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Some Tips For Polite Conduct On THE CAGE

By Villanelle​(staff)     04/23/2021 9774
If you've spent more than a hot minute exploring BDSM online chances are you've met plenty of scammers, fakes, trolls, and plain old not so nice people. Rudeness can be found everywhere online (and off), but anything to do with sex or fetish seems to take incivility to a new level. But that's not the way we are doing it here at THE CAGE.

With the help of our community we're working hard to make THE CAGE an exceptional experience, filled with friendly, considerate, and authentic people who have a sincere interest in BDSM. Whether you're new to the community or an established member, it's a good idea to make sure you've read our Community Standards and Terms Of Service, which you'll find on the bottom of each page of our website:

It's also a good idea to take a look at our "Let's Get You Started" magazine article, which has some good links for the novice and the experienced practitioner alike.

Besides that, keep these few points in mind:

-unless you've negotiated it, name calling and humiliation is NOT okay, not in chat, not in private mails, not in BOND, our instant messenger. Not everyone in to BDSM enjoys it and you shouldn't assume they do.

-heated conversations and debates are all welcome and encouraged, but make sure to attack an opinion, not a person.

-you're welcome to put nude and kinky photos in your profile and blog, but don't send them unsolicited to other members. Not everyone wants to see it and no one should be forced to see it.

-don't expect submissives to treat you in a certain way just because you identify as dominant. All D/s dynamics need to be negotiated and agreed to by all parties involved.

-don't ask others for money or gifts and don't promote your business.

-use extreme caution before sending out personal information and photos. Remember, once it's out there, it's out there.

If a member violates our rules or is rude or abusive, take a screenshot of the conversation and report it. Although we are not able to make sure everyone gets along and we aren't able to mediate disagreements, we will remove individuals who repeatedly ignore our rules or demonstrate a lack of civility towards others.

With your help we hope to continue to build our community in to a welcoming and intelligent adult environment in which we can all learn, share our knowledge, and find support. To those of you working hard to support others and to welcome new users, we sincerely thank you. We truly couldn't do this with out you.

See you inside THE CAGE!

The Cage Staff