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My submission is an expression of who I am. It is a gift I give freely to my Master. I receive pleasure from giving to him. My delight is in being used and taken as he wishes.


3 days ago. Sep 16, 2020, 2:00 AM

We fell asleep last night cuddling.

Telling each other how happy we are.

How in love we are with each other.

How wonderful this is.

How crazy this is.

How much we love us.

3 weeks ago. Aug 28, 2020, 4:08 AM

He’s been my brother’s best friend for 20 years, but we never really talked to each other. I was four years ahead of them in school, and not much cross over happened between us. He had this perpetual angry/confused look on his face whenever we made eye contact. I mean, I'm used to confusing men, but I didn't understand the anger. I figured he was exasperated when he met me. I have two other sisters, and we are a... chatty bunch (I'm not as bad as they are, but still). I assumed he wasn't super excited that there was another one of us.

We've interacted... sort of, over the past 20 years. We have been in the same room or space, but we've never actually had a conversation. Not just the two of us. In that time, I've been married and divorced, had and lost loves, gained some tattoos and friends, and moved around about a million times. I've learned what love isn't, what I don't want, what doesn't feel right.

He invited me for coffee, which I expected to be awkward and last an hour or so and mostly involve me talking and him grunting and scowling at me. I wasn't sure he'd learned the language of my people... words and facial expressions. I pulled up with an escape plan all ready to go: I'm expected at my sister's. But that all melted away as soon as I saw him walking to my car. He'd grown up. Gotten hot. Learned how his face muscles work to make things called smiles. And he was all smiles as he walked towards me, arms open, ready for a hug.

It turns out that we had a lot to talk about. We had 20 years of "knowing each other" to catch up on, after all. So, eight hours later, our toes numb from the cold, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. 

Two weeks later, the world had shut down, and he came to my place to hang out. We put together an impossible puzzle... or at least made some progress on it. We drank all the coffee and smoked all the cigarettes. We talked about everything we had somehow missed the first time around.

We had a moment where the world hummed, colors were brighter, there was electricity between the two of us as we stood next to each other. We spent the rest of the evening trying to figure that out for ourselves before he finally asked if he could kiss me. Then we had a hilarious conversation while we cuddled each other tight, about how neither of us wanted a relationship, how we both wanted to just have fun, how neither of us were ready for something serious.

Less than 24 hours later, we realized we were both idiots if we didn’t try to make something of it, and we have now been together for five months. It seems crazy to us, like we were made for each other. We complement each other so well. I have finally learned what love is, what I do want, what does feel right. I am so incredibly happy and grateful to have him in my life.

We moved in together two months ago and have our own version of 24/7 D/s and it’s perfect. I mean, we obviously have bumps and rough patches, but we are partners and we love each other and we are in this together and it makes the rough patches smoother.

And that's our love story... so far.

3 weeks ago. Aug 27, 2020, 7:52 PM

I woke up before he did this morning. We had the rare day off together, and I wanted to let him sleep in.

I have been working on being more patient. Master has been helping me be more patient. But I couldn't wait any longer, I was craving him so intensely, I decided to be his alarm.

I crawled, naked except for my collar, into bed with Master. He woke up, saw me, growled, smiled, and told me he would be right back. I rose on my knees on the bed to greet him when he walked back in with my leash. I presented my collared neck to him, and he kissed my neck as he attached the leash. I lunged at my Master, unable to contain my excitement. He caught me in his arms and threw us both onto the bed, pinning me beneath him. His kisses became bites; his breathing became growls.

I guided Master to his back and climbed on top. I let my pussy brush against his hardening cock, lightly, teasing as I ran my hands down his muscled arms. My sweet licks on his chest and neck became more desperate, turning into bites. I took him into my mouth, tracing him with my tongue as I pulled and shoved him into my throat. Master growled with pleasure, clawing my back as I writhed with pain and joy. Grabbing my hair, he pulled me up to him, shoving my breast into his mouth; alternating between biting, licking, sucking my nipples. I squirmed on his dick, trying desperately to force him to enter me, but he was having none of it. He slapped my ass, barehanded, hard, growling that I needed to be patient.

"I'm not done teasing you yet, Bunny. When you start begging for me, maybe then I'll let you. For now, I'm going to be mean to you."

