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Female domme looking for sub,Ltr
I am 25, female domme. I am needy for attention.
I am witty, I love joking.

I am not looking to help you get off and turn you on.

I want a real relationship, friendship, and a freak in the sheets lol. I want to be able to talk about our days, joke around, and then I’m still dominate behind closed doors, and in the bedroom.
I want to be worshipped, and adored. I am very sure of myself, I am confident, and I know exactly what I want.
I am not here to play games. So read my profile and message me if you meet my age range requirements and are interested!
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Submissive Male Wanted for Online Relationship
I am seeking you to be my own. We both have busy lives and we both have unfulfilled desires and
taking action. Your are seeking me to belong, to and it is early in our journey toward one another. You are over 54 and under 90. Once we connect, I will appreciate you, reward you and cherishing you. You are my healthy, intelligent, firey, submissive male and you are between the age of 54 and 90. You are clean, honest, turstworthy, independent, loyal, dependable and willing to learn how to please me and willing to know how precious you are to me. You want to enter an online relationship with me, to see if I might want to develop an ongoing relationship with you. You too will be deciding if Honeymama is going to
give you what you want and desire. Let’s see if I can be your Honeymamma. Maybe, I can be part of your your pleasure. You will be deciding if Honeymama is someone you want to continue your journye with. Understand that Honeymama has rules. Rules are simple. Will you want to follow my rules? Are you willing to accept consequences when rules are broken? Are you willing to learn what it takes to be mine and submit to Honeymama? I love rewarding good behavior. If you are unsure of what you desire, or intuite that Honeymamma is not yours, then please dont waste your time or mine. If and until we decide to formalize our relationship, I will be Honeymama, thereafter we will discuss the proper term of your address for me. If you think you might want to be mine, contact me for further introductory instructions.
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Looking for a hot fully bi male for...
We're looking for a very hot bi male single preferred looking for a Primal Dominant couple
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Looking for A Quality Person
I am looking for a submissive male
who enjoys serving his Domme.
You are: kind, intelligent, employed
or retired. ( over forty)
I am, attractive, intelligent, creative and
caring Domme.
A few of my interests are: tease & denial,
spanking, feminization & power and control.
Will you be my pet?
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Hello Gentlemen ?
Seeking an potential Gentleman :-)
Hello everyone! I hope all is well mentally, physically and spiritually with you. Anyway I am seeking an submissive or switch type of gentleman who is located in California. I prefer the Bay area if possible unless you are willing to travel to me. Btw I am seeking friendship first...I must have connection with your soul first. I understand this "The Cage" but I love myself too much to be doing hookups with random people. Not my style and never will be. Besides I don't like to share, share. If you have a problem with what I said above...keep it moving---> So Serious GENTLEMEN who have no problem being submissive or switch at times are always are welcome to contact me.a Anyway enjoy your day and best of luck to everyone on here. SOUL Goddess
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Dominant Woman looking for Submissive.
Hello there.

I’m a young dominant woman looking for a submissive or slave to call my own, to please my needs and be rewarded if they were good, if they displeased me - they will be punished, no exceptions.

I’m a firm domme, you follow my rules and orders and I will reward you. You disobey me and you will be punished.

A bit about me as a domme:

- I don’t care what gender or sexuality you are, if we have a connection that doesn’t matter to me.
- I might be firm with my rules and orders, but I am still understanding. If you are my submissive I will care for you, listen to your troubles and be there for you.
- I strive to never be unfair or unjust towards my submissives and my decisions regarding them.
- I will do everything in my power as your Domme to put you at ease and to help you be the best version of yourself.

I love denying my submissives orgasms, tying them up and marking them. (not permanently, mostly hickeys— I love showing everyone what is mine.) I love to overstimulate my submissives sometimes. I love using gags, restraints, blindfolds and toys on my submissives. — of course, i love doing much more than just this, this is only to name a few.

I love impact play and sensual play— and many more.

I’m currently just looking for an online/LDR submissive or slave, as I’m a busy woman. But with the potential of meeting up when we both feel comfortable and feel a connection.

