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Rose's Thorns.

A general pondering.
1 year ago. Aug 3, 2018, 5:17 PM

Wild fires, homes destroyed. (In many places) wales is one of the wettist places ever yet had wildfires this year. 

Yet renewable energy projects scrapped

Mass shootings, riots, stock pilling food for 'brexit- armagendon' The army on standby with fucking rations aparently... stabbings everywhere, stores selling knives to 16 yr olds... Most shops and jobs going into melt down. A UN peacekeeper not acting like they should... and ive missed many items off this list ... what the ... 

No wonder i never watch the news... what the hell is going on ??? 

(hope im not the only one thinking this) 

I keep going well it cant get worse... 

it does... 

sigh... just needed to get that out 

sorry. xx


Isla - My little brother is a wild land fire fighter in California. He’s fighting the Carr Fire in and around Redding, CA. He also lives in Redding, so his apartment may or may not burn down depending on how well they can get the fire under control
1 year ago
rosethorn​(sub female) - I am keeping my fingers crossed for him xx
1 year ago

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