked my way back up to her waist upon reaching her waist i took it upon myself to passionately take her panties waist line into my mouth between my teeth giving them a gentle tug before letting go and continuing on my journey with my lips exploring her body back up to meet her lips upon our lips connecting i was once again entranced and enslaved to her kiss soft gentle loving closing my eyes loosing my self in the moment i wraped my arms around her and rolled her ontop of me holding her ever so close never wanting to let go as our kiss deepened i could feel her fingers exploring my tummy and only moving lower until her hand was upon the outline of my pants where my member was hidden away she gave my lower lip a soft nibble before lifting my shirt up amd began to kiss her way down my chest to my tummy my mind became blank my breath became heavy i could feel my heart begin to race with every touch of her lips....


To be continued 

3 days ago. Fri 16 Aug 2019 04:27:17 AM IDT

Night time tuneage yay