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I am a girl, I red head who likes to self sabotage. What's new? Lol I've been on here awhile and haven't really invested. I've met some great people, some good people and some who should consider rethinking their choices in life. I am not perfect, but who is? I have up's and downs and a lot of inbetweens. I've never really had a blog, but let's see how this goes lol!
8 months ago. Jan 15, 2020, 3:36 AM

So since getting into bdsm, not all that long ago I have had problems finding my way. 

First I was told that I wasn't a sub... I was too independent and strong willed. Too strong. But they never saw the little. Never saw my submissive side. To some I was dominant, some I was a switch and on and on. 

I don't feel like I am... 

I kept on.... I thought maybe they weren't right for me. Some days I was tempted to just forget about trying... today is one of those days... I have been talking to a great dom and we had a great connection. But we'll I fucked that up... so I wonder if I really am cut out to be in this lifestyle? I can't do anything right so why try? 

Today is a hard day... 

Dominanttrait​(dom male){K} - Don't be too hard on yourself. Vanilla relationships are complicated, bdsm ones even more. Sending you dragon energy.
8 months ago
asubmissivetoy​(sub male) - This hits home with me to some degree. That being said, I think it likely is your thing, but every thing in kink is its own thing, so it's more of finding someone that fits with your thing while not loosing their thing. It's a really small margin for success, and there will always be people who try to decide what your thing is so they can have a better understanding of what it might be. And you don't have to know what thing your thing is either. If that were the case, then everyone would be lost still. (Maybe we all are?)

Hope that helps, at least a little.
8 months ago
little dragon{Mountainma} - Thanks
8 months ago
Curlyniccia{Protected} - I always say do not give yourself a label. For that can almost imprison you. It can confuse you for you are trying to work out who you are and so is the other person.
Just relax.
Enjoy just being you.
Know what you like.
Know that what you like does not define who you are.
Make friends.
Know your worth.
They say confidence is very sexy
So go out there, head held high.
Take no BS.
Be you.
Be proud of you.
This lifestyle may or may not be for you but dont let a bad moment, a bad hour, a bad day define your whole day, week, month ,year.
Because you've not yet found your one does not mean the one is not out there.
It just means you guys have not yet found each other.
Maybe you're just not ready yet.
Maybe your one is not yet ready.
Timing may not yet be right.
So just settle in and enjoy the journey. Sometimes we get so preoccupied with the end point that we forget to enjoy the journey.
What if you met your one on the journey but was too busy on the end to notice.
So just relax.
Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a get together around the pool.
Come and join me.
Sit, relax, be with friends and laugh.
Best medicine out there!
8 months ago
little dragon{Mountainma} - Thank you for that
8 months ago
Lost Little Fox​(sub female){Not lookin} - I have had the same problems. I blogged about the same thing recently. Keep moving forward and the right one will come along.
8 months ago
Lion​(dom male){Hazel Eyes} - As I heard someone say, find your best friend and you will always be happy. Like all good things it takes time, took me 2 failed marriages to find my soulmate. Never doubt your self worth, live up to your own expectations of what you want and not what other exspect you to be. Big hug.
8 months ago
little dragon{Mountainma} - Thank you! It's much appreciated
8 months ago

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