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Sharing my thoughts & experiences about the bdsm lifestyle.
1 week ago. Aug 1, 2020, 9:39 AM

Bush is beautiful. Period. LOVE seeing a hairy bush on a Women. Hairy armpits as well, so f*cking sexy. Ever wonder when or why this ritual of shaving under arms started?

Seems in the early 1900's, a handful of Women's magazines, such as Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping, started what I would describe as an inherently evil and completely reprehensible marketing ploy targeting Women. It was technically brainwashing if you think about it (by definition; the process of pressuring someone into adopting radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible means).

Apparently the publishers of these Women's magazines told advertisers that the main objective of the magazines was to give manufacturers a way to market their products to women...NOT for the benefit of women, but to "create new needs for Women." Advertisements in these magazines mostly focused on the removal of hair under the arm. Underarm hair, in these despicable ads, were called "objectionable", "unwelcome", "embarrassing", "unsightly" and "unclean". And that after removing under arm hair, a women is ONLY THEN a person with "charm", "feminine", "dainty and perfectly groomed". Claiming that this  practice was for "refined women" and "women of fashion".  

And like so many other piteous human traditions (cough cough religion cough), it just gets mindlessly passed down. People don't think about it. Like, what are we doing here? Why are we doing this again? What's the point of this? (bangs hand on desk) I'll tell you what! The buck stops here America. That's right. To me, hairy bushes matter! And from this day forward, I REFUSE, I said I REFUSE to cut my bush! That's right. THIS (points to his bush) is for all the Women who were shamed, manipulated, and tricked into shaving their MAGNIFICENT bushes all these f*ckin years! For shame early 19th century magazines! For shame! 


Just look at this marketing poster from early 1900's. i find it reprehensible.

1 week ago. Aug 1, 2020, 12:03 AM

Honesty vs Kindness.

I used to think honesty. Without a doubt. 

But honesty, i find, sometimes leads to being unkind, insensitive, and even hurting people's feelings. It's not always ideal.  

So, this position is challenged over the years.

On the flip side, kindness can sometimes lead to being dishonest and basically lying in many instances. 

So should this decision be made on a case by case basis? Maybe. Maybe there needs to be a balance between honesty and kindness.

And if you must choose honesty...maybe do it with a touch of kindness :)


Thanks for reading,


1 week ago. Jul 31, 2020, 4:49 AM

slave pig must openly confess a mistake it made recently. A mistake it hopes other s-types (subs/slaves) can learn from and not repeat themselves. A mistake that shamed pig to its core, but more importantly, disappointed 2 wonderful Dommes on this website. Something pig regrets immensely.

So what was the mistake pig made?

Sending identical messages (copy/pasted) to 2 Female Dommes. Nearly identical messages with the exception of the name change. 

You might ask...what's the big deal? 

It's impersonal, among other things (ig lazy, flippant, careless). A comparison would be...Imagine receiving a birthday card, nothing written, just some generic message that's imprinted...vs a card that someone took time to write something special, just for you. 

What exactly were the messages about? 

The messages were mostly praise and adoration. Respectful, nothing out of line, certainly not asking for anything (ig i wanna serve you, be my Domme blah x3). The problem wasn't the message itself, but the action after sending it (immediately sent the same message to another Domme). Again, when you deliver a personal message to someone, then deliver that same message to others, it loses its value. It's no longer personal. It's impersonal. The message is now no different than that generic birthday card imprint.

So what went wrong? It sounds like They found out?

Yes. They are close friends. You can imagine how the rest played out :( Of course this is all very disappointing. But, pig will take these 'negative' moments and turn them into positive, learning experiences. pig is thankful, for the good and the bad. It's from the loses that You gain most, and with that, thank you for reading.


2 weeks ago. Jul 29, 2020, 6:31 AM

Many years ago, my former Owner and i drafted this document as the blueprint/guideline to O/our relationship. She felt it was so thorough that others can use it in there D/s relationships, for as long as it was based on High Protocol. After a few years of meeting people in the community and sharing this document, W/we soon learned that most people disapproved of it. Vehemently. The general impression W/we got was that people do not like to be told how to live their bdsm lives. Much like in any other lifestyle (surprise surprise). And that every relationship is unique, it has its own dynamics, and no 'slave guide' can ever act as a blueprint to all. W/we agreed with the general consensus, though it seemed some of it was ego driven backlash to me. Anyway, i thought i'd share this document here on The Cage.  

