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Phoenix Rising

Spirit writings from a Sassy Submissive who was born with the Gift of Sight... To see the unseen and have the Veil lifted for a glimpse of the other realms... to KNOW what comes BEFORE it occurs.... and to recognize the burden is both a Gift AND a Curse....To live Bravely & Fiercely until her White Night with a touch of Darkness enters her world and is able to lift some of her burden... the Candle will remain lit Guiding Sir to her....And so IT IS!
1 day ago. August 8, 2022 at 10:54 PM

Firstly, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to this community for their support of each other!  I love reading all of your blogs and I love how each one is different. And I want you all to know that I really appreciate everyone's feedback and insight.  I truly feel like we have a great community on here and  hopefully do my share in contributing positive growth.

Now... on to Part 2...

As I stated in my opening on the last post I don't like  Bitch sessions.  I actually hold myself to a 5 min rule when I'm in relationship.  Only 5 minutes of venting and then we move on to another topic. It's healthy to address frustrations of the day without dwelling on them. Obviously, if there is a major issue it requires a longer discussion, which is not venting.

So... keeping in the mode of being the problem solver I am... we have identified the CHALLENGE of : differences in expectations of Doms and subs. 

So....I'm putting this out to the community then.... HOW DO WE FIX THIS AS A COMMUNITY AND AS INDIVIDUALS???


How do we make our voices heard in a respectful manner BEFORE we have reached our personal maximum level of utter frustration??

I can attest that " the BROOKLYN" comes outta this girl faster than a speeding bullet!   I have a REALLY long fuse UNTIL I DON'T. 

If a guy pushes the envelop an inch over that line that he's been tiptoeing on all day long... LOOK OUT!! Dom or not.... you're gonna hear about it!



My personal BIGGEST frustration is not being heard on a consistent basis.  I'm like Reagan, the " Great Communicator".... I use my words plainly and often.  My needs RARELY change but center around the one main point of daily communication.

Why do some Dom's feel a daily 5 minute phone call, or heaven forbid... 2 Five minute phone calls are asking TOO much???

Do we say, "um... no.  I'm not going to obey today.  Um no.  I don't have time to do what you asked of me," which might actually take an hour or two.  

No. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we DO what is expected EVERY DAY. 

As I stated in Part 1:  Love Languages Differ and when one in the relationship screws it up, then the offending party better figure out really quickly what the partner's Love Language is and FIX the issue. 

Here they are if you're wondering:


Words of Affirmation

Physical Touch

Receiving Gifts

Quality Time

Acts of Service


Some of us are 1 Type, many are several.  I'm big on physical touch, gifts and quality time. In my mind, words of Affirmation are expected and Acts of Service doesn't resonate for me at all because I see that as I'm a sub and it's my job to always do acts of service for my Dom and I do them with an open heart. 


So... submissives AND DOMS.... how do we embark on changing the BAR of our Doms and our potential Doms???


I was explaining to my 19 yr old son this scenario:

You guys look at your friends and say... "Hey look at Tom.  He's an idiot.  Can't believe he was so stupid and did that to his girl.  I've never done that.  "

Women look at that same scenario and say, " Yes, Tom's an idiot but Joe did this, that and the other.  He's NO better.  I don't want either of them. "

Men compare themselves to their buddy who has a lower bar than they believe they have themselves and think they are doing WELL.

Women look at most men and realize none of them have their bar at the right height TO BEGIN WITH. We don't want either one of them.


Subs... How do we get these Doms to raise their bar and ACT like the MEN we NEED, WANT & DESERVE???


It's easy to say... stick to your guns and don't compromise, but is that REALLY a long term solution?  Maybe.  But it's a lonely one...

I'm seeking more of a WORKING SOLUTION that's doable when you're actually in a relationship. And I'm aware that the Dom has to be willing to LEARN a new way of BEING and DOING... a NEW way of interacting with an intelligent woman.

And Lord....grant us patience while they all get there!  Cause some of you Doms are on the SHORT BUS when it comes to interpersonal relationships... OMG!


In the end, I think Julia Robert's said it best.... "“Women, you are not rehabilitation centers for badly raised men. It is not your job to fix him, change him, parent him. You want a partner, not a project.”.Jun 9, 2019


Cheers to not being the Rehab center!  AND Cheers to the Doms who are STEPPING UP and Truly Desire to be GOOD Partners for their submissive.





3 days ago. August 7, 2022 at 9:34 PM

Interesting week.... I've been visiting different forums and there seems to be a common theme this week from well read, educated and thoughtful subs who have expressed disappointment in their Doms and Dominants in general. 

