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Expression of my thoughts, feelings, and me growing to love my side I kept hidden.
8 months ago. Sep 6, 2019, 4:52 PM

I pad softly down the hallway in my little nightie. Silenty sneaking through the dark. Master had tucked me into bed a hour ago saying he would be in soon,but had some work to do. I'm supposed to be sleeping but I can't. Something is keeping me awake. A sense I am needed. I walk into your office and I spot you at your desk. I can tell how you are holding your shoulders you are tired and stressed. I walk up silently next to you. I don't know if you grown accustomed to my smell or if you have a sixth sense when it comes to me but you turn around. Your eyes land on me. I know the light behind me makes my nightie see through. That you can see every inch of me. The sight makes your breath catch.

"Baby Girl you're supposed to be in my bed asleep" you admonish.

"I know Master, I am sorry. But I couldn't sleep" I smile, my eyes sparkling full of love. You try to frown but we both know you are a sucker for my smiles. You sigh and chuckle a little. When did you become so tantalized by just a simple smile?

You reach forward and put your hands on my hips to pull me onto your lap. I place my hand on your chest and shake my head to stop you. You frown and start to say something but stop when I lower myself to my knees in front of you. I may get corrected for this later but this need is growing and I have to do this for my Master.

I untuck your shirt from your pants. And slowly start unbuttoning it from the bottom up. As each button opens I kiss the skin that is revealed. By time I reach the top one I am crouching between your legs. I spread you shirt open and moan in delight at the sight of your chest. I straddle your legs. Pressing my wet mound against you. I can feel you are getting aroused. I lean forward and nip at your chin soothing the sting with my tongue. At the same time your hands have come around me to cup my ass. You massage gently squeezing and moulding it. I moan by your ear. We both know you are just playing along, I am not the one in charge.

I place my lips to your neck. Licking up the salt flavor with relish. I moan in delight at your taste and suck gently above your pulse. I can feel it beating hard in response to me. You pull my hips closer to you and do that slow grinding motion we both know drives me crazy. I pant, my cheeks flush, my nipples turn into little hard pebbles. I slowly shake my head remembering the task at hand. I almost got distracted. I push away from you and stand up. Before you can say anything I have taken my position in front of you on my knees again. You suddenly realize what is going on and smile lazily. You pat my head and that is all the permission I need. I reach forward and unclasp your belt buckle, unsnap your button and unzip you pants. I bite my lips in anticipation. My one hand slides into your pants encountering your already hard cock. I moan in delight as I release you from the confines of your pants, then sit there just staring in awe at the gift Master is allowing me. Precum pearls on the tip. I move closer and lower my head. My tongue flicks out reverently licking the essence coming from you. I can't help but moan lowly in my throat at the taste. I look up, staring at your face. Your eyes are half mast watching and waiting to see what I do. I press a soft kiss against the tip trailing little butterfly kisses to the underside of of the head. Usually at this point your hands are in my hair guiding my mouth onto you, but this time you are watching me with those amazing lustfilled eyes of yours.

I use soft slow licks to move from your tip to your base. Your pants won't go wide enough for what I want to do. I whimper in distress not knowing what to do. You chuckle and take pity on me. Lifting your hips up and sliding your pants down then fully off. I look up at you with so much love shining in my eyes and I smile in gratitude. I place my cheek on your thigh and just breath in the scent of your arousal. I can feel my juices trickling out of me. My mouth nuzzles your balls. They are so warm and soft against my lips. Gently I tease with the tip of my tongue. Then kiss softly and allow my mouth to encompass them. The warmth and wetness surrounding them brings forth a low rumble in your chest. I continue to suck and tease then draw my mouth slowly off. I broaden my tongue and place it flat against the underside of the base of your cock. Using long slow licks from base to tip to inflame you more. You shift a little, your hand comes to rest in my hair. I take one last lick and then kiss your tip lovingly again. I press my mouth down, slowly opening my lips wider to allow your head to slide into it. My small hand wraps around the base of your cock holding it firmly, while I move my lips back and forth over the ridge between the head of your cock and the shaft. My mouth slowly glides down you and my tongue presses firmly curved against the underside of your cock. The taste of your salty sweet cum mixes with my saliva. A moan of pleasure escapes me, causing my mouth to vibrate around you. Your hand grips harder in my hair. My lips tighten around you more, forming a tight seal. You can't help yourself any more and start guiding my head up and down. Your hips thrusting up at times pushing you deeper into my throat. I gag a little but don't signal for you to stop. I want you to use this mouth that belongs to you any way you please. My free hand reaches down and tugs gently on your balls, rolling them around in my palm as I continue to pleasure with my mouth. I can feel you swelling and getting harder. Your hands are gripping harder in my hair, your breathing gets heavier, your eyes now mear slits because of the ecstasy. You start to mercilessly fuck my throat, you can no longer let me lead. I can feel you throbbing in my mouth the veins vibrating and I groan in anticipation of what is to soon come. With a low deep groan you find your release. Your cum flows down inside my throat, coats my tongue and fills my mouth. The taste of you is intoxicating and I can't get enough. Your hips slow, your hands gentle and you relax your hold on me. I pull my mouth off and use my tongue to reverently clean up every every last drop. Not daring to waste any.

I look up at you, lick my lips and smile. Your eyes are filled with so much love. You slowly draw me up on your lap and hold me in your arms. Nuzzling the top of my head. You speak softly " How did you know I needed you?"

I kiss you gently "I just did". You hold me there in your arms for a while enjoying the closeness of our bodies. Standing up,  still holding me in your arms, you carry my back to bed. This time you stay with me, holding me wrapped in your arms. Work can wait until tomorrow.



Mr John Smith​(dom male){ssg} - Work can wait.
8 months ago
DarkKitten​(sub female){ObsidianWo} - 😍😍😍😍
8 months ago

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