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A-Z poetry and thoughts

Just a blog I'm creating to post some poems and thoughts.
1 year ago. Nov 22, 2019, 2:24 PM

So many people with stories

Gushing over songs

Reminding them of their beloved

Raving over them 

In admiration

"I am head over heels"

"My one true king"

And I felt sick to my stomach

Thinking I would hurl

If anyone bought me flowers

I'd rather be shot in the back of the knees

Than to coo over someone 

Like a raging lun

Mid thought, I stopped myself

And realized it was me. 

My version of loved that was fucked

Not theirs

The version where I crave it

But push it away

The version where I'm thrown aside

Instead of held close

The version where I think that's normal

It is me and my version

That are so completely and so utterly


Almost irreparably so

SirsBabyDoll​(sub female) - I know what you mean. Its tough, having to be your own parent/teacher/therapist/life coach....
1 year ago
Satindragon​(sub female){Brodie} - Dragon Hugs, my inbox is always open.
1 year ago
Ingénue{Círdan} - Chemistry and hormones. Shrugs.
1 year ago
BeeGee​(sub female) - Thank you for that. I hope if it comes I can recognize it
11 months ago
BeeGee​(sub female) - I am so grateful for your advice and I will focus on being more hopeful and positive!
11 months ago

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