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Mind's Captivity

To be a captive of ones mind is to be locked in the deepest darkest den, but truth be told the key you so desire to set you free lies within you... free your mind and you'll free yourself.
8 months ago. Jan 14, 2020, 10:14 AM

"Who is she?" she asked trying hard to keep her composure, they have been room mates for over two years and he has never invited anyone over, to her just moments ago she was having the dream of a lifetime but what now stood before her was the man of her dreams with another woman this was her worst nightmare, she always feared that the longer she kept her feelings for Josh hidden the greater the possibilities of losing him to someone else would be. She stood there in dismay observing the woman who she thought was about to snatch everything she ever wanted right before her eyes, her hair was blond at the tip with the strands turning dull brown at her root it had just the right hint of wave and perfectly matched the colour of her brows, she wore little makeup enough to compliment her sparkling blue eyes, she was rather the exact body type as her, petite and dainty with slender, curving waist, her lips were carefuly painted pink and blended seemlessly with her flawless skin "she is quite a beauty" Kat thought to herself her observation were short lived as Josh introduced both ladies "well.... Kat this is Lilly, Lillly this is Kat my room-mate." Kat was bothered by the fact that he wasnt more clear as to who exactly this Lilly was, so she queried further, "nice to meet you Lilly, Josh i didnt know you had a girlfriend." "dont you think thats something we could discuss later?" He asked in a stern manner as his eyes glared at her, strangely enough she was intrigued by him whenever he got like that, she liked the feeling of him putting her in her place, "whats there to dicuss that cant be said now?" she ask persistently staring at Lilly. The room was filled with silence for a few second, it was broken when Lilly tried muttering "ive heard quite alot about you" "if you are gonna talk atleast speak up so i can hear you" at this point it was almost impossible for her to recover her poise and Josh knew her too well he could tell she was upset. He took Lilly's coat and led her over to the sofa " give me a few minutes i'll be back" he whispered into her ear as she smiled and nodded. Kat thought she seemed rather shy as she said so little and spoke so quietly, she couldnt take her eyes off her as the removal of her coat showed how well the white mini dress she wore hugged her figure and showed off her nice rounded buttocks "you..the kitchen with me" Josh ordered as he led the way without looking behind, at this moment she had a thousand thoughts she was ready to share with him, she was ready to tell him exactly how she feels about him, she just couldnt wait to get that kiss which she always dreamt about without a doubt she knew how the conversation would go, she had it all played out in her head. As she entered the kitchen she was about to speak " im sorr..." "are you?" he asked calmly cutting her off, his eyes were filled with anger and desire all at once he pulled her close by grabbing tightly into her hair he kissed her so passionately she was speechless she burried her head into his strong arms, trying to catch her breathe, she couldnt believe what had just happen, "did that really just happened?" she questioned to herself.

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