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1 month ago. Wed 29 May 2019 03:13:25 AM IDT

I need someone who gives me daily communication. . . 

I want a real conversation. . . not just what directions am I supposed to give to the sub. 

I am seeking a connection and committed relationship. 

I need someone who wants to learn about me. 

I need someone to want me for me and is interested in me. 

(I communicated with my ex for 3 months online. . . exchanging life stories, questions, writing stories together and to be honest I want and need that again.)

I want someone makes me excited for humanity again. 

Even if we are living together, I would want them to message me at lunch just to let me know that they are okay. 

The idea of Dominance and submission is second to communication. If you cannot communicate first, then dominating the sub will NOT work. 

If you are NOT to communicate each day with me, please move on. (NO CATFISH . . . be honest in your communication.) 


Note: I will not meet with someone until I have talked with them everyday for a week. 

Miss Tia​(sub female) - I hear you on the getting to know the person....I was just asked for pictures of my as s and asked what my bra size is....his sorry excuse was to know how much rope he needed
1 month ago
Darkmistress1213​(dom female) - No, it was because he was into both
1 month ago
Miss Tia​(sub female) - He may have been, but not normally some you get asked by a Dom within a minute and a half of saying hello
1 month ago
Aurelia​(dom female){NotSeeking} - I'm with you completely @Darkmistress1213 Being personable is lost on these fucker. Its very uninspring, really. I also required extended online conversation. It is really the best part of kink, the anticipation.
1 month ago
MissBonnie​(dom female){} - The mind is the biggest sex organ..yet so many forget it :(
1 month ago

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