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2 months ago. Jan 22, 2020, 5:44 AM

Hey my kinky friends! I know I haven't been on in a long long while, but I decided, now that I have some down time, I will give you all a little update! Whether you guys care or not, I'm still gonna share. 

I'm not sure what I wrote last, but life hasn't been very good to me recently. My friend, who I met through work, bought a house and I moved in with her. I was making good money at the time so I told her how much I could pay, at most, each month. Let's call this friend M. M told me I wouldnt have to pay that much anyways, and i could have my cats with me. So we decided the litter boxes, food, and cat toys would be in the basement so her dog, and her boyfriends dog, wouldnt eat their food and get into their litter boxes. We put a hinge lock type thing on the basement door so the gap was small enough so the dogs couldn't get through but big enough where my cats could get in and out as they pleased. It was their safe place to go from the dogs. My cats ended up getting locked down there (the door would be shut instead of latched open) a lot. And then one of my cats had an accident and M told me "your cats are no longer allowed upstairs". My room is not in the basement. I was LIVID YOU GUYS.

She also got mad becuase I was spending so much time with my Daddy. My boyfriend, M doesnt know he is my Daddy. So she told me he wasnt allowed to come over anymore. She was upset that we were in my room so much (minding our own fucking business), that we were never in the living room with her and her bf (who my Daddy and I both dont like), and that we never cleaned up after ourselves (which wasn't true). 

She also told me I neglect my cats. I do NOT neglect my cats. They are my whole world. She was just a big B to be honest. 


Daddy helped move me out of that house. My cats are with my mom until we find an apartment. We had one lined up but it was a scam so we arent in our apartment yet. Hopefully we can get into one but the end of the month! 

I got myself a pacifier. I LOVE IT AND IT REALLY BRINGS OUT THE LITTLE IN ME AND SHE LOVES IT TOO! It's dark purple and it says "Daddy's Princess" on it. I cant wait until I can get a few onesies, some cute socks, maybe some kitty ears, MAYBE a tail, just all the good fun stuff that make my little side come out. SHE IS DESPERATE FOR SOME COLORING BOOKS RIGHT NOW THOUGH BUT THEY ARE IN A STINKIN BOX SOMEHWERE. 

I started a new job too! I get to work with dogs and cats all day! Pays more than my last one too. 

Also, my birthday was yesterday. My real dad never said happy birthday to me .. (I have a step dad, that's why I said real dad) my mom is in Mexico so she cant get ahold of me, she doesnt count. A few friends said happy birthday and that was it. I was really disappointed in my real dad. He ALWAYS says happy birthday to me.. I guess when facebook doesnt remind you, you dont remember .. idk why I let that stuff still hurt me, my dad has never been there for me. Different post for a different time.

But things have been slowly starting to look up! I hope everyone had a lot of fun over the holidays! 

💕Kinky Kitten


Queen of Hearts - I refer to my mom as birth mom because that was the only thing positive from her. I used to say real until I realized just how toxic she was.
Happy birthday.
2 months ago
Bunnie - Happy birthday!!! 🥳
2 months ago
Manda Panda​(sub female){Taken} - Happy Birthday!
I have cat ears and grey knee socks, but they really make my middle come out. I don't want a paci (my middle is around 10-15) but I do want a onesie (the jammie type, not baby type), "Daddy's girl" undies, more socks and anything else I can think of to bring my middle out.
Congrats on your new job! I started a new job too 😊
2 months ago

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