I'm not a fan of Bitch sessions and don't think one sex is above or better than the other... NOT AT ALL.... but I have found both personally, professionally, and as a submissive that  most women DO listen better, ask better questions and tap into their intuition more than men.  Those of us with submissive hearts really DO show up with our A GAME, giving 100% to our Doms.  So,   it's SO disheartening to discover that some men DON'T show up 100%, and give 100% effort to really get to know their sub, but instead, hold VERY HIGH expectations of behaviors of their sub while they've put NO skin in the game and treat them as an afterthought.

Doms.... some of you all need to realize that if you're truly interested in attracting YOUR ideal partner who is a woman of a certain age who can actually hold an intelligent conversation and understands the meaning of LOYALTY & SERVICE & Compassion & Integrity.... on top of trying her absolute best to be the BEST submissive she can be for YOU.... then you actually need to show up and bring your A GAME TOO! ALL THE TIME!!

What women don't want to hear is:  "All I can say is I'm sorry."  We've literally been hearing that our entire lives from just about every man in our lives. Why is it that a sub is expected to make amends to her Dom and receive corrective action but a Dom can cut to the quick and feel like that's all that's expected of him? Seriously, WTF? 

Dom or not.... that's very, very poor behavior for a grown man.  All women hear with that is:  I'm a little boy and I never learned how to fix things and quite honestly... That's the only tool in my tool box and I don't feel like I need to do anything else to make this right.

Doms.... you all need to wake up and do better!  Really.  If you don't know by now, effort is required to keep your submissive, especially when you screw up. If you are at the point where you realize your submissive is worth keeping and you have feelings for her, then do something FOR her that's part of HER LOVE LANGUAGE...Show her that you KNOW you screwed up and actually DO things to fix your poor behavior. It's YOUR job as her Dom to make her feel valued, EVERY SINGLE DAY so when your behavior expresses the opposite of that sentiment, YOU NEED TO STEP UP and SHOW HER you're truly sorry.  Saying words, especially when they've been said before, doesn't cut it.

Get some skin in the game! Be the Man AND the Dom that she Needs & Expects.  Remember ALL of the things she has done for you. Remember her GIFTS of obedience & service that she gifts you EVERY single day.

How do you greet her every day???  Do you tell her you miss her & love her?  Or do you begin with asking HER if she's followed her daily directive??  If she's a keeper and she values you, of course she's followed a rule or directive.  She's a submissive who wants to please her Dom all the time. 

The D/s relationship is meant to be SO MUCH MORE than a vanilla relationship for many reasons.  But WHY do some Doms think they have to put LESS effort into their relationship with their submissive?

What have you done for her? How have you SHOWN her she's more than a play thing or a toy?  How have you SHOWN her you value her in your life more than your job, your car or any other inanimate object?  What have you done EVERY day for her to show her she's SPECIAL.

Offering is not the same as DOING. If you are screwing up a basic communication, and Love Languages are based on communication, then you need to STOP & FIX rather than reverting back to a 10 yr old little boy.

This is by NO means meant for every Dom.... some of you ROCK IT!  BUT.... if this is speaking to you, go home and kiss your sub and make them feel like THEY are YOUR WORLD :o)

DO BETTER. BE BETTER. BE who THEY need you to be!

2 weeks ago. July 26, 2022 at 8:59 PM

From out of the shadows He came

Too much time spent in the rain

Quiet presence, peace unfolds

Lessons learned from the Old 


A new dawn reigned when He took hold

Stirring the submissiveness of her soul

Desire to serve, to please & obey

Awaiting on knees til commands given, she stays


He sets the pace, the rules she must follow

Awaiting, head bent for His seed to swallow

Service, Obedience, Loyalty, Truth

Serving Him well, her soul is soothed


Peace pervades, darkness dissipates

Service & Obedience, fulfilling her fate

For ONE entered who is worthy

To guide her on her journey


To protect, teach, guide and own

Under Him, she is not alone

Entwined are the two, now become one

The circle complete, IT has begun


                                                           Starchild 2022



2 weeks ago. July 23, 2022 at 2:34 PM

A Dom recently asked me... "So, what kinks are you into?" and I REALLY had to stop and think about that one...

Can it be that for so long as a submissive I don't even know what I AM into... what my desires are.  I was so busy pleasing the Doms in my life in past relationships that I'm not even sure what my essence and desires are?????  

How Weird!!

I'm a nurse by trade and I'm writing thinking that I have been lacking SO MUCH in my self care busying myself with the physical needs of the sick and desires of men who quite honestly were unworthy of my time, my service and my care and submission...not because they were bad men... that's not it at all....

That's ALL ON ME... I chose poorly a few times... sometimes we were just meant for a few moments or a season.  The main one... he just outright lied.  Lied about his essence, his anger issues, his desires.... and it cost me in INCREDIBLE ways, HUGE financial debt, my personal safety, family stability and the list goes on.  You know... when it's a marriage but not legal.... and you get screwed in so many ways til Sunday and NONE of it is the fun kind.  It's the kind that has lasting financial repercussions that extend years. And the personal betrayal that goes far beyond an affair but cuts so deep to your core and you keep asking YOURSELF.... Wow! Didn't see THAT coming!  How the F*ck did I miss those flags?"

