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Adventures in Making Dominant Audio Erotica

Hello there, I'm Sloth. I'm 19 and from the US and I have a hobby of making audio erotica. First it started as poetry readings, then romance, and now it's straight up kinky audio. I normally go off of scripts but I have been known to just wing it.

This blog will be following my audio adventures and how something as simple as a voice can be used as an amazing tool for domination. My goal is to make as many people squirm and moan, one recording at a time.

Feel free to PM me anything and everything whether it be questions, comments, or compliments. Also ask me if you want something custom or something from me.
2 months ago. Wed 20 Mar 2019 09:15:11 PM IST


Very fortunate to have found the latest script for this one. I have a feeling you all will enjoy it. Remember, messages and comments are always welcome. If you want something recorded please let me know!

Aden Figg​(dom male){BDE} - You know, as someone with a neat accent, I always thought about making one of these.
2 months ago
SlothForce1​(dom male) - Do it, even if it's just you talking about something. And send me a message if you do so I can see it!
2 months ago
Melancholy - I finally remembered why your name sounds familiar..
I used to listen erotic audio recordings of Gaelforce. He was so sexy with his Irish accent. :D

Your recordings sound a lot like his. Tell me it's not linked?
2 months ago
SlothForce1​(dom male) - I haven't heard of him, unfortunately no relation.
2 months ago

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