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Adventures in Making Dominant Audio Erotica

Hello there, I'm Sloth. I'm 19 and from the US and I have a hobby of making audio erotica. First it started as poetry readings, then romance, and now it's straight up kinky audio. I normally go off of scripts but I have been known to just wing it.

This blog will be following my audio adventures and how something as simple as a voice can be used as an amazing tool for domination. My goal is to make as many people squirm and moan, one recording at a time.

Feel free to PM me anything and everything whether it be questions, comments, or compliments. Also ask me if you want something custom or something from me.
9 months ago. Thu 01 Nov 2018 11:11:02 PM IST

*Note: This recording is best listened to at night before bed. If you wish, pause the recording after the orgasm command, as aftercare resumes directly afterwards.


I hope you enjoy this recording, my inbox is always open to messages, your support inspires me to keep making recordings. Without further adieu, here it is!


Loulou​(sub female){( owned)} - I enjoyed that very much
9 months ago
SlothForce1​(dom male) - Glad you enjoyed it.
9 months ago
NaivelyOptimistic​(sub female) - Wow. I've never listened to anything of yours before (or really anything in this genre before), but that was fantastic. Your pacing and the pitch of your voice is perfect, gave me goosebumps more than once.
9 months ago
SlothForce1​(dom male) - Thank you!
9 months ago

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