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Looking for my forever sub/slave
Looking for my forever sub/slave
What can say ? I have had bad experiences with many fakes online!! But im still looking for that one, the real deal! A Sub/ Slave that knows how to obey,respect, be trustworthy and love her Master/ Dom!! Someone who will be willing to relocate to me in the future for a lifetime relationship
Masterv42​(dom male)11/21/2017

Making myself findable
Making this ad in hopes that I will be messaged.

I am looking for a sub that is between the ages of 18 to 25 though would prefer the ages 18-20. I will like to have a genral idea of how they look. While a photo is the easy way for me to know how they look I understand it may also be uncomfortable so I'll be fine with just thier best physical description.

To make things clear I feel very uncomfortable on showing myself. Though I hope my sub wouldn't. So before ever considering sending me a photograph or video of themselves I want to be clear I am most likely not going to do the same. I may still send photos and videos but not showing me. And if we where to ever video chat I would stay in voice chat.

I'll be honest,unlike most people here, I am not looking for a permanent relationship. I am looking for a short to long term Dom/sub relationship where it is know at some point we wouldn't be in that relationship anymore but be assured the friendship relationship would still live. Think of me as a Dom you will service to try and get some experience serving a type of Dom, since all Doms may be diffrent.

I will admit I am not a very exprince Dom as I have not really had an Rl master/sub relationships and have only really rped the relationships.

Take note I am a very caring and understanding person. I will not force you to do anything you are uncomfortable doing, though if it's a situation where you just need to get comfortable with doing it I will gladly give you time and try helping you get comfortable with it. I am also if you are ever having a bad day or need to rant I'd be glad to let you rant and either give feed back or just stay quite if you just wanted to let something out but not be told anything back.

And finally to very important things.
Firs I would like my sub to still be able to be able to go on with there lives without me having to be responsible about everything. I'll gladly take some control over your life if you want me to depending how it is.
Second this is purely an online thing. Maybe in the far future It won't be, but that is the far future.
Dantie​(dom male){Don't have}11/21/2017

Looking for bisexual sub female
I'm the daddy I have one very loyal obedient sub think its time we add another

Looking for a committed sub
I am not very picky as a done but I am strict and am not afraid to give punishment when deserving if your new or experienced either is welcome Id love to help explore and push yourself message me if your interested
Brooker1​(dom male)11/21/2017

Looking for online female sub / slave
A dominant man, looking for an absolute submissive/slave woman. I am sadistic, perverted and at times, cruel, cheap and gross. On the other hand, I can be gentle and caring too. I am interested in girls who would like to be treated like sluts- get used, abused, tortured and humiliated. I love to watch the tears roll down my slave's cheeks. I also love to see cuts and bruises on my slave's body.

Being a slave means total power exchange. I expect from the sub that, she does not put a fake submissive identity/ behaviour infront of me and change it when they get upset or emotional. These situations will arise and its important to handle these situations carefully.

You must be ready to serve me with patience, obedience and respect. I will treat you according to my likes and pleasures. It might bring you little/no fun or pleasure. I will treat you according to my mood only. I dont want the sub demanding anything. If you have any fantasies or wishes, inform them. I "MIGHT" consider it. I prefer to have a sub with no limits but I do respect your limits. And dont expect that every limits will be accepted. And you must be willing to push your limits. I have rules which the submissive must follow and obey.

You will have to prove yourself to me. I need to get to know about you. Its important for me to know your likes, dislikes, interests and limits inorder to manipulate you effectively. If you are new to this and are not quite sure about your limits and kinks, tell that beforehand. I will demand pics of you and you must be ready to share them. I will not treat you as a person. Once you submit to me, you are mine. I take away your power to choose, your control over yourself. You will be controlled by me in every aspects of your life. I will decide what you will do and what not. Your body, mind and soul.... everything becomes mine. You will have no power/control over yourself.

I will not provide any kinds of financial assistance.

If this sounds like a situation you are ready for, write to me.
RISKY​(dom male)11/21/2017

I am searching for a sub/slave 18 to 30 years young. I prefer inexperienced in both scenarios. They are easier to mold & would like to be your first as it will be mine as well. Thank you for reading . I will be waiting to hear from you. You must be serious and sincere . Your first test towards compatibility is to message me back and prove that you are worthy of my time. PS you must be willing to relocate.

