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4 months ago. Sun 02 Jun 2019 02:44:52 AM IDT

It's official I've stopped looking. . . it's NOT because I found someone. (My story does not have the romantic ending.) 


It's because no one really cares. I have gotten three guys say that they love me and four guys swear that they are instantly drawn to me. . .  (it's all just fake. . . just words. I write words everyday. Never tell me you love, physically show me you love me, clean, buy me a house, get me a cat etc) 
However none of them know anything about me . . . my last name, my real picture (my FB profile pic is a cat on purpose), that I have mental or physical issues or that I try to help family.  (That is just from Words with Friends. . . I play the game not to meet old creepy guys who want me to paid them because they say they love me or for me to take care of their kids while they cheat on me.) 


On the fetish sites, the guys just want me to deny orgasm or tell them what to do. They don't care to get to know me, to build the connection that I need for a relationship. 

In the last four years, I have not truly been excited over talking to a guy for more than a day or too, because they find out I'm NOT about sex, and they are gone. 

I may not get a bot, but I get a brainless, careless scamming man which is just about the same. 


My heart is broken. My female parts are broken. Mentally I just want to focus on my writing (not worry about how I'm supposed to direct a horny man.)


At this point of my life, I am finally enjoying me. Writing, cooking, and cats are what make me happy.  


I will keep posting on my blog if an erotic moment inspires me, but until I hope you find your true partner and find that connection. 

Curlyniccia{Protected} - For me I come here now for the friendships I have made. To grow more as a person. I've found me and I've never been happier. Life has many strange twists. I just look at the twists as personal growth and chances to learn. I'm happy. Tears all that matters x
4 months ago
ZaftigV​(switch female) - Enjoying you is the most important thing. *hugs*
4 months ago
Angelnthedark​(switch female) - I am on here because of the friendships I am developing. I completely understand focusing on self and that is first and foremost. Much love.
4 months ago
Fate - DM I am so sorry that a meaningful connection hasn’t worked out for you. This breaks my heart to say the least. I’m hugging you from afar. I hope good things come to you soon and that it’s more than you could imagine and and better than you’d even hoped for. Much love. Fate.
4 months ago
HisRedd{Self} - I completely understand how you feel. I don’t quite understand the online scene, I don’t think I ever will. But I appreciate and respect your raw words. More people should follow your lead.
4 months ago
MissBonnie​(dom female){} - Take the time for YOU. Kink is always here. I do hope you find your happily ever after moment. :)
4 months ago

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