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Champagne and Pie - Part #2

By InqSci​(dom male)     September 6, 2022
She dropped her reports off at her desk and immediately went straight to her car; she wanted to removed the drenched panties before they got her dress skirt wet or stained. Once in her car, she could not believe how wet she was... the role dynamics had reversed so quickly and forcefully that she realized that all this time she took him to be a bit clueless in romantic hints. She now realized why he was so good at work; his focus on the task at hand took in information that was relevant and filed away the other information. The dialogue that took less than a minute completely took her by surprise and now she was very aroused and SHE was the clueless one. She brushed it off and told herself that she had gotten him to finally realize her attraction to him. She called her Salon and told the receptionist "Elaine needs a 911" and the receptionist, Sheila, replied affirmatively and they she should be there at 6pm. She wanted this to go well and she definitely needed a blowout and definitely a waxing; it had been too long since her pubic area had seen something beside her toys or her fingers.

Kent was still in the copy room and had just finished his report stack. His mind was calm and Elaine's direct hint put him into a great mood. He always liked her, she was cheery, positive even when headwinds hindered a desired outcome and now he realized that her hints over the past 3 months may have been the reason why he thought so fondly of her. She was smart, decisive and helped others reach conclusions, which clearly showed that she was a team player that saw the value of learning new things. She was definitely attractive. Her body type was curvy, and her height held it very well; he knew she was fit as many times he had seen her running on the treadmill in the mornings at the company gym on the first floor. He dropped his report stack on his admin's desk, and said, "Jessie, here are the Week End Reports, as usual.... the start of the weekend for us".

Jessie looked at that stack and replied, "Kent, for the life of me I do not understand why you still do those reports. You have a whole team of capable people, including me that can handle the copying for the 5th Floor, and you have done these for 10 years when you didn't need to at all."

"Well, you know me, I like to pitch in for the team and it is not bother; I like the feeling of finishing these out on Friday's as it was a mental milestone that the weekend has started."

Jessie adored Kent for his management style. She knew he would say that and she considered herself lucky to be his admin. He personally asked for her 10 years ago when he was promoted. Other Admins did not have it as good, some were treated just as a machine with dropped off tasks or errands; Kent often asked her what she thought about a business issue, he considered her an integral part of his team. She definitely remembered the time HR had came to his office last year questioning his decision to increase her pay to "Junior Analyst" levels. Kent did not know, but his voice carries through walls and windows very well. He never raised his voice, but he spoke confidently, logically and had a distinct command tone that resonated. She remembered the phrasing to HR he said before he shown them out, "Jessie has been with me for 9 years, I picked her years ago because she is smart and knows our business well. Until your department changes the rules about qualifications, I cannot promote her to Junior Analyst on my team; but, I can damn sure pay her like she is one." She also remembered that right after that meeting he asked Jessie for a Thank You cards and wrote two personal notes of to the HR Director and Manager that had just left. He is a good one... and it was known that as soon as one of the C-Suite Execs retired, he will tapped to fill their shoes. "Any plans this weekend, Kent?"

"Ah, Jess... I think I have an engagement tonight and will probably stay around the Apartment and relax a bit."

She snickered, "Still just an Apartment?,... Kent, you have the greatest view of the whole city. I know you like the outdoors and you will return back to the Mountains when you retire; but you own a very nice place in the city!"

And just like that, they both said the same thing at the same time "Yes, that's true, but you should see my home in the Mountains" Jess and Kent laughed and he told her to have a great weekend and as always call him if she needs anything. Kent was always willing to help out with driving someone home, working on a leaky faucet or even serve as an escort/arm candy for Jess. He did that for all his team. He is a good one, indeed.

Kent grabbed his keys and left his laptop. He had finished a large workload that week and there was no need to bring anything home. Especially since Elaine was going to come by at 9:00; and he planned on playing that fluidly as he was sure that she would not just show up at 9:00, drink a great champagne and expect him to give her a cream pie. No, there would be some mental foreplay for sure, and he wanted it to go slow as it had been some time since he had an interlude. He quickly texted his address to Elaine and headed out. He was going to grab a good carb dinner early and make some Hors d'oeuvre that would go well with the Clicquot.

Elaine was almost to the Salon when her phone beeped. She never looked at her phone while driving. 10 Minutes later she was in the parking lot and walking into the Salon. She knew Sheila would have someone to work on her waxing and her hair as they have become friends over the last 3 months. She had sent Sheila a bottle of Blanton's for her husband's birthday last month and Sheila told her that if she ever needed an emergency service, just to call her and she would make it happen. She walked up to the doors and Sheila was just unlocking the door for her to come in. "Hiya Sheila, sorry about this, but I actually may have a sure thing tonight"

Sheila smiled, "It must be to need a wax and blow out this late on a Friday, who is the lucky man?"

Elaine just smiled and gave her a wink. Sheila immediately knew. Elaine had remembered the text, and exclaimed, "Oh, he was going to text me his address to meet for Champagne at 9:00. It just came in while I was driving." Elaine pulled up the address and read, "225 North River Blvd, # 1450".

Sheila's eyes got real big... and Elaine asked her, "What is it Sheila?". Sheila just said, "Wow".. "Wow"... "We need to get you in here quick!"

Elaine, not understanding, asked, "Sheila... it's just an address, what is the big deal?"

Sheila explained, "My husband was Construction Manager on that building... and you certainly have seen it." It's the tall Condo Towers on the other side of the river that is lit up at night with different colors based on any event going on that weekend. The apartments are like 2,000 square feet minimum and one whole wall of each is just glass that looks directly over the river and into the City." My husband took me up to one of the condos when they were finished up... and all I can say is WOW..."

Elaine, was interest was really piqued. She started to talk but it came out as a stutter, "We- We- Well, I guess we better get started on me..looks like I am headed uptown".

Sheila said, "Yes, and I am even going to help on this one." She called back to one of the ladies, the master esthetician, and said that Elaine was here and we need to get started. She said, "Monica.. as you are working the wax, I will do her nails"

Elaine was new in this town and was just feeling things out, but it was beginning to dawn upon her that her new career at the distributor had taken up so much of her time that she never really got acclimated to the City. Three months in training that included a lot of travel to all type of beverage makers and then three months in her current role had left no time to discover her new city. A look of bewilderment was on her face and the day's events from the copy room just seemed to be spinning quickly like a fairy tale.

Sheila saw Elaine's facial expression and took her hand, "Elaine... it's okay, you got this and we are going to make you look fabulous"

Elaine, feeling better said, "Thanks Sheila... I appreciate that"

But Elaine, could still not shake that weird feeling. She was the pursuer of Kent... and now she realized the irony; it would be if you watched NatGeo and the Gazelle was stalking the Cheetah.

Sheila handed her a glass of Champagne and said, "Let's get you ready."

I just know you’re going to tie me down and ravage me.
Sep 14, 2022, 9:17 PM