Dominant Men Seeking Submissive Women

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Currently seeking dedicated submissive females in the Denver, Colorado area and online.
What do I look for in a sub? It would be easy to say obedience and loyalty but that's not really what I'm in this for. I look for potential for personal growth. If I choose you to be my sub I'll be giving you assignments from which you will benefit. In the past i have held subs accountable for dietary or fitness goals, so in many ways i act as a personal trainer or success coach. I also give mindfulness and sensual assignments. My goal is to help you to grow as a person through our time together.
**Physically my preferences tend to be toward the slender and petite**
Feel free to write me at my Cage profile
Orgazmo​(dom male)09/20/2017

Irish master seeks real life submissive
Trust respect and honour communication at the top .
Not looking to abuse and use.

Seeking the real submissive, those with the desire to please and those who know that true submission is a gift and it will not be treated with disrespect.

Real person here and expect the same ..
No time wasters.
No here for lonely hearts.

My current location is Ireland
Do and will travel no problem .
No looking for sessions or play partners looking for real long term .

Do not online role play so do not ask.

Have had some replies in the past but majority either time wasters or didn't know what they wanted. To save your time and mine know what you want and have enthusiasm, along with communication skills.
Master4subirl​(dom male)09/20/2017

Alpha male looking for sub female
looking for a female that can fulfill all my kinks so i can do the same for her.

No limits
Hi ! I am a 24 yro male from Sweden,
I'm looking for a slave, complete submission, my word is her command.
I've always been very attracted to the idea of complete submission.
To completely own someone, I do understand this is maybe not ideal for most submissives. and I do not expect anyone who answers to this add to be willing to just submit, nor does a reply mean that I will accept you as mine.
But please do spark up a conversation with me

furthermore, I'm also in search for love and deep affection, I don't want a simple toy.
I wish to use my slave however I see fit, but I want the emotions behind the relation to be more then sexual.
I want someone willing to dedicate their life for me,

so if you wish to be used humiliated and are willing to go through any amount of pain
pleasure or embarrassment, I would love to talk with you
Nillaw​(dom male)09/19/2017

dominant man looking for female sub
Hello im Rowin a dominant male from the netherlands and im looking for an online or real life submissive girl message me if interested or if you want to know more
rowin​(dom male)09/19/2017

Dom looking for a sub to train and guide (online)
Hello potential subs,
I'm a 24 years old from Europe (GMT+2) and I'm looking for an online relationship. I'm looking after a submissive girl who wants to lose control of her life and needs a firm hand to guide her. If you come at my side I will give you my attention and help you grow as a sub.

As a Dom I want to take care of you, guide you in your submission. I want to be your reference. You may have your problems, be stressed, depressed, bored or may just be a brat who needs some discipline and/or attention. I want to handle all that for you, I want to manage everything so you can feel safe at my side. I want to create an space where you can share with me whats in your mind without worrying about being judged for that.
During play I can be mean, treat you with no mercy, verbally degrade you to the point you feel useless or I can treat you as a delicate flower. What I'm after is your reaction to a stimulus, I want to see your endurance and I can adapt to your likes in order to bring the best out of you. Of course certain degree of compatibility within our likes is needed.

I want a sub that actually submits to me and not just obey because that's what she is supposed to do. I want to build a relationship where you feel comfortable enough to show your true self. I want you to not play with me but actually feel attached to me. I want to feel that you are actually there for me. A relationship like this is not build in one day, moreover each person is different and so is each relationship, therefore I don't mind being patient and give you as much time as you need to trust and feel comfortable with me. I don't need you to decide right away, we might talk, do some trials and everything you need to approach this without fear.

I mainly like humiliation and control, specially orgasm control, denial and edges. I enjoy making the sub beg for an orgasm, see her suffering while not allowed to finish and forced to edge until I decide she can finally release all the pleasure. As a Dom what I want is to provoke sensations to the sub, observe her reactions and, to some extent, put her submission under test, I don’t really mind the means I use to achieve it. I like either anal, spanks, slaps, bondage, bodywritting, semi public, watersports, hypnosis and, in general, almost everything.
My limits are things that could cause actual damage to the sub, such as blood, knives, needles, permanent, family, extreme torture and anything along those lines.

I don’t pretend you like everything, you may have your own list of likes, dislikes and limits which will be respected. Just as a reminder likes and dislikes are things you enjoy or not but that you will do if you are asked to, on the other hand limits are things you will never do and therefore you will not be asked to do. If you don’t know which are your likes and limits yet I will help you list them.
SilentMaster​(dom male)09/19/2017

If you are willing I will train you
I know you are interested about being a sub, trained and made into a good girl sounds like your dream? I want to be your dom make you into my sub train you and have you obey. Experience is not needed but helps I'm very simple to start I'll get to know you inside and out then once your ready we can begin. Now you must be committed to this I'll let you try for a day or two then after that you are mine. Message me your reason why you want to be my sub and then we can go from there.

