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By Evangeline​(staff)     01/11/2018 11095

For the intrepid and the curious who want to know more about us, here are the answers to a few 'FAQs' (frequently asked questions) about THE CAGE:

Who is behind THE CAGE?

THE CAGE is a project conceived and owned by Cage Monkey, a computer programmer and long time practitioner of BDSM based in Israel. Evangeline, a Canadian design professional, female dominant, and social media enthusiast, is our advisor, visionary, and occasional puppetmaster (mistress?). Sometimes friends, sometimes dominant/submissive adversaries, but always enthusiastic champions of BDSM and sexual freedom, these are the people to speak to about all things related to THE CAGE. And no, they are not romantically involved but do occasionally bicker like an old, married couple.

How is THE CAGE different from other kinky social media sites?

We've been doing this for a very long time and believe we can bring you an online community like no other. THE CAGE is an easy to navigate website that encourages self expression in way others don't, including a built in instant messaging system, live chat areas, a thriving discussion forum, podcast feeds, easy to use personal blogs, with much more to come. We're also mobile friendly with an app version of THE CAGE you can download to your phone or tablet. Tell your friends and join us as we build our fun and friendly community together.

What's next?

We're here for the long term, working to get things just right while developing a real community feeling. We hope you'll help us spread the word among your kinky friends and local groups so that together we can build something special.

Thank you all for your support! Please don't hesitate to contact either Evangeline​(staff) or Cage Monkey​(staff) with any questions or suggestions. We look forward to getting to know you all. Your friends at THE CAGE.

The best site bar none that I have thus far seen.I am happy and feel very lucky to be here.
10/07/2016 07:58
@rastalin, wow just saw this comment! Thank you and so glad to have you with us!
10/27/2016 21:10
wildwahine​(switch female){Not Collar}
I so like the site. I do have some idea about the site. Would it be possible to have a video chat ? Could listings be by state and country so finding some one near you is easyer ? Thank you for you time and reading this post.
12/02/2016 14:45
Rick Fuller​(switch male)
I live in the midwest, & life in general, as well as sexually is rather bland, & uneventful. Do you know of any progressive people, or groups that could make living in the midwest be more exciting, kinky, & alot more fun. HELP ME RIGORMORTISE IS ABOUT TO SET IN! THANX
12/18/2016 07:49
Thanks for your commend Wildwahine - we love the idea of video chat but that might be a bit down the road. We love having your ideas and will add them to our 'wishlist', so please keep them coming!
12/27/2016 17:17
Hey Rick - I am not familiar with your area but hopefully you'll find some likeminded people from your neck of the woods by searching profiles or interacting in our discussion forums. I am sympathetic to your plight, having lived in rural Alberta Canada for many years :) Hang in there!!
12/27/2016 17:18
dawn amanacer​(sub female){none now}
like the site but not sure how to get into chat room. not very user friendly...can you help
04/15/2017 00:12
Evangeline, I'd like to know the same answer as Dawn, plus know how to search for a particular profile when I know the name. Thanks!
05/17/2017 22:07
How do I close my account?
06/28/2017 00:38
Wow I suck..I just saw these comments. I blame Assaf for not making the notifications more visible! @ Dawn, I hope you've figured the chatrooms out now and have tried our new instant messenger, Bond. If you have any specific questions about the chat or anything else at The Cage feel free to message me please. @Shy-owned, if you click 'members' at the top of the page you can do a search a number of ways including by name. I hope that helps. Again if you have any specific questions about chat or have suggestions please message me. @Ckisses, sorry to see you go - if you've still sure you want to leave that is. Just message me or Assaf and confirm you want your account closed and we'll take care of it for you.
07/17/2017 15:35
Dellydoodah​(sub female)
I stumbled in to the cage and found a comfy seat. Great work guys.
08/14/2017 17:30
Moeice63​(sub male){No}
How can we get to our own profile.
08/21/2017 05:16
Moeice63​(sub male){No}
How can we get to our own profile.
08/21/2017 05:17
Moeice63​(sub male){No}
What is the yes by my name for
08/21/2017 06:19
#Moeice, you can edit your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of the page. There you'll see a drop down menu with your profile, preferences, etc. The 'yes' or 'no' by your name indicates your status and you can choose to show that or not in your settings. Hope this helps! Thank you to everyone for the kind words! We really appreciate your support :)
09/06/2017 12:10
Just joined. Im hopeful
09/29/2017 22:51
master luke​(dom male)
hey I just wanna thank you guys for making this site I love the site
10/10/2017 18:25
Kiev​(dom male)
Pictures.. I want to share experiences more than one at a time.. am I missing something on how to?
10/12/2017 20:29
@ Kieva, for now you can only put one photo in your profile but albums with multiple photos are to come! In the meantime we recommend you start a blog and add your experiences and photos there :)
11/14/2017 15:01
Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support!
11/14/2017 15:02
MissBonnie​(dom female){}
just wanted to say I'm enjoying the site so far. Is there more of help file for the site and how to use it? I'm finding stuff by accident but it might help others that more concerned about making mistakes :) Anyway thanks again
11/30/2017 07:49
@MissBonnie, we have an introduction to BDSM article (Let's Get You Started) as well as some tips for polite conduct, safety, privacy and more, but no actual help file for how to navigate the site. We're hoping it is mostly intuitive or easy to figure out. We welcome suggestions as to how we can improve the site or if you are interested we'd encourage you to start a 'tips' topic in the forum where you and other members can give some pointers or share your experiences. Thanks so much for the feedback :)
11/30/2017 16:24
Bogdan​(sub male)
I am very happy because I am here most happy
05/04/2018 00:55
1crazygirl​(sub female){unowned/si}
Im digging it so far...very user friendly which for a site is a +
05/24/2018 00:21
I'm totally lost
10/08/2018 23:40
WolfHead01​(dom male)
Could you please explain how to use chat? Thanks.
10/26/2018 11:14
WolfHead01​(dom male)
Could you please explain how to use chat? Thanks.
10/26/2018 11:16
tututaka​(dom male)
Does this site have the scammer problem as the other sites?
11/05/2018 03:41
You have a search by login date but it only shows date joined?
11/26/2018 17:13
@Crazygirl - glad to hear! @ Jayden - give me a shout if you need some help navigating the site. I'll do my best! @ Wolfhead, chat is a feature for Premium users, although for the month of December we've opened it to all in honour of the holiday season. Simply click on "chat" and a window will open for the lobby and a list of rooms. Simply start typing and hit enter and you'll see your text appear in chat. If you have any issues or need more help give me a shout. @tututaka, as with elsewhere on the internet there is always the potential for nefarious people to try and take advantage of others. Use common sense when interacting and sharing personal information and make sure to REPORT anyone who gives you any trouble. With the community's helps we work hard to keep the site as safe as possible. @plsmoreSir, there is a small set of arrows on the top left of the list of names that allows you to sort by date joined, age, and other parameters. Sorry for the late responses everyone! It's probably best to message me with your questions or any your comments and suggestions to our dedicated suggestion thread here:
12/01/2018 16:36