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Ok lets see where to begin .Ok lets start this way i have stsge 4 non small cell lung cancer i also have adrenal cancer i have becam incontinent yes it does suck judge away .now the fun part there are so many people on here that seem to think they know it all with no regars to anyone well how about you pull the beam from you own damned eye before you pull the thorn from someone else's yes i took my other blog down no it was not that they won but i have enough going on with out the goddam drama from here so like me hate me i dont really care im here to stay i have freinds that are here and i will not turn my back on them nor ignore them so guess what i doughnot care.!
1 month ago. Thu 10 Oct 2019 03:58:34 PM IDT

I have and i know we all have lost love and have thought about giving up because we get tired of being hurt by others why do we do it why do they do it who knows we all have had our hearts broke we can give into the hurt and shut people out because if we do we will miss the most important thing we can find love respect compassion it all come togehter regaurless when love does find you and that other person you will not be able to just say no to live because they will haunt your dreams they will always be on your mind so dont stop beleaving in others because of a few idiots we all have made mistakes does that mean we should suffer because of it no forgive and move on im not saying to run back to a abussive person and i know grudges are held the forgiveness is not for them it for us we have to forgive our selfs and love our selfs because if we dont how can someone else just hang in there i know its hard to do but you will find true love .just dont let it slip through your finger tips thanks for reading

hisgoodbunny​(sub female){Darth} - Very wise words.
1 month ago
SirsSunrise​(sub female) - Couldn’t agree more!
1 month ago
Curlyniccia{Protected} - Always agree x
1 month ago

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