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1 month ago. Sun 15 Sep 2019 03:30:38 PM IDT

While yes I am a very sexual and sensual kitten, I want more from my D/S dynamic. I want a meeting of minds, emotions, a desire to be around each other. I love flowery words like every other woman, but don't just say them to make my panties drop to my ankles. They mean more when they aren't said all the time and instead said with true meaning and value. I don't want to be treated only as some real life plastic blow up doll he can use to sate his lust. Yes I crave to please my Daddy and make him proud that I am his. But I would hope he also wants to keep me mentally, emotionally and yes sexually satisfied as well. Sorry for the rant I am just tired of the inbox messages from Doms who haven't bothered to read my profile, don't care to know me or what led me to want to be in the lifestyle. To learn who or what I am as submissive. There have been a few amazing Doms who I have met and I am able to carry long meaningful conversations with them. Then there are ones I just say boy bye! Please don't mistake just because I am a submissive I don't have my own mind, wants, desires, needs, thoughts. Nurture them and I could turn into one of the most amazing subs you met. Ignore them and I will walk away without a second glance. 



animekitty{Owner Joey} - I totally get that girl it frustrated me to when I first got on here until I met my Daddy
1 month ago
proudbbw{Happily} - U got this girl.. the right one will come along
1 month ago
Kinkyp69​(dom male){Dellydooda} - You are right in your feelings and what you want. Many Doms are only looking to satisfy their wants and not look at the sub as an equal. It is all about respect!
1 month ago
mkayleekay​(sub female){Heroic} - I posted nearly the same thing over a week ago, feeling the same emotions you are experiencing. I was overwhelmed with people reaching out and offering friendship and support. You will experience something similar I am sure. Have faith in your desire to be submissive, as many others told me; don't be in a rush to give away such a valuable gift (your mind & body). The right doms are out there for us, we got this girl!
4 weeks ago
Goodgirldoll​(sub female) - My read my mind! You and I are so much alike. I am learning something new about myself everyday and ache to explore my submission with a safe, true Dominant. As a person, I'm finally understanding my worth and what I bring to the party. It's exciting, sometimes scary, and definitely painful with the wrong person. I've been nearly destroyed by wannabes and men who lie. But my desire is so strong, I feel if I don't try...I will forever regret it. At my age, I feel an urgency to experience D/s and this can cause stress and heartache. Still I move forward with hope and faith that my Sir will find me. Thank you for your wise words. I'm proud of you. ❤❤❤
4 weeks ago

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