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experienced submissive
I am an experienced submissive who recently was replaced by a demanding mistress.

Queen Looking For Male Servant
I've been ask many times from different men to dominate them I would be in complete control for my pleasure I am not into scat animals or anything illegal looking for a submissive man that loves to please

looking to be owned
I am a Pre op transgender submissive female that is looking to be owned in real life I will do my best to serve well
subabby21​(sub trans mtf){Want to be}10/23/2017

Seeking potential darlings/subs :-)
Hello everyone! I hope all is well mentally, physically and spiritually with you. Anyway I am seeking a sub/subs who are located in California and are serious about the sub role. PLEASE, please!!--->Read my profile first! Anyway enjoy your day and best of luck to everyone on here. SOUL Goddess
Soul Goddess​(dom female)09/29/2017

South Carolina based Mistress taking applications from lifestyle submissive. I am not looking to be any ones ,chat buddy online or over text. I am a firm believer in good communication , trust , loyalty , protocol and discipline. TIME IS A VERY VALUABLE COMMODITY. PM only , I will only respond to well thought emails.
Jade Savage​(dom female)09/13/2017

Sadistic Poly Geeky Heteroflexible Kitten Seeks
submissive, masochistic, poly friendly, geeky, heteroflexible counter part. Must be discrete*, communicative, socialized, trustworthy, dependable, and have most of your shit together. Service oriented attitude helps since you will be the submissive. NYC local only!

PM me a polite introduction if you feel like you meet the above requirements.

* - There's a not so fine line between being discrete and a dirty secret. The latter will not work.

New Zealand based Mistress taking applications from lifestyle slaves
I'm setting up a Dom/sub house here in New Zealand so looking for slaves interested in living this lifestyle 24/7. No dreamers. Must have the means to relocate yourself and find employment here in New Zealand.

Black Domme FLR seeking a male bride
Black Domme seeking a mature submissive male wife for Long term relationship/ marriage

Hard Working Slaves Required - Stockport manchester
I'm looking for trusty subs to hello me clear a property, do my garden and other tasks... Anyone can help me, but, I would like to develop some sub/Domme relationships with anyone who helps in time.
Are you up for a little hard work for a Mistress and play?


I am a 51yr old BBW Femme 'BDSM' Domme, into the lifestyle for around 22 years.
When I mean I am a BDSM domme, it means that I like to play within the BDSM community 'as well' as the CP fraternity.
I base my play on the submissive, and their fantasies and fetishes, as I believe it's a two way street.
I am a little teeny, eeny, weeny bit of a sadist but, don't be scared, I can cater for all tastes, all scenarios. I particularly like seeing naughty boys in my office, and pet dogs.
I'd like to think I was a very tolerant and friendly person; however, I can and will rip people to shreds, especially if they are bullies. Nothing worse than a bully - scum of the earth.
That said, I am very approachable.. and I'm a good listener - I have to be, to ensure I note your mischief!

Mature BBW Switch Female seeking male to torment long term
I have been in the lifestlye for many years and I am making a concerted effort to find a long term submissive male to torture and torment for fun. Race is of no matter but I would prefer you to be between 30-55 years of age. Also, requires you to be local or living near by so that we have a better opportunity to get to know one another as well as share scenes.
Kyelie​(switch female)04/19/2017

BBW dominant seeking male sub/slave
I am interested in finding a male submissive that wants to be trained as my slave. I want a slave who will obey and adore me. My slave will not only service me sexually but domestically as well. I prefer a male ages 25 to 40.
Ktkat​(dom female)03/30/2017

Train you for MY PLEASURE
The title says it... But I realize that some on here are not to help you understand in searching for my long term life owner slave relationship.. You have to be willing to learn my thrills...
What makes you Differenr? What enjoyment are you going to bring to my life??????
Not trying to build a stable just train you to worship me and putting my happiness in front of yours...
Oceanflow​(dom female)02/22/2017

Chocolate Stallion Domme looking for my New bitch
Bossy Domme looking for my newest bitch. Must be boss in your world but wants to my slave in my world.
Empress v02/21/2017

Lick my Heels
I am not a professional Mistress.. I am a dominate woman whom is seeking a Submissive White male....
Im need to have total control of every area of your life... I plan to be the focus of your life... To be pampered when I desire and have my heels licked for my pleasure... To push your ass then make you suck on mine....
To strap you to the bed and drown you as I ride your face... If I choose
To drop hot wax on your body just because I want have you suck on my rubber cock and you enjoy...
Seeking North and South Carolina and Georgia. .. You will travel and make all arrangements for all time spent together...
Oceanflow​(dom female)02/17/2017

Seeking Male Sub in Texas
This Mistress is in search of a loyal male sub from Texas within the ages of 30-50. Must be willing to do a contract. Interested? Want to know more? Message me and I will gladly fill you in with the dirty details
Angel of Mercy​(dom female)12/30/2016

Seeking Forever relationship With submissive male
My dream is to become the owner/wife of a submissive man. I am both loving and strict. Must be ages between 50 and 62. Check out my profile.
Ms MaryDi​(dom female)12/15/2016

Seeking longterm relationship with a sub
Full figured black female seeking a male sub for long-term relationship.

Goddess for over eager submissive
I'm bored with all yes goddess but it's really oh I'm afraid goddess excuses! Of you truly know better then show your Goddess better.
Ms Tracy6​(dom female)11/04/2016

New dominant looking for long-term relationship
First of all, please read my profile first, ok now that you gave done that, I am looking for long-term relationship with a submissive male. I prefer bisexual, or if you enjoy being humiliated by sucking a mans cock after he fucked me and you must be ok with being tied up and having a stapon used on you by me. I will enjoy using a flogger or something similar if you are interested. I am an open minded mistress and will want to know your hard limits, don't tell me you do anything, I want to know your likes and dislikes. Since I am new I don't want to break my new toy.
Hailescomet​(dom female)11/01/2016

Looking For My New Slave Boy!!
If you're looking for a new Mistress look no further..Let this Chocolate Mistress put some excitement in your life!!!
Mistress Nadia10/29/2016