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Mind's Captivity

To be a captive of ones mind is to be locked in the deepest darkest den, but truth be told the key you so desire to set you free lies within you... free your mind and you'll free yourself.
8 months ago. Jan 15, 2020, 8:13 AM

"Im sorry that took so long, did you want something to drink?" Kat wasnt a frequent drinker but she liked having her occasional drinks which may result in a bottle or two over a short period of time especially when she had company, she loved her drinks strong as she enjoyed feeling the burning sensation in her mouth as the liquid glides over her tongue, it reduces the volume of her thoughts to listen to the chinking of the ice cubes as she swirls her glass.

"sure, i'll have a drink of water" Lilly replied as she turned facing Kat

"I didnt ask if you were thirsty" she tried but her response came out as cold as ice nonetheless, she had it in her to comply to whatever Josh wanted her to do she knew she just have to want it and she did. she wanted it so bad to comply to his wishes.

"Oh my bad, i didnt know water wasnt an option" the discomfort was evident in Lilly's voice.

"Ha ha you are something else but if you want water i could get that but im making me a strong drink"

"I'll have whatever you are having" for the first time since her arrival ther soft lips stretched into a smile her teeth are perfectly aligned. She had no doubt about it genuineness and couldnt help but to crack back a smile.

"You sure do have a beautiful smile" before Lilly could respond she made her way back to the kitchen where Josh was still sitting in the same spot she left him. She retrieved  two glass the reached for a bottle vodka of from the kitchen cabinett. "What are you thinking about" she asked as she dropped the ice cubes in the glass.

"I just got a call from the office i gotta go in"

"You sitting there tells me you dont wanna go"

"Its just that Lilly lives out of town i wont be able to take her home at the moment"

"She could stay here with me until you get back"

"Youre an angel" he sprang to his feet and gave her a kiss on her forehead then left the kitchen. it was as though something trickled  down her spine it felt good and it was real, her entire body went numb she just stood there reflecting on the kiss...


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