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Hello everybody! My name is Martin, or Aselith. Today with a request that is quite new to me.

I'm looking for some submissive partners of any gender or likings. You can be a shy person exploring their kinky side or even a hardcore masochist, I will be interested in you in both cases.

And because I've had a few submissive partners, I'm sure I'm experienced enough. But there is always room for improvement!

However, don't expect me to start with you right away. First important thing is to get to know each other some more. And if both of us will be comfortable with it, we could even call or send pictures.

If you're interested in having a dominant, I'll be more than glad to hear from you.
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Looking for a partner who seeks to take care of someone
I am an older (63) Dominant GWM who's health and life isn't what it used to be. I can still take care of myself but there are some things I can't do anymore and some thing I need help with. I am 63, GWM, sexually impotent from nerve damage, and limited in activity from bck problems. I am not a social person and have no local friends or family. I live on 10 rural, wooded acres in the south with a vacant second unit, several outbuildings and an equipped auto shop with a lift (if that interests anyone). I need someone naturally submissive but who "thrives" with someone to take care of. I can do most household chores but could use help. I also have immense knowledge of construction and buidling things and would like someone at least capable of doing the hard part of those activities when needed. I am far from rich because being dominant meant taking care of those who trusted me. I have been taken advantage of financially many times so at this stage in life I need someone I can totally trust. I have very few expenses and live on a small fixed income but have ways for a partner to earn some money when needed. I know this is an unusual posting, but it is what it is. I am looking for a GWM male (or bi or asexual), under 40, who is easy going and has a smile to share. You should want a simple life as there are no real frills in my life now. I don't mean to sound as though there isn't any fun because I am open to a lot of things with the right guy but I can't say a $200 pair of jeans or sneakers interest me. I am going to keep my exact identity private until I know you so don't expect an invitation right away. If any of this sounds like a situation that may be of interest, say hello.
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Ftmdaddy looking for a little
I'm a transman who is looking for a little or petz I've been a daddy Dom for 8 years, I'm a soft daddy who loves to cuddle and play with his little
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Seeking Chicago Pup
Seeking a proper pup.
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Sexy dominate couple...need Sub
We are a biracial couple. We are clean 41 young . We are dominate ppl looking for a good obident. Female Sub one weekend a month, that way we all have something to look forward to. All I can say is yes its doible the work but its also double the pleasure . Mind blowing we perfer someone new we can teach. Message us lets figure this out we tell you what you need to do
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Looking for hetro women or couples to join for some PNP fun! Feel free to reach out for details if you live in the Twin Cities area.
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Mentor a shiny new submissive?
Im fairly new to the life style and am hoping to learn as much as i can. I have an intense thirst for knowledge and am somewhat obssessive at times. Im not looking for a dom but would like someone who could help teach me more. I do have a daddy and he does a great job but he too is somewhat inexperienced and wants me to grow and learn as much as i can. If u are interested let me know.
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Come and let me Train you in Sensual/Sexual Submission
Widowed White Male 72. 50 years in the Lifestyle seeking a Female Sub over 50 who wants to be trained in Sensual and Sexual Submission, Bondage, Collaring, and Fetished
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The Mrs. and I are looking to add a new female submissive and/or slave to our relationship.

We are seeking a female submissive between the ages of 20 and 34 whom, would be interested in both BDSM play and relations with the both of us (i.e. a sub female that is bi or at least heteroflexible in orientation).

The play and relations would mainly be with me, for my sexual appetites are far too great for one submissive (my fiancé) to handle. However, we would both like to be able to enjoy you when we want to or when she just wants to.

All terms and limits are negotiable and of course everything will always be consensual between us. Also, if we click, we are hoping for a long-term arrangement with you, if it’s a mutually agreeable.

We recently bought a large house in Lawrence Township where are rendezvous can take place however, if you prefer another meeting area we can discuss that.

PM me if you wish to discuss things further and get to know one another and possibly set up a public meet and greet.
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Seeking Help
Hello, I do so like being controlled and told what to do, receive punishments and rewards for doing bad or well. So really I need some help doing things day to day. If it helps any you can add kink to it. This can be online or offline, mostly I have things to do day to day and you can schedule for me to do it or tell me how and when to do it. We can talk about any details you may want to know.
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BDSM sign language (Deaf community)
Anyone know official signs for BDSM terms? I would prefer in ASL, but open to learn from other countries, as they may be similar. TIA
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Need 2 kmow
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Are you a female, between the ages of 25 and 55, living in central Virginia, and you love bondage? This male bondage enthusiast/practitioner is looking for a new partner. If you are serious about bondage, then contact me. Thank you for your time.
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Female Play Partner Wanted (Lethbridge Ab)
Just simply looking for a good play partner to explore this world with me. Lemme know ;) thank you for reading!
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Looking for 24/7 D/s friends in Portland Oregon
Are there any Dom's here on the Cage that live in the Portland, Oregon area that live a 24/7 D/s relationship? Looking to make some new friends that are in the lifestyle that I can talk to/with about the lifestyle as I am fairly new to the lifestyle dynamic.
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Kink friendly room for rent near Gainsville Florida
Retired male nudist seeks lady to rent room. Private room, bath and all modern amenities. Low cost to a working girl and possibly free to a full time student. Let me know if you are interested to learn more.
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CPL don't female sub male seeking ideas to act out on conmand
Jus like says... We are both very sexual and attractive ppl as well we are new to this and just seeking sum guidance from a dom female
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Back from an absence
Hi all,
I've recently come back to the platform after a long stretch away from it and I'm just looking to meet some people to talk to.
Always love a good conversation with fellow book lovers, movie watchers, and gamers.
I'm hoping to bump into someone with similar interests who might want to chat for a while so we can get to know eachother better.
Anyone interested feel free to message.
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Eastern wa
Bi 190 8" mex/thai...42 numerous fetishs all safe tho get at me
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Sub looking for Slave for Dom
I am currently helping my Dom try to find a Slave who is into blood play. If you're interested message me on here.
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