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4 months ago. Tue 28 May 2019 12:32:54 AM IDT

I need the extreme "subs or wanna be slaves" to stop messaging me. I am NOT seeking an online anything.  Please, darn it, read my entire profile before messaging me. 

I have this profile up and blog up to promote my rants and erotica writings.   This a direct quote from my profile "I'm just seeking friends and blog readers (followers)"


I was in a FLR (female led Relationship.) I think it was more micromanaging (my ex was horrible with money and getting the bills paid or budgeting food) than dominance sex. (However I did choose when we had sex 90% of the times, the other 10% he found my naughty spots.)
I am NOT an extreme dominant . . . I am NOT into humiliation or pain. (yes, I have my mood swings, but growling or yelling at someone does NOT turn me on. I will never deny a sub a meal for a punishment.) 


Please stop asking to be my "slave" or "sub" or that you know me with two lines. (especially if you do NOT live close, I will NOT do a long distance relationship. I tried it once and it did not work out.)
I am very complicated. I need to eventually meet someone in person and chat online daily.
They are driven by a desperate loneliness and want any dominant to fill in the hole of their life.
You need to learn about the other person. I am NOT just seeking to dominant someone. I want them to want me for me (not just my dominance). I want someone be not just my submissive but my boyfriend. . . This does NOT happen overnight. 


I have a bad compulsion to reply back to anyone who writes to me, even if they are idjits. (It's a bad habit, but I hate when I write to someone and they do not write back. If I took the time to write and show I am interested, at least take the time and tell me you're not interested so we can both move on.) If I tell you why I am not interested, please do NOT say you can change, just simply move on. 

hisgoodbunny​(sub female){Taken} - Have you thought to change messages to premium only.
4 months ago
Darkmistress1213​(dom female) - Many men do not pay for this site. I always believe the message could be about a blog so I answer it.
4 months ago
hisgoodbunny​(sub female){Taken} - Ah ok good luck.
4 months ago
hisgoodbunny​(sub female){Taken} - Is there a reason they can't respond through the blog itself? Or am I missing something. If I am sorry.
4 months ago
Darkmistress1213​(dom female) - I noticed more women respond on here than men.
4 months ago
rosethorn​(sub female) - People need to learn how to be alone for a while sometimes, constantly trying to fill that hole isn't a good thing
4 months ago
Darkmistress1213​(dom female) - People also need to learn who and what works for them.
4 months ago
rosethorn​(sub female) - They do, its a bit like jumping in the deep end when you don't know how to swim. Nothing wrong with talking it slow, enjoy the journey.
4 months ago

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