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Imperial Jade

1 month ago. Sat 15 Dec 2018 07:39:31 PM IST

take a look of 3 archives (or more if you can)...

nsfw <- the best



1 month ago. Mon 26 Nov 2018 12:31:32 PM IST

choose only one clip to watch :) (if you can)





1 month ago. Sun 25 Nov 2018 06:58:30 PM IST

its the time in the year.


you may think that i need a hug..


what i really need is a warm well-lubed butthole that hugging and squeezing my cock and milking me dry, on those cold mornings...

(still a hug..)



no visual toady?

nope! :)

2 months ago. Wed 14 Nov 2018 07:40:09 AM IST

tumbler best blogs i have found recently


have fun


2 months ago. Sun 11 Nov 2018 12:30:12 PM IST


choose only one to watch :)

(you may watch 2)

2 months ago. Sat 10 Nov 2018 10:20:40 AM IST


A - self punishment (females sub)


B - girl power :)


C - "this is a men world..."


D -  MEN...



Hmmm (A4) superb vid!