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Mind's Captivity

To be a captive of ones mind is to be locked in the deepest darkest den, but truth be told the key you so desire to set you free lies within you... free your mind and you'll free yourself.
8 months ago. Jan 13, 2020, 11:43 PM

As he lean over to kiss her lips Kat was woken by a loud pounding on her door, she quickly stumbled out of bed but as she moves closer to the door she covered her mouth to trap a sudden yarn which tried to make its way out, "bang, bang" the pounding continued and just like her dream her yarn was interupted "who's there?" she asked hesitantly "i forgot my keys"... it was Josh her room-mate, Kat blushed at the sound of his stern yet soothing voice, just moments ago he was about to plant a kiss upon her soft lips as she stood there she tried to find the courage to express to him the strong burning desire that she has for him. "Josh is my dream guy" she thought to herself as she reflect on the multiple time she caught herself staring on his strong well framed chest or his strong muscular hands which she yearns to be wrapped arround her, not to mention he was tall, dark and handsome she'd be blind not to see him. "Are you gonna let me in?" As she returned to reality she opened the door, to her astonishment Josh was standing there with a blonde chick......

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