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A new beginning with sprinkles on top
3 days ago. Tue 14 Jan 2020 03:06:54 PM IST

S let me know when the vanillas set you free I’ve found a little but I still miss all five of you 😘

4 days ago. Tue 14 Jan 2020 04:12:20 AM IST

For all the subs i see here hurting due to lost Dom or Daddy.  Remember your strength comes from within you not from another its always been there in you and will always be.  Listen to Krigsgaldr by Heilung (healing) and be renewed

1 week ago. Thu 09 Jan 2020 10:55:03 PM IST

Well, I guess im branching out a little far from the Daddy tree 🌳 but little wanted Edge play so last night during play time after she was bound to the table feet bound legs open hips isolated with rope and arms pulled over her head and bound to cross section of table I played and got her hot then lifted her mask and showed her my K-Bar tanto blade special forces (its mat black 16 inches of terror) and pulled the mask back down and put it to her throat and said don’t you fucking move.  I then hit her with the haitachi while moving the blade from neck down eventually to crotch ticking her with the point.  She was terrified lol 😂 she didn’t say her safe word so thumbs up for that and before playtime I told her we were gonna do some edge play so she knew it was coming I just saved it late enough in the second scene to surprise her.  Once the knife was out of the picture and she stopped crying she squirted about 8 ft off the table when she came.  Mission accomplished 😊


It really didn’t do anything for me as far as excitement due to the fact that the Dom has to use such care while doing knife play you really need to focus on SSC and use the utmost care.  A mask is almost mandatory so she doesn’t see your actually using the dull side of the knife 🔪 if done safely no drugs or booze before playtime and with a Dom that uses the utmost care it can really shoot your sub full of adrenaline and sub space for her will be amazing that night.  Before doing knife play I researched and found a well known Dom on youtube with knife play basics and safety etc.

1 week ago. Mon 06 Jan 2020 04:57:39 PM IST

So little really wanted to get primal for a scene and now ive done two with her.  Both have been TPE attack and rape scenes and they’ve really gone fantastic.   I am also actually enjoying the power exchange.  I’ve found that due to the spontaneous interaction between us both when the scene begins I tend to just go into a more animal state which is a little out of control so I Need to try my best to plan the scene and stay as much in control as possible.  The attack and rape is pretty quick moving from a more loving scene to a much darker scarier place in the blink of an eye to give her that fear factor rush she is looking for.  So to anyone who has thought about trying it but hasn’t it has been worth it for us.  There is no subspace interaction or anything like that its just a heart pounding roller coaster ride and it happens so fast that most of the emotional rush you get

from it occurs after the scene.

2 weeks ago. Thu 02 Jan 2020 10:05:35 PM IST

So little has been so happy enjoying our sessions I’ve been turning the volume knob up slowly to break her in.  One of her main issues is orgasm control basically she can’t control herself and cums every three minutes until she basically can’t continue.  So last night I surprised her with a training session.

For orgasm control I have a simple but effective training.  

I explained it to her once she was undressed and in her stockings.  I also brought out a pair of her very high heels to add difficulty and frankly to make her a little nervous lol.  

Standing in the inspection position with slippery stockings in high heels 👠 I take a belt and having it all the way open wrap it around the outside of both ankles this gives stability and she can fight the desire to orgasm by opening her legs against the belt wrapped around her legs.  I put her collar on reversed with the ringlet to the back of her head then with arms back in the inspection position I tie her wrists together and then to the ringlet.  I have an item this time I used her little blue plastic spatula that she likes for spanking and I set it on top of her head.  She must remain completely still as im moving the haitachi around all over her body eventually arriving at her pussy and slowly ramping up.  She has to fight the orgasm while concentrating on not dropping the item thats on her head (remember at school book on head for posture).  If the item on her head falls she gets once smack from the flogger each drop the smacks increase in force and quantity.  She was nervous and had a lot of feelings that she went through holding the inspection position but she did very well.  After she spoke to me about the crazy emotions she was feeling during the training and it really was remarkable.  Now after passing through this she can’t wait to try it again.  

2 weeks ago. Wed 01 Jan 2020 03:13:10 PM IST

Go figure she wanted to be sparkly for new years that jump suit wasn’t easy to find and cost a bundle but shes worth every penny 😊

2 weeks ago. Tue 31 Dec 2019 12:27:36 PM IST

Well it was a fantastic night she did very well subspace knockout and aftercare lasted an hour and a half 😆 she hung with Daddy through four scenes during the session then drifted in and out of a subconscious subspace during aftercare.  She was very excited when i pulled out her hand made flogger it had an evil sting to it that made her squirt hahaha. I think the entire time she was making it she was fantasizing about me using it on her and it drove her crazy.  I couldn’t be happier.  

2 weeks ago. Mon 30 Dec 2019 10:03:59 PM IST

Playtime tonight and my little spent half the day making me a special gift.  Here in Brasil kinda hard to find paddles etc so she took a broom handle leather purse and a glue gun and made me a small flogger to use tonight how sweet is that!