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Adventures in Making Dominant Audio Erotica

Hello there, I'm Sloth. I'm 19 and from the US and I have a hobby of making audio erotica. First it started as poetry readings, then romance, and now it's straight up kinky audio. I normally go off of scripts but I have been known to just wing it.

This blog will be following my audio adventures and how something as simple as a voice can be used as an amazing tool for domination. My goal is to make as many people squirm and moan, one recording at a time.

Feel free to PM me anything and everything whether it be questions, comments, or compliments. Also ask me if you want something custom or something from me.
11 months ago. Wed 12 Sep 2018 09:49:36 PM IDT

I am back from a Summer hiatus and decided hey I should record something, maybe something short like 2 minutes. Nope. Please enjoy this over 7 minute recording of a lovely script I found on Reddit. I really enjoyed this script, it sounds like something I would write and even uses language I've used in the past with partners. I certainly hope you all enjoy it, feel free to share it and message me your thoughts. I love hearing from people who listen to my work.


Here it is:

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