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Mind's Captivity

To be a captive of ones mind is to be locked in the deepest darkest den, but truth be told the key you so desire to set you free lies within you... free your mind and you'll free yourself.
8 months ago. Jan 17, 2020, 3:10 PM

What is love?

Is it really a feeling sent from above?

Does love make your life wothwhile?

Or is it efforts upon efforts just to be futile?

Is it the reason we give our all?

Or is it just a trap to make us falll?

Can love be a completely lost?

Does it comes with an undetermined cost?

Is it something only few will ever find?

Or does it slowly consume your mind?

Can love make you go crazy?

Or is it something that make you hazy?

Will it matter if you get a ring?

Does it take time or is it an overnight thing?

Is love a death wish that you signed?

Will it make you and another closely aligned?

Can it bring you great joy?

Will it treat you way less than a toy?

Does it go sour like lime?

Or will it last for a lifetime?

Will love get you hurt?

Does it make your heart dry up like a desert?

My philosophy is that love is an emotion expressed by action, it is an undeniable attraction that we feel for another, its a burning desire to prioritize another's happiness above your own, its that feeling in our chest that strikes like a bolt of lightening when we least expect it. Since love is expressed by action its not love itself that cause us to hurt, cry, be sad or feel alone its really the way in which the person we love treat us as their actions may imply that they dont love us. Love doesnt hurt, people do, love is pure it builds you up and never allow you to fall, love is trusting another to not take you for granted, its something you learn to get better at everyday and one thing for sure is when love is present its very clear, you'll never have to question it.


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