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The Blindfold

By The Cage Staff     02/08/2016 4219
The blindfold is one of my favourite toys. I love the way you look when you wear it – the dark velvet soft against your pale skin. The way you hold yourself when you can’t see: hands a little raised, back straight, body tense and alert. I love the way your breathing quickens as I tie it into place behind your head. I can almost feel the tension thrumming through you.
I take a step back and look you up and down. Your slender body. Small breasts. Blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. Leather cuffs heavy on your wrists. You are naked except for your black lace panties and bra. So little to protect you. So little to hide behind.
I move quietly. Soften my breathing. I know that you will be straining your ears to hear me, but I don’t allow you the luxury of what’s coming next. Quietly, almost silently, I pick up the crop and. I glide the hardness of it down your back, and you shiver, almost pulling away.
“Be still,” I say. And you freeze, not daring to move. I glide the crop down your back again, and this time you do not flinch away. I press it into the soft curve of your backside – a taste of what is to come.
Your breathing is heavy now, urgent. I know you well enough to know when you’re turned on. With the crop still against your bottom, I reach down and cup your crotch. You are wet there already, the dewy slickness seeping through the material of your panties. You groan as I touch you there, arching your back, pressing into my hand.
There will be pleasure, of course. But not yet. Not until you’ve taken your pain. Not until I’ve made you beg.
I remove the crop from you and pace around you. I reach out, grab a handful of your breast through your bra. This makes you gasp, perhaps with arousal, perhaps with pain. I can feel the warmth of your skin, the beat of your heart. I touch you elsewhere, too. I rake my nails down your bake. Test your throat in the grip of my hand. Skim your stomach with the tip of my fingers.
And then I take up position behind you and press the crop into your ass once more. You are shivering with anticipation, your blindfolded face lowered, your mouth a finger’s-width open. I draw the crop back and take aim. It is time for your punishment to begin.