1. THE GOLDEN RULE: i am my Mistresses property. i have no rights but those granted to me by my Mistress.

2. THE MANTRA: my sole purpose is to serve, obey, and please Mistress. i will be available to serve Her anytime, at any place, and under any circumstance.

3. THE POWER: O/ours is a Total Power Exchange relationship (TPE). Mistress has control over me at all times. i give up all of my rights in favor of Mistress and trust that She will do what's best for O/our relationship.

4. THE GODDESS: i will worship my Mistress as a divine Goddess. One who created this version of me. i will LOVE HER and FEAR HER equally. i have sublime faith in her, she is always with me. Being HERS is heaven. And without HER is hell.

5. THE EXCLUSIVITY: i will remain exclusive to my Mistress. i will not serve other Mistresses unless given permission to do so by Her.

6. THE SELFLESS SERVANT: i am a selfless servant to my Mistress. i will serve without any expected reciprocation. If Mistress decides to reward me for my service, i shall be forever grateful and humbled.

7. THE IMPROVED SELF: i will thrive to become an object of great value for my Mistress. i am mindful that existing in this space requires hard work and dedication. The foundation of self improvement involves a healthful mind and body.

8. THE PRESENTATION: At beginning of each day, i shall present myself to Mistress fully naked, knees touching ground with head bowed. If Mistress has me collared, i must present Her the leash to control. If She requires Her mantra repeated, i shall do so with honor.

9. THE MAKERS MARK: To further establish ownership of Her property, i am required to carry Mistresses name on my body in a place of Her choosing.

10. THE FINANCIAL DOMINANT: i am my Mistresses workhorse. Her financial slave. My main purpose in earning income is to provide for Her comfort in life. She will decide where i work and how the money is spent. i trust Mistress to keep my interest in mind in the process.

11. THE DOMESTIC SERVANT: It is my duty to handle all of the domestic chores in and out the house on a daily basis. In addition to chores, i am to serve as the house waiter on demand.

12. THE CORPORAL PUNISHMENT: If i am to be corrected for displeasing my Mistress, i will endure any and all physical discipline from my Mistress. During corporal punishment sessions, safe words are not allowed.

13. THE HUMILIATRIX: Because my ego is my enemy, Mistress will combat it's nature by constant humiliation and degradation of Her slave. In private or public setting. In verbal or physical form. Nothing is off limits to Mistress, no matter how extreme or perverted in nature.

14. THE CUCKOLDRESS: It's understood that Mistress may have intimate 'needs' that She feels i cannot possibly provide for Her. For this reason alone, Mistress may choose to have a 'significant other' in which She engages in certain 'activities' with. i will be fully supportive of Her activities in any possible way.

15. THE CHASTITY: Her penis, Her property. Under strict rules of chastity, i am to never release or pleasure myself under any circumstance. Doing so will likely result in severe corporal punishment or a more prolonged chastity lockdown.

16. THE TEMPLE WORSHIP: Mistresses body is the temple in which i worship. Every inch of Her is precious, i adore. If ever She allows me the pleasure of worshipping at Her temple, i will accept and forever cherish the opportunity.

17. THE SEX SLAVE: i am my Mistresses sex slave. Her anal whore. Her oral slut. i am addicted to her perverted and nasty ways. It's my duty to please Her sexually anytime, at any place, and under any circumstance. When my mouth is not in use, it should stay shut. When my cock is not in use, it should stay locked. When my ass is not in use, it should stay plugged.

18. THE WASTE NOT WANT NOT: Mistresses waste is my treasure. Of all the services i can provide for Her, none can be more rewarding. None more intimate.

19. THE PRIVILEGED LIFE: Mistress may grant me certain privileges in life. But only if i have earned them by Her. The 'privileged life' may include certain hobbies or pastimes i enjoy. i must always be mindful that these privileges are Her blessings, and not a right. They can be taken away at any moment without any notice or reason. i will be thankful to her whether granted or stripped of them.

20. THE FINAL SAY: Building a healthy and sustainable TPE relationship requires open discussion and honesty. In most situations, issues are discussed at length and my thoughts taken into consideration even though Mistress has final say and control in all matters.