Well.... I weathered the storm...regrouped and stabilized and now have such an enormous gratitude and peace about me and around me....

Still working on the rough edges of ME as a result of the aftermath.  You know.... the slightly ugly and abrupt parts of you that rise up through your soul to sustain you in the midst of battle... a little too much sarcasm, an undeserving biting remark to a friend, the occasional unkind word... all remnants of being in the fight or flight mode that you were forced to exist in to make it out of a bad situation...

I'm constantly reminding myself to return to the place of peace I'VE created for myself and my son and our home.  My brain is actually being trained to return to gratitude and slowly creating GRATITUDE as MY DEFAULT MODE now.  

Hey!  I'm a work in progress but committed this year to DOING THE WORK ON MYSELF....And... I'm happy to far so good!

So now that I'm happy with my basic needs, my home life, my career, etc. Now it's time to tackle my Kink!  LOL

I want to do more than exist... I want to experience JOY & TRUE CONTENTMENT... the kind that emanates from your core and bubbles up from your soul..... so there are no more unkind words, patience is the norm (I've Never been lucky to possess this trait!) but I'm TRYING and my submission is TRUE and complete.

So.... I work on ME and SPIRIT works on placing the Right DOM on my path at the RIGHT TIME... someone with a Fun  & Joyful Spirit, a Happy Heart, a Stable demeanor, a Steady way, Intuitive to my needs & his own & courageous enough to know when to push, Lead or Take over.

That is SUCH a tall order, I know!  But a woman who has weathered life's storms and hasn't broken... she KNOWS her worth.  She KNOWS the traits so abundant long ago:  Honesty, Integrity, Monogamy, Loyalty and the Power of the Given word on a handshake  along with her submissive heart... these traits are PRICELESS to a Dominant. HER Dominant.  The one that Spirit desires as her mate. 

Until then, I keep working on ME! And keep working to perfect myself for Him.


3 weeks ago. July 16, 2022 at 9:15 PM

This is something I channeled years ago while I was still in My red moon times and recently rediscovered in an old journal.

It's really an incredibly POWERFUL piece and the Angels were emphatic that it needed to get out to the masses again RIGHT NOW.

It's definitely a pro-woman piece on one end of the spectrum but Fellas,  IN NO WAY is this meant to be Anti-men piece...

It's just significant for women, especially for what we are enduring right now. And when the Angels give directives... They are like the most potent Dominant ... You better jump and do their bidding OR ELSE....   I'm just the Messenger... Enjoy!

Power of the Silence

From the womb, the Power grows

Spiraling through the woman

Told “unclean” by all the men

Little did they know

The magic of the Winged Ones

The Creations of Spirit they possess

“A Woman’s Intuition” they all mocked

Until--- they could never guess

The women knew, time and again

How events would play

The women could go into The Silence

The place of magic and pray

For that was their secret, so simple---so pure

That’s how they knew what would be

The men, their “simpleness”---could not grasp

The Power of the “THE ME”

When THE ME unites with THE I AM

Miracles do unfold

Magic and Power and Miracles

The lead turns into gold

The women tried and tried again

And finally, they let go

Let the men think them “unclean”

In stillness their power grows

They sit and pray and bleed each month

Their power grows more each day

The answers come within their womb

And to the men---come what may

How simple earthly life would be

If the men would join the women

And enter The Silence every month

No more wars we would see

But for now, this burden lies with the women

So they enter The Void and pray

For men’s “simpleness” to disappear

So peace will reign each day

This is no dream, it is what shall be

This I can fortell

For I have entered The Silence, the Void

I have seen the end of this hell

Out of the ashes the PHOENIX flies

Gloriously through the sky

From darkness, to Light, all is made right

An end to the fighting and lies

This is what shall be, when men join the women

The Creator is beckoned and comes

Rejoicing! His children learned the secret

The Power of the Silence they have won


                                                      Starchild 2011

3 weeks ago. July 15, 2022 at 9:08 PM

Strong Man, Good Man

Kindness in his heart

Leading the way, out of the dark

Desires his mate, to appear by his side

A partner for life, matching his stride

Fidelity, goodness, nurturing, true

Peace reigns in her heart as the love flows through

Her eyes on him, promises made

At the end of the day, the love doesn’t fade

To Love to Honor to Obey…

He takes up his part…. to cherish all days

Never forsaken, for both are true

Wolves in the night… the love runs through

Partners for life, the desire stays new.

