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Ok lets see where to begin .Ok lets start this way i have stsge 4 non small cell lung cancer i also have adrenal cancer i have becam incontinent yes it does suck judge away .now the fun part there are so many people on here that seem to think they know it all with no regars to anyone well how about you pull the beam from you own damned eye before you pull the thorn from someone else's yes i took my other blog down no it was not that they won but i have enough going on with out the goddam drama from here so like me hate me i dont really care im here to stay i have freinds that are here and i will not turn my back on them nor ignore them so guess what i doughnot care.!
1 month ago. Mon 30 Sep 2019 08:01:03 PM IDT

Thats a queation not only for me but everyone if you truely want loved then show it if your here for online play say that when we send messages offering help its not to get you i offer a ear advice if i cant give it i will try my damn best to find it .ive seen and heard many people hurt because the other couldnt or didnt want to keep things going ive been hurt hell who has not but its always nice just to have someone listen someone to say hey your gonna be alright to catch you when your falling as a community we all should be there for the other sub dom ect not just ignoring the ones that are hurt think for a min for all of you thinking why should i noone does that for me well you may not have had it done for you but wouldnt it had been nice if someone would have so instead of letting them hurt alone try reaching out it might save someones life .im not pointing finger towards anyone but lets try to come together and help each other and not sit and do nothing .anyway take care to all of you and thanks for reading

Curlyniccia{Protected} - As someone who fell recently I was so lucky to have those around me who have helped me up. We all have times when we need help. It's not always easy to ask for help. But its important if we recognise someone is bot doing so well to have that chat with them, listen to them and maybe just be there. Good blog. Some important points to take forward. Much love x
1 month ago
Morley​(sub female){MaxSterne} - Great post! ❤️🤗❤️
1 month ago
Satindragon​(sub female){OlsUSNavy} - Good post!❤️
1 month ago
sweet november​(sub female){Mourning} - I wanted love and a connection.. within a D/s relationship. Not sure if that's possible though for me. But am happy when I see it work out for others!

Very nice post 💙
1 month ago
Pheonix J​(sub female) - Great post. If people were more upfront in needs and wants this would be an even better place. To have the support and someone to recognize when your falling even if its just a friend is so amazing! Thank you for this post
1 month ago

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