Dom looking for online sub
I'm looking for an online sub to train. No extreme content

Male switch waiting to fullfil your needs
Hi, I am Jordi. I am a 20 years old male switch. I am looking for a honest ,kind, fun, creative female switch, sub or domme to discover all side of this lifestyle. I am drawn to both sides , eager to learn & exspearence all both sides have to give to fulfill my needs & yours! I am a little shy at first but not for long once I get to know you. I am honest, kind , intelligent, fun & creative person that happens to know how to tie some great knots for play. I am waiting for your reply so we can get to know each other better and see where things take us!
Jordi96​(switch male){Searching}11/21/2017

Looking for an online shy or starting submissive female
I am looking for an online shy or starting submissive female
I am a switch, so I do know how a submissive feels, but i also have a dominant side, which i would like to explore with and on you

Looking for Sub/Slave
Looking for a sub/slave for long term relationship. I'm in Upstate NY and looking for someone close or willing to eventually relocate. I am willing to train and take things slow. An online relationship to start would be okay.
philf34​(dom male)11/21/2017

Newer to this
Looking for female sub 18-26 that is lookin to start online but possibly more in the future. I'm newer to this but I can't help my desires.. I need to be pleased physically but also mentally is important as well.
NewDom89​(dom male)11/21/2017

Young East Coast Master gives purpose to worthy Female
My Sir will give purpose to a female slave between 20 and 30. Exceptions may be made on the age if you are smoking hot. My Sir expects you to consider yourself Petite, Athletic and open to doing things online to start. You will enjoy his training as he gives you a reason to masturbate. So if you are one hand away from sexless please contact LostMaster or myself, his Butler.
Squirrel​(sub male)11/21/2017

Poly Dom/Daddy
I am a poly Dom/Daddy that is looking for online training or being my sub/slave/lg. If you are wanting to know more please check out my profile and contact me.
Daidi1974​(dom male)11/21/2017

British Dom looking for Sub Slave Girl
I'm 18 I'm experienced dom looking for a sub who like to be treated rough humiliated degraded and used like a filthy slut. Private message me if your intrested
Yrrab​(dom male)11/20/2017

Looking for an Online Slave (must be available 24/7)
I am currently 22 years old
i have been Doming for over 4 years
Looking for a Baby doll, Slave who will be commited 24/7
Daily tasks will be mandatory you will receive tasks and told when to do them throughout the day (lots of sexual/public tasks)
Contact me asap only one Sub will be choosen
MasterJoker​(dom male)11/20/2017

Experienced Dom seeking online sub to start
No experience required just message me and let's see what happens. It will start online but if your a good girl then you will end up living with your Dom.
Uncutdom89​(dom male)11/20/2017

Women Into Male Superiority
I’m currently looking for a woman or two, maybe more, that into male superiority. These women must believe/know that males are superior to females, and must be willing to do anything to please the man that they belong to. If interested, please message me!
Reyrey61924​(dom male)11/20/2017

white male dominant looking for a white female submissive
I am an experienced white male dominant living in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area looking for a slender white female submissive. Must be DD free I am as well. Must live in the vicinity of Hattiesburg, Mississippi or be willing to travel to me at your own expense. Do not play games. I am serious. Looking forward to hearing back from you and finding out what you are looking for.

M24 for older woman
M24 from Alaska, looking for online play or someone willing to travel (perhaps too much to ask for). I am very open to a lot of things but love pain sluts, humiliating, degrading, and nipple torture. I expect pics and vids after some time. Still new to the game in a lot of ways but I'm a quick learner and have thought a lot about it. Message me if you think you can please me.
MasterJ907​(dom male)11/20/2017

Irish master seeks real life submissive
Trust respect and honour communication at the top .
Not looking to abuse and use.

Seeking the real submissive, those with the desire to please and those who know that true submission is a gift and it will not be treated with disrespect.

Real person here and expect the same ..
No time wasters.
No here for lonely hearts.

My current location is Ireland
Do and will travel no problem .
No looking for sessions or play partners looking for real long term .

Do not online role play so do not ask.

Have had some replies in the past but majority either time wasters or didn't know what they wanted. To save your time and mine know what you want and have enthusiasm, along with communication skills.
Master4subirl​(dom male)11/19/2017