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4 months ago. Jul 3, 2021, 7:46 PM

So last night I went to a puppy mosh for the first time since Covid hit and shut everything down and we got banned from Denver due to numbers being high and doc not wanting us to get sick and die. The mosh was a ton of fun, we got to go as a puppy pack finally. This included me (Alpha), one of our gamma pups (switches), and one of our omega pups (sub/slave). We also happened to pick up a really close pup friend who we have not seen in a very long time and spend a good amount of time with him as well which we enjoyed very much.

*A side not about Puppy Moshes*

 So a mosh is very much like a play scene, however it is usually held at a bar (usually a gay bar), it is a chaotic, uncontrolled insanity one where all puppies jump in and play whenever they feel like it and theres not a ton of rules. The area is covered in foam mats like you b toddlers for when they play or so when they fall it wont hurt them. The area is then littered with puppy toys for anyone to come play with and have fun. There are usually mosh monitors who could be the Alphas or community Handlers who help out. They make sure pups don’t wear their shoes on the mat, have poky jewelry that might harm someone and make sure that pups who are shy and hiding sort of end up getting added into the mix really easily.

So last night I ended up playing mosh monitor more than anything because the area they set up for us was outside, which was nice as inside the bar it is noisy, hot and often crowded. Outside was nice as it was much cooler, bigger space and more room to socialize and play. Unfortunately because the area was bigger, they didn’t have the fencing to put up around the mats so me and my omega spent the majority of our time running around grabbing toys that rolled away out of the ring and putting them back. It was quite the job but it was fun. We ran into a lot of people we have not seen in a long time, about a year to be precise, and we met new puppies and handlers and puppy babysitters, puppy sitters? So it was nice to see everyone. Chasing toys was a lot of work but it was also a lot of fun. A few times I got snuck up on from behind and cuddled because I am so smol that I can be substituted as a cuddly puppy plushie lol. They love picking me up and hugging me, holding me, petting me and in general treating me like a child treats a favorite plush animal. It was pretty funny and we had an absolute blast getting to play with everyone and talk to them all after being isolated for so long.

It is surprising how much you do not realize you are isolated, until you actually get out and start hanging out with people again and realize how much you have been cooped up and how good it feels to run wild and howl at the moon with your fellow puppies. We are excited as we know more play dates are going to be scheduled in the future and with our Beta being relocated it will add one more to our group. We will only be missing our other omega, pack baby and Handler/Trainer. However that will take time and money of course to do but we have learned being persistent is key to getting what you want out of life.

If you ever get the chance I highly recommend going to a pup mosh and watching the silly antics. Time flies by and before you know it, you have made 3 or 6 new friends, got contact info, and had such a blast that you are in a happy rush of excitement. There are no rules other than no shoes on the mats, nothing that is spiky or poky, and no leashes as you can get easily tangled up in them during play. Otherwise it is controlled chaotic fun times that can be totally freeing and de-stressing which we all need in our lives from time to time.



simplylaura​(sub female){djinni} - At Trade? Yay! We'll have to go check it out one month.
4 months ago
Pup Kit Kato{BratJack} - Yeah! That is where the monthly Den-PAH meeting is and they moved the pup mats outside for a bigger space for now, it wont work in the winter of course but for now its awesome!! Totally should come check it out it is a ton of fun. --Kato--
4 months ago

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