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16 hours ago. Sun 08 Dec 2019 06:38:50 AM IST

So my gf / sub has come to me over the phone for the past week informing me that doms are iming her now this is highly abusrd so im gonna break it down as a friendly reminder if you see a profile with a sub or lords or madames name and it has (insert name) this is a collar so if you have been here awhile then you know this if you have been in the life style awhile you know this however for all you bdsm fifty shades of grey referanced midget porn newbie wanna be's who signed a day a week a month ect ect ect ago news flash this is not an fing dating site people are not here to get there wistles wet or there pipes snaked take your vanillia pornographic poser crab infested meat pocket ed fest over to those dating sites and leave the lifestyle to the people who live it and not pretend to use it as a way to get laid you fucktardos seriously have no right to be here and while theres no offical way to stop best believe the motherfucking wolf of odin is figuring it out 🖕

To my real cage family love you guys 


3 days ago. Thu 05 Dec 2019 08:48:15 AM IST

Until the day my mother freja my father odin all father saw fit to grant me love they gave the gift of a life of loneliness i understand that this life i walked for so long was by far from a punishment but a gift a gift of wisdom to learn pactince as well as hardship everyday my love is in my life i am greatful for the gifts if knowledge that were giving to me with an endless love to which i can barely grasp but greatful and humbled by none the less for without this precious gift i would of continued on lonely and my eyes closed to such a wonderful creature full of love full of emotional damage but still willing to love another just as damaged for two damaged and broken hearts have made a healed whole and beating heart strong unified and so everyday night waking and sleeping hour i give thanks for this beautiful little lady to have walked into my life and sparked that fire in my heart that was lost but has been reignited i am every second i am awake striving to become a better person for my self for her for her kids becsuse i can not i will not i refuse to fail to be a good bf and should and i can only hope mother freja and all father odin grant it for me to be a good husband and father i have only felt this grow stronger and stronger with in the very depths of my soul with every beat of my heart everything has meaning and purpose in life everything is beautiful again there is flavour in everything i taste beats in all the music color in all life i love you my moon and stars 

Happy aniversary love










3 days ago. Thu 05 Dec 2019 02:03:55 AM IST








5 days ago. Tue 03 Dec 2019 03:14:57 AM IST

Sooooo a comment made by someone has me thinking not the comment it self however what was said at the end if you travel back i time to the previous blog before this one you will understand my confusion sure a little out of line on my end ill happily addmit however i should point out if anyone for any reason comments on a blog here i feel very strongly it should stay here that commenters should take discussion up in the blog forum or im if they can if the comment is made in the blog do not comment and then state you are going to bkog else where leaving others to think you are gonna go to another site and blog on thoughts of people frlm this site that in my opinion is bad form i get it all are free to do as they please but if you state positive negitive or opinioniated comments then atleast have the metal to keep it on here and not run off and blog it on another site but meh just my thoughts on the matter i understand fully that when i post a blog it is subject to comments from the community however should someone comment on someone elses blog then it should stay here yes i know im repeating myself because it would seem that sometimes saying it just once isnt enough so one more time just for gooooood measure if its bloged here commented on here or even on another site then it should stay here or the other site ok yay back to the holiday festivities woooooo

6 days ago. Mon 02 Dec 2019 10:29:22 AM IST


ok now for some busy body buisness weeee

Ok so friendly reminder on etiuqet 

A lord or madame may address one another freely general greetings conversation ect ect ect pets subs slaves may address each other in the same manor however no lord or madame pet sub or slave may address the other with the expressed permission of the owner beyond a general greeting i bring this up because i just had this happen to me outside of thecage with someone from thecage seems some people are loosing their way in the general teachings if manors and need to be dually reminded of how etiuqet works unless instructed other wise it is no place of any pet sub or slave to engage of matters that does not concern them unless the matter is with a pet sub or slave of the house does not matter how badly they wish to protect someone so please can we all just remind our selfs of proper etiuqet and manors reguardless of the situation this includes but is not limited to how others are treated and bad mouthing the offender spreading rumours stealing collared pets subs or slaves taking sides and playing jusge jury and exocutioner before the entire story is herd i have only been here a short while buy man i have bore wittness to alot and i gotta say yall mofos need odin 😝😝😝 but seriously please practice etiuqet and manors and ssc for a better place amongst our family thank you for your time 

Ok ok ok i know i know 

ON WIFF ZEEEE TUNES HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE BIG POOFEH WOLF HUGS from your friendly neighbor hood eldr vulf 








1 week ago. Thu 28 Nov 2019 07:39:11 AM IST

you know what is so fing mind numbing boggling that it makes me want to gouge my own eyes out bend over and skull fk my self silly till im projectile vomiting white warm yumm yummy in my tummy from my anus the fact that ive herd so many people men and women piss whine moan and complain about oh well why i caqnt i find a nice guy or girl heres a big fking clue if you wooudl stop running when some is being open honest and geniune maybe then maybe people would stop repeating the same fking iniate gas regurgitating gasteral intestnal bipass surgery that p[roduces more nausiating toxic fumes for self sbaotage then standing next to a nuclear waste disposal facility filled to the brim with phecal matter that burns plauge infested bodies now slap your self in the forehead go i could of had a v8 and think for a moment oh holy shit he could actually being tell the truth but hey guess what you epically failed genius youll never know because instead of talking communicating which seems to be a lost art like this thing millenals do which is sign language through technology you just pushed someone who had trust issues for years away and possibly out even though he choose to let you in and give you a chance and open up and drop his defenses good to the mother to the fucking to the job congradulations you just oushed him right back into a reoccuring state of do i really wanna let anyone else in fucking a epicly titted sprinkle cupcakes fucked the pooches midget couch hard on this one 