He pulled me down by my leash, shoving his fully erect dick into my mouth, my throat, gagging me before releasing the pressure just long enough for me to come up gasping for air before doing it again. Tears began streaming down my face as the cycle continued; he alternated between using my leash and pulling me down by my hair, as I moaned with delight every time I felt the strength in his arms and the rigidity of his erection in my mouth. Each time, he held me in place until I gagged, not letting me come up for breath a moment before his cock had choked me.

"You're such a good bitch, Bunny. Taking my cock without complaint, moaning with desire. You deserve a reward."

Without letting go of my leash, holding me firmly down, lips wrapped around him, he began spanking my ass with his other hand. As each blow landed, I could feel my back arching more, pushing my ass higher so he could reach it better. He alternated cheeks, the slaps coming harder and faster each time. I could feel the skin on my backside becoming more raw, stinging in between the whacks. My moaning had turned into cries, squeals, yelps, muffled by his cock, still in my mouth.

"Good girl."

A shiver of delight ran down my spine. The spanking over, he pulled me off of his erection, tears on my face, drool on my lips and chin. He caressed my shoulders, back, butt, wiping my face clean, giving me aftercare in the midst of everything, always attending to my needs, my comfort, my pleasure, me.

"Master, I'm begging you. I need you. I ache for you."

In response, he rolled me under him, guided his dick into my now dripping cunt, slid into me, grabbing and clawing my ass as he did so.

"Is this what you wanted, my captive?"

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master."

"You are my Goddess. I have chosen you, and now I will break you, enslave you, make you completely mine."

He thrust his hips into me as he said this, and I became an orgasmic puddle, screaming with pleasure, unable to stop myself.

"That's it, slave. I'm making you cum. I own you. I own your pain and your pleasure. You are mine, and you will not forget that. I won't let you."

I went into a trance-like state, losing my words. The only sounds I could make were whimpers and squeals as he teased and tormented me, slowing his rhythm, speeding it back up, thrusting into me hard and fast, then soft and slow. Now pulling out and rubbing against my clit. Now shoving his entire member into me, making a come-hither motion with it inside me. All the while, he growled dirty, sweet things into my ear.

Finally, both satiated, we cuddled each other, panting with exhaustion and satisfaction, reveling in the way our morning had begun.

And all because we had the day off.

4 weeks ago. Aug 22, 2020, 1:21 AM

As we cuddled on the couch, I looked at you and felt an overwhelming urge to own you; to enslave you the way you have enslaved me; to chain you to my bed, break you, have you begging me to let you fuck me; make you totally mine. You, by nature, are far from submissive, and I am not prone to dominance, but the idea intrigued you enough that you gave me your hand to lead you upstairs. I grabbed your wrist and dragged you to my room.


I commanded you to strip and put your chain around your neck while I slipped into something more comfortable... the crop top and skirt you love so much. You allowed me to leash you, and I ran you through the slave positions I know so well as I sat in the chair, feeling a sense of power that I'd never before experienced. I finally started to understand why you love putting me through the positions. I ordered you to do push-ups until I got bored. I admired the way your body moves, the muscles in your arms and back contracting and relaxing, your form military-perfect. I moved to the end of the bed so I could make your life more difficult by using you as a footstool as you continued your push-ups, eventually putting as much of my weight on you as I could before finally embracing you and kissing the back of your neck.


We started to kiss, and I moved to the floor with you. You were still fighting the submission, and you shoved me against the bed, teasing me, running your hands down my back, occasionally brushing against my nipples through the top. When I thought you'd pushed the boundaries enough, I told you to move to the bed and lay down on your back. Out came the shackles, the same ones I had worn so many times before that my setting was bent into the leather. I kissed your legs and feet as I fastened them around your ankles. I placed your hands on my breasts as I tightened them around your wrists. Then I latched them to the chains fastened under my bed, watched the surprised look come over your face, and asked if you were comfortable.


"Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."


