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A-Z poetry and thoughts

Just a blog I'm creating to post some poems and thoughts.
1 year ago. Nov 12, 2019, 2:37 AM

I feel like I was born to question everything

To have a mind that never settles

And a restless heart

A world within my head

In which good just isn't good enough


I feel as though I'm never full

Constantly hungering for more

Like who what when where why

And how could I ever stop

With this never ending appetite

I feel increasingly,  and constantly, concerned

Where am I headed

And how do I get there

Will I ever be satisfied or am I destined to be torn

I feel as though boredom devours

Every aspect of my being

In need of less time for thought

And less time to run

And more time for healing




Fate - Beautiful! Welcome to Cage, sweet girl.
1 year ago

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