                                                          Starchild 2010

3 weeks ago. July 14, 2022 at 9:42 PM

Today is a day for "sitting with self. " 

For pondering solitude and the desire for ownership....

For Spirit to present a man worthy of that rite and privilege.  May he possess a Kind Heart and the capacity to HEAR and Understand my wants and desires. Possess the intellect to engage my mind on different levels while stirring the fire in my soul to rise up and meet his challenges & demands.  May he be experienced in merging the Ying & Yang to Create the Circle of Trust, Respect & Integrity.  May he remain MINDFUL of the great RESPONSIBILITY Spirit and his submissive have entrusted to Him. May he possess the maturity to put the needs of his submissive FIRST, before his pleasure. May he UNDERSTAND in His very core: DO NO HARM  means just that... Protect, safeguard & Lead without creating and causing harm to His charge.


Spirit flows within my body and soul.... 

I am a submissive.  I CONSCIOUSLY choose to live in service & obedience to my Dominant. 


May MY soul possess the capacity for the level of obedience & service desired by my Dominant.  May I continuously strive to meet and exceed His expectations. May He experience joy & fulfillment in my presence and welcome His submissive into his Life.  May he rejoice in ALL sides of me...little & BIG and happily weave both into His life. May the I become WE and US and may OUR hearts overflow with the Journey in the Creation of The Circle of Trust. 

And so it is...


                                                                                                                                                                                                    Starchild 2022

3 weeks ago. July 13, 2022 at 11:40 PM

Submission.... the selfless act of service of one partner which brings fulfillment to both partners. Within service & obedience wholeness is obtained.

Dominance... In its most simplistic form....The act of taking charge of one's partner to enhance both partners' joy and completeness within relationship.

The Ying & The Yang.  

One cannot grow without the other.  One may exist in solitude, but growth is never fully obtained by either the Dom or the sub in the absence of partnership.

True Growth, whether positive or negative, only results with the coexistence of both, creating The Whole.

Through such unification, presence is achieved.  

In the moment, a sub's mind exists for the sole purpose of pleasing their Master, their Dom, their Top....

Like a blank slate, the sub waits for the commands of Their Person to whom they yearn to please. They are laser focused on fulfilling their Dom's desires.

The Dominant basks in the presence of their submissive, Knowing Their Power lies within the service of their submissive and the Gift of their submission.

A Heavy Burden, the Dominant carries, for it is Their responsibility to ensure the pleasure & joy of their submissive.

A submissive's role is service & obedience to their Dominant.  Their fulfillment arises from completing the tasks set by their Dominant. 

It is the Dominant who remains responsible for the safety and well being of their submissive.  Before any command is given, the Dominant must weigh the consequences of the act against the pleasure achieved by both partners.  The Dominant must ALWAYS consider what is in the BEST interest of their submissive. They must ALWAYS be focused on Their sub's contentment and safety, not just pleasure.  They MUST possess a Most Rare MATURITY to place the needs of their charge before Their own Wants & Desires. In these ways, the Dominant preforms Their selfless act of service to their partner.

When the Dominant & submissive succeed in each of their roles, music is made & fulfillment is obtained. The circle is COMPLETE.


                                                                                                                                                                                                             Starchild 2022




4 weeks ago. July 12, 2022 at 10:35 PM

To love openly and see to the needs of your Dominant first.

To accept his discipline with a willing heart and mind.

To possess an intrinsic desire to please your Dominant and make him proud.

To trust that he answers to a Higher Power and you answer to him as should
be the way.

To accept your submissiveness to your Dominant as the natural order of

To trust in the wisdom of his judgment and his final say during

To embrace the gift of freedom your Dominant gives you by making all
decisions related to your Union.

To truly understand there can be only one leader within a union and embrace
your role as a submissive.

To trust that your gift of submission will never be taken for granted by
your Dominant but will be cherished and protected.

To truly understand Your value to your Dominant lies within your gift of
complete submission as this is what makes him able to fully lead as Head of

To always embrace your feminine self and know that without your Dominant’s
presence you would not truly be able to celebrate this gift of freedom.

Trusting your Dominant enough to express your fears and knowing he will not
use them against you but encourage you to face them while he supports you
in the process.

Know that while your Dominant is not infallible, his word is law within the
union and trust him enough to correct his words and/or actions if the need

Trust yourself that you are truly strong enough to not only submit to your
Dominant but thrive within the relationship under your submission to him.

Truly embrace your submission within your heart, mind and soul while
protecting your thoughts and beliefs by shunning negative influences who
wish to demean this chosen path.

A Submissive is to embrace the gift of humility in all things and strive to
be humble every day.

Understand that a Dominant /Submissive union is truly a lifestyle and must
be embraced at all times and not when it is solely convenient for the
submissive or Dominant.

                                                                                                     Starchild 2013