A thrill ran down my spine as I heard you say those words. As I teased you with kisses, licks, bites, nips from head to toe, focusing on your legs, stomach, neck, arms, and chest, your breathing changed. You began growling and snarling and fighting the restraints. You slipped into your Primal Tiger self. I continued to tease by taking your cock into my mouth, licking, sucking, pulling it deeper and deeper into my throat. As I came up for air, and bit your throat, you pinned me with your legs and arm. I didn't understand that you were so deep into Primal that you had lost your words until I decided that was enough teasing for one session and finally took your cock into my pussy. Your entire body relaxed, as if you had been craving my cunt and were finally happy. I undid the chains and put your hands on my ass. I commanded you to spank me, and you followed my directions beautifully. We rolled over so you were on top. I commanded you to use me, to show me how much you'd needed this, and you fucked me like the Tiger you are. I told you I loved you, and you gave me sweet licks on my face in response, unable to say the words back. You came and collapsed, cuddled up next to me as I stroked your hair, and fell asleep.


A while later, you woke up, stretching your arms towards the chains. As I attached your wrists, you said, "I want you. I am yours. You own me. My Mistress. My Goddess. My Owner. Please, let me show you how much. Please let me fuck you again, my Goddess." As I rode you, I called you my pet, my good dog, my beast, my chained up tiger, my sex demon, feeling your cock get harder with every new name. I untied the skirt I'd been wearing, and pulled off the top. "Thank you, Mistress, for showing yourself to me." I wrapped your leash around your waist and used it to pull myself forward, faster and faster. I came until I couldn't take anymore, and again, we rolled over. I ordered you to make me cum, and we came together.


You told me that you'd never submitted to anyone that fully before. That I'd earned your submission. That I own you. That you are completely mine. That I'd enslaved you as fully as you'd enslaved me. That you were broken, and you loved it.


Thank you. Thank you for your submission. I know that it is a type of vulnerable that you are not comfortable with. I know that it is a new place for you to go. I cherish your submission. It is one of the greatest gifts you could give me, and one of the greatest I've ever received. You are my most prized possession, and I will do all I can, everything in my power to bring you pleasure and comfort and joy and peace. I treasure you, and you are mine forever and always.


Thank you for the gift.

1 month ago. Aug 2, 2020, 5:51 AM

My Master and I are on the couch, watching TV. He is sitting up and I am laying down with my head in his lap. He slides his hand down along my hip, underneath my jeans and realizes there is nothing between me and my pants. He slides his hand up my hoodie to see if the same is true there as well, and finds nothing stopping him from my breasts and nipples.


He continues watching TV as he teases me, my eyes fluttering and rolling to the back of my head as I struggle to keep my hands from sliding down my body. I grip my thighs, scratch my stomach, moan and gasp for air as his hands work their magic under my hoodie. "Play with your pussy," comes his command after what feels like an eternity. As my fingers slip and slide their way around my clit, feeling myself dripping once again because of what he's doing to me, his free hand covers my eyes. I am a squirming, writhing mess as we both work on me. "Cum for me, my sweet bitch," my Master commands, and I feel the sweet release of my orgasm. He does not remove his hands from my eyes or my nipple. Instead, he continues his assault on my sensitive tits, and I feel my fingers start working again. Moments later, my body rigid, I cum again and sighing happily, wrap myself around his arm.


He's not done with me though and he pulls me onto my side and begins to reward me for being such a good submissive... As he spanks me over my jeans, my moans get louder. My Master commands me to lay across his lap, belly down, and grabs my hair to help me move into position. I start out laying down, but as the spanking continues, I realize I am arching my back, pushing my ass higher so he has easier access. My Master uses one hand to restrain my wrists, while spanking me with the other. He concentrates on one cheek at a time, increasing his the force with each blow. Just when I feel like I might not be able to take anymore, he switches to the other side. There is no rhythm to the strikes. No way to anticipate the force. Sometimes, he leaves his hand in the air, far away from me before delivering a blow that forces my entire body forward. Other times, the spanks come hard and fast. He is either pinning me down by my wrists now, or pulling my hair, growling with pleasure.