Your new life awaits,
Metalmadder​(dom male)09/18/2017

British Dom looking for Sub Slave Girl
I'm 18 I'm experienced dom looking for a sub who like to be treated rough humiliated degraded and used like a filthy slut. Private message me if your intrested
Yrrab​(dom male)09/18/2017

Live-in sub/slave
I want to find a live-in sub/slave that may be open to a poly household. All hard limits and duties may/will be discussed. I'm a Cancer so you can judge my basic personality from there!

Trainer / Strict / Experienced
Im dom looking for sub.If you are new into this dont worry ping me.I have trained alot of people who just started bdsm.
Fido dido​(dom male)09/18/2017

Lancashire, UK
I am looking for a sub for 2/3 sessions a week. Not bratty or baby sub.
Read my profile for likes and limits.
FabSeverus​(dom male)09/18/2017

Mature bbw
Submissive mature bbw who's looking for fun frolics and extremely kinky online games dares orders but most of all to put a smile on each other's face lol but if any mature bbw in UK England wales scotland Ireland or Isle of Man then it might even leave the Internet world and come in to reality and in the real world lol
young26stud​(dom male)09/18/2017

Master Seeking Slave
I am looking for a slave between the ages of 18-25. I am fit, 22, and have experience as a master.
ControllingDom​(dom male)09/17/2017

looking for my Rose, amongst the pies in the pasture.
I am a Master / Dom, looking for his female Submissive. I am a country Master, live on 10 acres, have a working farm. Looking for my country Submissive. Experienced or new, either as long as you know what the lifestyle of being a Submissive is. I am NOT looking for a submissive who is on this site just to shop around, and try to keep her options open ..... I'm all for asking questions and getting to know one another, but it should not take so long to decide. I will give my prospective Submissive all of my attention, till it's decided wither or not it is going to work between us. And once you have decided to give your Full Submission to me then it will become final. But until then, I ask, that it's a one on one courtship ...I am strict, yet leanent when needed. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I would like it if you would include a pic of yourself pouting. .....
Anthony4839​(dom male)09/16/2017

Looking for female sub for online play
26 yo professional Dom here. Looking for a female willing to be my sub in an online capacity, meeting in person can be discussed down the road though. My profile includes a lot of what I am looking for. Looking for a sub who is willing to say what she wants and is not afraid to contribute to play, punishments, and of course rewards. Look forward to hearing from you.
Doc Kers​(dom male)09/16/2017

Seeking new Submissive Girl
I've been a dominant man all my adult life, have great experience, know my own limits and respect yours. I am looking for a submissive girl, especially one new to the scene, so I can train you right. Firm but kind are my watchwords. You can live anywhere in the world, but ultimately I am looking for someone to live in and share my life.
EternalPi​(dom male)09/15/2017

Master seeking sub female/s
Master seeking sub female/s
Applying for females. I am looking for Sub's and a control partner a switch one who is sub to males but Dom to females. I'm currently working with one online sub but my needs demand more so that's the reason for the ad. Must live in the UK, must be willing to travel, as I don't anymore, be in between the age of 18to35 I genuinely like smaller females the switch could be taller, be willing to obey in all things. As soon as we're in my home they understand they are owned. Be willing to go out as group social setting but under command roles only and agreed before hand. I'll provide everything but your clothes I'll not give out money nor gifts. You'll have food, washing facilities, and a bed to sleep in. Be at least willing to try new sexual acts if never done before. This whole process of application takes a few months at least if you just want sex then don't apply there's is other sites for that. Looking to own a stable again at least three complete sub's and one switch. Time wasters don't apply those that want it open your message to me by (Let me in) That way I'll know you are after a Dom I'll vet you and you'll vet me by our conversations. Agreements will be made the very first meeting will be in a public setting not my home safety is key. I won't have this any other way but you'll need to inform a relative or friend that you intend on meeting me contact info given only then.
Master_Jax​(dom male){Applying}09/15/2017

Mature educated dominant seeks submissive woman
Ideally looking for someone based around M3, M4, south west London area.
See my profile for full details.
girlmaster​(dom male)09/14/2017

Dom seeking play
Dom male seeking sub, slave,and cumsluts for playtime and training. Message me if interested.
johnjohn110​(dom male)09/14/2017

Iso of Female
Hello my name is Dan and I am seeking a slave or submissive woman 24/7 live in

You will be serving along side of my submissive wife who also want to tryout being a switch with the lady

If anything maybe a meet up and some fun times wine and adventure !
Danx115​(dom male){Seeking}09/14/2017