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Champagne and Pie - Part #1

By InqSci​(dom male)     September 5, 2022
He really did not know what to say. The last 3 months of interactions between them raced through his mind; stopping briefly at each moment that he just realized were direct hints at her desire for him. He felt a slight tinge of embarrassment as his face turned a little red.

She saw the realization in his face. She repeated her statement, not because she thought he did not hear her; but, she wanted this hint to be driven home. "Sometimes, a girl just needs a glass of wine before she has her cream pie". She delighted at her quicker wit that helped her turn that quick phrase.

As he took inventory of all of the hints and this repeated statement, her desires were clearly laid out; as he relished that last statement and the visual aroused his loins. His cock started engorging very quickly with blood and moved down his dress slacks. Not the best material to hide an engorged member.

She knew he had the right message. She marveled as she looked him up and down for any type of cues; and her eyes could not look away at the massive cock inching down his thigh. She gulped as she considered the shear length and girth; and it was still growing.

His mind was racing now as he tried to focus on finishing the last page on the copier. What phrase could he come back with that would let her know that her desire was not in vain; and he would love to provide the wine... and the "Cream Pie".
"You know, wine is certainly okay, but I was always told that a nice champagne goes best with a "Cream Pie."

At that statement, she could feel her wetness grow with every word of his statement. He finally understood what she wanted and he has committed to playing the verbal game. She can make this happen if she doesn't lose her nerve.

"Honestly, it's been so long since I had a Cream Pie I have forgotten that champagne probably would be better"

He immediately responded, "How interesting that I just happen to have a bottle of Veuve Clicquot chiling in the fridge at my apartment".

She froze. Not only did he catch on, he had taken the offense.... She thought to herself, "Veuve Clicquot is THE wine for romantic interludes". Their company was a distributor for all types of beverages to higher end hotels and she remembered from her training, that this champagne was #2 of the top 20 Champagnes. She could feel the throbbing clitoris as it swelled with arousal and her wetness only increased more.

That statement literally was an open invitation to his apartment. She had only been with the company for 3 months; she didn't work in his section; but the work required that they collaborate often. Over those three months, she had come to like him immensely and his business acumen was incredible, maybe intoxicating, As he was very calm under pressure and open to help or mentor anyone that were having troubles. He was the de facto leader in Middle Management that even the Suits came to for sound advice.

"Was that an invitation for tonight?" she boldly stated, barely able to keep the right pitch and tone that convey a sense of playful coyness.

"I could not think of a better occasion to open that bottle of Clicquot."

She almost creamed her panties at that. In less than 4 statements they went from finishing out the weekly reports on a Friday afternoon to a full offer to come to his place for "Champagne and Cream Pie". She looked him over once again; still she gasped internally at the very distinct bulge that ran from his pelvis to almost halfway down his leg. This was the moment of truth and hesitation gripped her as she now realized that her statement to convey her thoughts had open the gateway to something she had only fantasized about. She wanted him. Now she knew he wanted her and had laid out the path.

"I have a few errands to run today, but I can stop by around 9pm? Is that okay with you?"

"It's perfect. It gives me time to get the apartment in order"

She blushed, as she thought about him frantically cleaning his apartment for her. What she could not know was that his apartment was already immaculate, clean and minimal. His statement of getting the apartment in order, meant something else entirely.

"Looking forward to this, I will see you around 9'ish." She picked up her work reports and started out of the room and she simply said, "Text me your address" as she walked out of the room.

He smiled and said, "Will do, see you tonight" His mind was already starting to put together the preparations needed to be made.

To be continued......

Oh take me. I’m yours.
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