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I am a girl, I red head who likes to self sabotage. What's new? Lol I've been on here awhile and haven't really invested. I've met some great people, some good people and some who should consider rethinking their choices in life. I am not perfect, but who is? I have up's and downs and a lot of inbetweens. I've never really had a blog, but let's see how this goes lol!
8 months ago. Jan 12, 2020, 4:14 AM

OK I may be being a little over dramatic but I am one of those awful sick people. You know the ones that get a "man cold" (no offense) I will bitch and moan and cry. I do not like being sick and today I believe marks day 1 of keto flu. I have just NOT felt good all day, I evendors tried going back to bed, and that helped for a little while... enough to trick me into thinking I was OK to go to work. And now that I am at work... totally different story...

ooh maybe someone I don't like will come in and I can puke on them! That would totally make my night better lol. JOKING! .....mostly.... 

This goes away soon right? I'm not going to feel this terrible for long? Like a couple days and I'll be back to normalish (not that I'm sure I fall in that normal range) but like my normal? 

Please someone tell me there's a light at the end.... maybe Morse code it... or I could

"... _ _ _ ..."

Lol maybe I'm goin a little crazy over here in this frozen icebox!!!!😨 

ulfhednar - What you should do is execute an exorcist vomit right as said person walks by hold and sprinkler motion your head to mimic being possessed bahahaha
8 months ago
little dragon{Mountainma} - Hahaha ha that sounds like a great plan!
8 months ago
Island girl​(sub female){Yes owned.} - try some seasalt mixed into water and drink it. maybe an 1/8th of a teaspoon in an 8 oz. glass. Chicken bullion would also probably help.
it is probably an electrolyte problem.
8 months ago
little dragon{Mountainma} - OK, thank you 😊 I will try once I get home
8 months ago

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