I can't take it anymore, and my Primal side steps in, shoving my submission to the background. I am growling, snarling, biting, licking, lashing out. I twist my body out of my Master's grip and pounce like the Tigress I am. I have pinned his arms down with my hands and I'm straddling him. He is laughing and growling, allowing me to explore the Primal aspect of my nature; allowing me to pin him. I bite his neck, shoulders, ears, lips; lick his face; grind into him. I have lost my words, the only sounds of pleasure coming from me sound like growling purrs. The Tigress has brought out his Beast, the Tiger. He is no longer my Master. We are now hunting each other. My Tiger flips me off of him and onto my back in one smooth motion. He tears my clothes off as I strip him of his. We are all claws and teeth, laughing and growling as he enters me. He presents his throat to me, and I bite, holding him close to me with my fangs. When he is fully inside, I let go and present my neck to him. He wraps his teeth around my neck; I nip at his chest, claw his back, wrap my legs around his hips; I have chosen to mate with my Tiger and he will not escape me until I am satisfied.


My satisfaction comes quickly, and suddenly I am his prey. He is still my Tiger, but now I am a shivering, quivering bunny. Whimpering if he pulls out and teases me, thanking him when he growls, takes my ear in his mouth, and allows me to enjoy his full length. Again I cum, and I am now his Domme... taking care of my Beastie. His mouth is twisted into a toothy grin, growling and purring. He has stayed a Tiger throughout my transitions. He roars and cums. His words are still gone as I lead him to my bed for water, cuddles, head scritches, and sleep. We fall asleep holding one another as if we can't get close enough.


And all because of the nothing between my skin and my jeans.

1 month ago. Jul 31, 2020, 8:40 PM

The Rules for Entering My Master's Room:

1. I must be naked

2. I must be shackled and collared

3. I must be ready for play


The first time I entered his room, he greeted me with kisses and the leash. I assumed the first position and presented my collared neck to him so he could leash me. He commanded me to lay down and get comfortable, turned on some music, and then began to straighten his room.


I was present, but not his focus. The things he was doing were for him and to fulfill his needs, not for my benefit. Occasionally, he would look at me and tell me what a good bitch I am, what a sexy slave I made. He would kiss me, or bite me, spank me, force me to change positions with the leash, or play with my nipples. But he mostly ignored me.


It was the first time his full attention was not on me, and I began to worry I might get bored or fall asleep because I was so comfortable and not being constantly stimulated. I began to meditate. I focused my attention on my Master, examining his body, how he moved, cherishing the new angles I was viewing him from. Then I began to focus on my own body. The feel of the collar around my neck. The cold leash against my back and stomach. The shackles on my wrists and ankles. The texture of the blanket. The air on my body.


My Master began to exercise. He was not showing off. He was allowing me to be a part of his inner world for a moment. It was a privilege and incredibly intimate. His strength is always apparent, as is his quickness and flexibility. The way he moves me to where he wants me, the way he guides my body into positions, the strength and softness of his touches are a constant. But watching him move through his exercises, being able to observe his muscles contracting and relaxing as he did push-ups or lifted weights was a new experience. I had only ever felt those movements before with my hands, my own body. I began to appreciate the visual aspects of his power.


Once he was finished with his workout, he leaned over me, bit my neck, growled, and gave me such an incredible spanking I began to feel the flood between my legs, the rush of anticipation flowing through my body. But he was not finished with his work yet. He sat in his chair, journal and pen in hand, and commanded me to get on all fours, forcing me into position with the leash. As he wrote, he used my body as a footrest. I could feel myself dripping, and he told me what a good girl I was and for showing him how much I wanted him, but not begging him to fuck me before he was ready.


When he finally did fuck me, it was intense and intimate and incredible. I was fully his, complete in my submission to him. He balled me up, wrapping my leash around my legs and locked my wrist shackles to it. He told me he owned me, that I was his plaything to do with what he wanted. He commanded me to cum, and every time he did, I showed him what a good bitch I was. My Master grabbed my leash, forcing me to go down on him, telling me his cock tasted like my pussy, telling me how much it turned him on that I couldn't get enough of the taste. I licked and sucked and worshiped his cock with my mouth and tongue and hands before he flipped me over and fucked me from behind. He finished on my back, and scooped some cum up with his hand and fed it to me. He tasted salty and acidic and warm in the most amazing way. I was his pet, and he was my owner; fully, completely, wonderfully. He took care of all of my needs and desires. Everything he did, was exactly what I wanted, because he was doing them.


I fell asleep collared and leashed and shackled and wrapped around him.


I love the rules...