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He subdued and controlled her demons. He sated her every desire.

By Aussie-Primal     08/02/2016 5527
He wrapped his hand around her beating heart and promised to never, ever let go. He dried the tears that flowed from her eyes. He calmed the gulping sobs that racked her chest and entire body. He walked in front of her, holding her hand. He became her guide through the darkness and the far reaching confusing maze of kink. A confusion that had consumed her life before meeting him. He instinctively protected her from the darkest of nightmares that always found a way to take hold of her soul. He protected her from the demons that threatened to consume her existence in the cold dark of the night. He injected true purpose and disciplined regiment into her life.

She gave herself to him, without question, and upon complete surrender to him, she experienced unexplainable bliss and felt so much joy enter her life. The nightmares ceased, and instead became the sweetest and most satisfying of dreams. She had finally found her One. Her Sir. Her Master. He subdued and controlled her demons. He preempted her every need, and sated her every desire. He was all she needed. He was everything she needed. Everything she had ever dreamed of. And so much more. He truly completed her. He was her King.

Author ~ Aussie-Primal