end word fumigating mouth breathing vocabularic spewing rant 

sighs ok time for music 



2 weeks ago. Sun 24 Nov 2019 08:22:40 PM IST

Since the last post heres what has happened before my most recent post i wrote a post depiciting love and how you would know they were right foe you which was apperently accidently reported ha ok sure whatever before that when i was a prem met someone when i had two days left as a prem and well things thus far are going well we chat everyday and i gotta say i havent felt this way in years as in since i was in my early 20s XD she is an absolutly wonderful person and i strive to be a better version if my former self for both myself and her welp theres the update and why im not around as much yall tc and hopefully we will have more to tell everyone in the future 


1 month ago. Sun 03 Nov 2019 06:05:47 AM IST

It is cold and dark, but warmth from a distant light from between a small crack in a large cedar door down the corridor calls to me, who am i to deny such warmth and kindness from a strange object, i walk towards it, slowly at first but apear to not move an inch, i begin to quicken my pace but the result is the same, i run fall stumble crawl but to no avail, no achivment, i have not moved from the spot to which i am cold and there is no light, i remain alone confessing my love, is feeling like a dangerous task in this dream scape, do i continue to try and fight my better judgement and reach the door?  or do i stay in the cold and the dark unoticed? i try again still uncertain of my outcome the results are the same! I make no gain in my efforts and no losses, i try once more and succeed i fling the cedar door open! the light is warm comforting welcoming she smiles i confess my love to her and she begins to laugh a cold crule and harsh inhumane laugh as if my words mean nothing more then to amuse the tears begin to stream softly down my cheeck as the door slowly closely and i am back at the end of the hall staring down the corridor once again at a goal obtained achived and lost so quickly, snatched from beneath my grasp, it was almost not even real and yet here i am alone cold and in the dark staring at a glimering light which use to be warm and welcoming, and now its just a light filled with false prophets who speak fascades and well played masquredes of words to lure in the most pure of heart with the greatest intents of love only to destroy it for self gratifications of target practice and thus in obtaining the truth and knowdlege of the warm light i turn and walk off into the comforting dark and cold where only the moon and stars remain my comfort.








1 month ago. Sun 03 Nov 2019 12:14:07 AM IST

A darkened hall echos and shadows that once danced and filled it with life only memories remain foot steps now fill it emepty almost hollow slowly one set forth infront of the other large wooden oak doors are pushed effortless open a pair of soft green eyes set upon the shadowy figure that dares to grace the room in which two thrones set the curvy and well statured robust figure raises who dares to enter my throne room the figure aproaches well aware of its actions its heart filled to brim with intention but of what this lady does not know she glares amd hisses baring her pearly whites trying to intimated the shadowy menace but this creature absolutly refuses to back down accepting the challenge it advances with furocity and wanting reaching the foot of her throne makes an effortless leap into the air pouncing her as a pretidor pounces its prey holding her arms tightly to the ground still a shadow she yells screams stuggles demanding release he smiles malicously baring his own set of pearly whites slowly he leans into the light of an adawning full moon and whispers i know you and your pain for i am you and your pain he places a gentle attentive kiss upon her lips tenderly she submits to his touch his pain his sorrow his will two souls of suffering become one what once was seperate and alone becomes whole her collar is revealed amd she offers her leash  not in the pyshical but in the ether he graciously accepts the offer of trust none were able to obtain the understanding of trust amd love has stemed a deeper level of love and devotion for the astranged lord and sub protective of each others pyshical embodiments as well as their souls for all enternity 




2 months ago. Thu 03 Oct 2019 11:09:20 AM IDT

I wanna cry the tears swell with in my chest trudging up from the very depths of my soul as i lay here these early hours of the morning deeply concerned for another who i fear is making a grave mistake does this person even know i truely exsist or do they even care the pain and diress they are causing me the sleepless nights the anxiety of knowing wether or not they will be ok do they know i care so deeply for them that i worry i will read another obituary or news articile and see her face with a grusome tale with horrors to be hold do they should they run to my arms i would embrace them in such a manor as to a protective mother defending her infant from the horrors of the world keeping the new life safe from harm does she know the true love i feel for her or was i nothing more then a passing fancy a drug to feed her fix for a one night quick fix of compassion desperately needed where for if even just a few moments even if they were i fascade i felt as though i found a soul full of love ready to recieve akd accept my offers of passion in ever sense both pyshical and emotional but alas i was only fooling lying to myself that someone such a gifted creature could love such lowly plain ungifted life form such as myself it was desception in its finest form and a well scripted play of affection at best worthy of an auditorial full of on lookers expecting a broadway stage act but getting more then their monies worth ending in a shakespearian tradgey with another broken heart the stage was set and no rehersals preformed acts were exicuted beautifully with flawless perfection to such degres an encore was demanded but none was produced to no end other then emepty promises silver tounged words to keep all actors dancing on a string to be let down by a harsh cold crule disapointment with closing of the theater and all parties ushered back into the world of reality and the truth of it all a cold lonely emepty fortress of iscolation of his apt with nothing more then the comfort of music to sooth the aching illness of his heart