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Rose's Thorns.

A general pondering.
9 months ago. Aug 11, 2019, 4:49 AM

I've been trying to get back into single land recently and realised something I would like to share on here. 

I've gone back to vanilla land... 

i hate going back to vanilla land but not for the reasons you might expect.

I've been single for a few years now. im happy to be the fun time girl, but there is a reason im not. Guys often complain about being led on or having blue balls or not scoring. This wouldn't bother me and didn't for years, i have been moving away from this more recently. As a woman finding a guy who respects you is rare, especially one who respects you in bed, even if your into bdsm. This would be easy to blame on porn but i think its something bigger. Many men just care about themselves enjoying things in bed. Imagine being with 30 girls and only 2 ever cared about you even enjoying sex. 

And even then one still thinks its okay to call you a bitch half way through because you happened to mention your into bdsm. Feel free to look at my limits. Keeps touching my ribs and then apologizing afterwards. 

im saying this because i don't think men can realise just how painful this can be for a woman and i mean physically as well as mentally. Enjoying things with men time after time and never getting to be fully there.

i had a coil change the other week and screaming all the way through because of how difficult I found it. 

i gave up on being with someone a while ago, but the next time you think about scoring with a woman, think some respect and caring if she has a good time can go a long way. how can you make sure she has a good time i hear you ask? Just caring is the first step, and ask her. Don't assume something that you have seen or has worked for someone else will work for who your with now. Xxxx

Lubeless{LadyNikki} - Ive done this myself but it seems to back fire i give and give and give respect respect respect but for some reason just get treated as you did or do no this is not made up sweet nothings to gain your favor so i can wear your panties as a trophy my best friend of 12 years has been there through every single one and has seeing every train wreck and has helped me to pick up what was left of myself and helped me carry on some treated me so horrid and ill leave it at that point being i litterally know exactly what you mean and agree 10,000%
9 months ago
rosethorn​(sub female) - I can't express how painful having a coil taken out can be as a woman if you haven't felt comfy enough to be with anyone in a while
6 months ago
Lubeless{LadyNikki} - The last gal i was with that wasnt online was i wanna say 3 or 4 years ago after about 6 years roughly of not being with anyone she wound up earning the nick name suck a pill and rightfull so pretty sure no explination is needed anyhow it can be hard to hop back on the horse once trust is ripped away like that after becoming a social shut in ive had a very hard time making friends again getting enough courage to even ask women out and when i finally ask one out i get probly kne if the lamest excuses it was a great gesture of kindness however still pretty lame concidering events following the week to come after being rejected it basically was a im just not interested in you but put politely soo ummm yeah theres that stuff
6 months ago

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