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Some of my erotic poetry
1 month ago. Jul 28, 2021, 2:32 PM

The Pink

Hiding in between your lips, is the pinkest softest skin, I'd love to.get close to it, and slide some fingers in

Maybe get you to part your lips, so I can see the pink I crave, though its just a small part of you, to your pussy I'm a slave

It is the sexiest shade of pink, it glistens like the moon lit sea, I want to take a dip in you, I dream that you'll let me

Deep inside your pussy, the Pink is like a velvet rose, I'd love to smell your fragrance, with your pussy on my nose

Your Pink skin above my mouth, my tongue just wants to dance, to take you off to ecstasy, put you in a sexual trance

To pay my homage to your Goddess, to kiss and lick the Pink, to me sounds like heaven, but I often wonder what you think

Do you imagine me with my head buried between your thighs, would you.let me kiss the Pink, would you give me that special prize

Am I worthy of such a gift, I imagine it when I'm on my own, I can only hope you take a snap of the Pink and send it to my phone


countrysweet - Loved it
1 month ago
The Kinky Poet​(other male) - Hey thank you, I'm glad you loved it. It was a fun write
Love and light T.K.P xx
1 month ago

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