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taxi and his ladies

A poly family.We are 5 mothers 2 grandmothers an aunt and me sir James.
5 months ago. Oct 7, 2019, 3:50 PM

why are contact so important to the old school I will attempt to explain any question after this ask I will try to go further in-depth. when you take a sub under consideration you use a training contract for both parties protection you for legal protection. and them for mental, emotional and physical protection. it will have the compensation clearly defined as well as the term of training and whether this is for you or for someone else. example: some have come to me to get a taste to see if it is something they wish to really learn about. others are normally couples who wish to see if it is a way for them to grow closer. (that is a good one for me because by training them both I do not have to touch the sub I can leave that to there partner and make sure they both understand the risks and advantages at the same time). most couples are surprised that a great deal of time is spent in talking between each other with me only inputting when they come up with something the is too advanced for them at the time and suggesting a road to reach that point when both are ready. 


now let me explain bullet points in my current contract. Remember this is only my contract non-negotiable points that I am listing.

1) both parties must agree the punishment is valid and needed.

2) any children are to stay in the custody of the father.

3) if you decide that you wish to leave you will receive a one-time settlement based the number of years of service

4) if after leaving if you wish to come back you will be welcomed. 

these are the 4 basic non-negotiable rules there are other rules that are negotiated between each of my subs and I but you get the idea the contract once signed is the lifeblood of domestic harmony.  any questions feel free to ask (those that are taken by someone get his or her permission before asking. if you see a capital D= they are answered by me all others are answered by one of my subs.                  

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