There is more to say, but the rest I’ll leave for those truly interested in getting to know me.
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Maam looking for a good boy
52yr old dom seeking trained sub. Cum to me to enjoy the life you've chosen.
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WHAT I’M SEEKING Part 1 or 2 :
This aspect of my profile, is so crucial to be read and very much understood. I want the slaves/subs who read this to be clear that they’re capable of embodying what it is I’m seeking. If you are unsure, or know you can’t fulfill my needs, please refrain from wasting my time as I don’t appreciate games. If you’re a serious candidate, and you feel you are exactly what I want then feel free to forward me a message. You’ll be expected to do the following when writing to myself.
1.) You’ll greet me by referring to myself as Ms. Carmen in the initial first message. All other messages/correspondences you may refer to me as Maam, Miss, Ms, Mistress. Always emphasize the M as a form of respect for your Dominant.
2.) You’ll attach a clear face photo, nothing nude unless requested by myself.
3.) You’ll send a detailed message, explaining who you are, why you feel you’d be a great candidate, and what your goals to appease me, limits ect.

WHAT I’M SEEKING Part 2 of 2 :
The following is the set requirements you’d need to fulfill prior to messaging me.
1.) Canada/U.S MEN ONLY
2.) 20-45 Years Old ( On the rarest of occasions I will accept an older slave )
3.) Caucasian Only
4.) Must speak fluent English
1.) Cum Swallowing
2.) Piss Drinking
3.) Orgasm Denial ( Denial Journal will be also included via email daily )
4.) Edging
5.) Essays/Tasks ( depending on what I’m in the mood for )
6.) Must be willing to either own toys or purchase toys such as dildo/anal beads
Anything else I require will be brought up within correspondences.
YOU MUST OWN A WEBCAM/MIC as you’ll be required to perform tasks either in video or picture format. You will willingly offer DAILY to complete any requests.
I’m currently using KIK/Hangouts and I will be establishing an email address for slaves to submit to me email correspondences/tasks ect.
Thank You for taking time to read my profile, I hope to hear from you, if not all the best with finding your Dominant counterpart.
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Seeking subservience
I am looking for an experienced sub or slave. I have no desire to train anyone further. You must come to me ready to serve. You must have your own toys and space for sessions, as I may not always be able to host due to the nature of the area in which I live.
You must message me for more information if you think you are interested and worthy.
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Fun female dom looking for a obedient MALE sub
Strictly Online
I expect HONESTY at all times
I will NOT give out my number UNITIL i decide you have earned it and we have known each other for months Messaging will be done on KIK.
Your COMPLETE devotion to me is expected
I will DEMAND your time and attention
If you are not prepared to text me whenever I message you then i am not for you
I expect you to talk to me and be there for me AND I will do the same
I expect you to follow my instructions
LIMITS will be discussed before we start anything
Send a pic with your message if you are interested ( face or chest is fine)
Feel free to be creative with the picture you send

DO NOT keep me waiting, a fun and thrilling adventure awaits you!
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34F Looking for Femboy In Md
I am looking for a white older femboy for a female lead relationship. I am an experienced Domme living on the md area. If your serious hit me up
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Looking for a cute twink basically. Something casual is fine but I’d prefer a sub who’s comfortable living the lifestyle with me. I’m 18 and I would like someone from the ages of 18-25. Dm me if interested
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2 mistresses
Strictly online
We are 2 mistresses looking for our new pet. We want to own you. We are demanding of your time and attention.
We expect you to always worship us and do as we please.
So you don't have to ask how it works, we will ask you to download discord and join our chat. That is how we will both be able to communicate and demand things of you. We do expect you to send us a picture. Not of your junk. If face is too personal, send a picture of yourself topless. But keep the underwear/pants on.
You can tell us your limits
We are very impatient. So do not make us wait for your message. And send your picture with your message if you are interested, because that will get you approved sooner.
You must worship us as the goddesses we are.
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New female dom seeking male sub
I'm new to this but used to being in charge. I would like someone who also likes anime or games. I come off as a bitch but can be sweet when it's earned.
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Dominus est quaeritis
Seeking an experienced master in the Oklahoma City area.

Check out my profile.
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Looking for a Bitch to Own !!!!!
Mines Only !!
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Vermont Dom seeks sub male
I am here in search of a sub male to join us. My husband is now a willing participant in this lifestyle, but I desire another. He knows he is lowest and MY new toy will be My first concern when we all play. I am firm, but kind, and we both know you want those attributes from Me as you work toward total submission.
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Dominant Woman
Enjoy having submissive men too take care of my every need. Your purpose is to please and satisfy what ever need I may have. I am your master!!!
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seeking local sub to train and own
I'm from Toronto I'm very attractive seeking attractive sub male for LT play. I'm creative old school strict.
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Looking for a super sub male
I'm a loving yet take charge woman who is looking for a super sub male that will let me take charge of him and he is willing to please me in every way and I will show some love in return as well as putting my foot down and taking control of you when I feel even if it's all day your mine to control
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