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8 months ago. Jan 14, 2020, 3:45 AM

Today started just like any other. 

Hitting the snooze button, more than once. The  struggle get up and get ready only to make it to work, Barely arriving with just a few minutes to spare.  You repeating over and over that today is your day.  It's going to be a good one.  

Only to hear the latest drama of your coworkers life. Her speak if the many cats and how she wishes to be different.  Watching her mouth move until you can't even hear the words she saying anymore.  Of course she doesn't notice. She's way to Caught up in herself and the latest cat video. To even notice the sadness in your eyes,  You throw in the occasional yes and Uh Huh..  To keep her going.  While your mind wanders off.  Thinking on what the day will hold.  Wishing that today was your day.  

You go throughout the morning and afternoon smiling  with the help of a cup of Java or two.  Finally  it's quitting time and you say your goodbyes and wish her a safe journey home to her five cats.  While you check your phone and head out the door yourself.  That's when it happens.  You bump into someone.  Looking up your day has changed just like that.  He righted you.  His eyes dancing with mischief as he smiles, you stumble over your words.  Blindsided.  He taps the tip of your nose.  Tells you that good little girls put away their phones and pay attention to where their going. Your cheeks heat, finally finding your voice stumbling over the yes Sir that falls out.  His soft chuckle makes your knees weak.  That's the moment your day changed. 


He turned and walked away and you slip your phone into your pocket.  Knowing today was not just like every other day.   

(I like to write dabbling a little here and there.  So, who knows what tomorrow will bring )

rosethorn​(sub female) - Ohhh if only x
8 months ago
Lorianna - I Know! *dreamy sigh*
8 months ago

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