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Currently seeking dedicated submissive females in the Denver, Colorado area and online.
What do I look for in a sub? It would be easy to say obedience and loyalty but that's not really what I'm in this for. I look for potential for personal growth. If I choose you to be my sub I'll be giving you assignments from which you will benefit. In the past i have held subs accountable for dietary or fitness goals, so in many ways i act as a personal trainer or success coach. I also give mindfulness and sensual assignments. My goal is to help you to grow as a person through our time together.
Feel free to write me at my Cage profile
Orgazmo​(dom male)08/16/2018

Online Dom looking for a toy
Hello everyone, I’m an European Dom (GMT + 1) looking for an online sub. I just have a few requirements: you must be female, you must be +18, you must be real. Everything else might be negotiable.

I’m not looking for a friend, I’m looking for a sub interested in being controlled and humiliated. I want someone who needs order in her life, an superior authority to obey and rules to follow. I don't care about your age or previous experience.

As a Dom I will take care of your body and mind and guide you in your submission. I will be your reference, the one you submit to. I will show you the path to follow and give you the chance to fulfill your fantasies. I want you show me your true self, I want to bring out the inner sub inside you. Ideally you need to handle some degree of humiliation. You may be my sub, my pet, my slut, my toy or my little girl. I can be mean, treat you with no mercy, verbally degrade you to the point you feel useless or give you all my care and attention, depending on what you need or deserve at every moment. In any case the only true is that you will be mine, your body will belong to me, not because I say it but because you give me that right.

I mainly like power exchange, humiliation and control, specially orgasm control, denial and edges. As a Dom what I want is to provoke sensations to the sub, observe her reactions and, to some extent, put her submission under test, I don’t really mind the means I use to achieve it. I'm interested either in anal, spanks, slaps, bondage, bodywritting, semi public, watersports, hypnosis and, in general, almost everything. My limits are things that could cause actual damage to the sub, such as blood, knives, needles, permanent, family, extreme torture and anything along those lines.

If you are interested in serving me, being my sub and give me control over your body, send me a message showing me such interest and telling me why you are interested, what you have to offer and how would benefit me having you as a sub. If you are new and/or unsure about taking this step don't be afraid to contact and tell me how you actually feel, we can discuss about it and hopefully your doubts will be clarified.
SilentMaster​(dom male)08/16/2018

Looking for a sub in similar age and one who is fun and adventerous if you think yours interested message me anytime
Dylansmabc21​(dom male)08/16/2018

How far would you serve?
Just how far would you go to either serve or to puush your boundaries? Would you want to go above and beyond what was asked? I'm seeking a new submissive online female to do exactly that. Come and have a chat and let's find out.
Roughshot​(dom male)08/15/2018

Looking for a female sub
I am Looking for a new sub. It will start online most likely, unless you live close by. Will move into sexting, Skype, etc. I can train you, and if we hit it off we can commit to a relationship.

Just message me if interested.

The Dark Flame Master
thedarkflamemaster​(dom male)08/15/2018

Experienced Dom seeking online sub to start
No experience required just message me and let's see what happens. It will start online but if your a good girl then you will end up living with your Dom.
Uncutdom89​(dom male)08/15/2018

Experienced white male dominant seeking submissive white female
Looking for a white female submissive between the ages of 18 and 35. Must live in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area or be willing to travel to me at your own expense.
Please check out my profile and get back to me.

NYC Dom looking for Sub for long term Relationship
HI I am Rob I am a Dom ,

I am looking for sub who for a long term relationship possibly living together . I don’t do online role playing don’t have the time for that . I am looking a sub with or without experience . Im not into administering lots of pain. I am more of a trainer that will get you to do the things you need to do to make me happy and thus making you happy . I am also big into personal development because the more you grow the more you have to offer .

I am looking for someone who is about this life , looking to totally submit themselves to me . In return I will train you to be a perfect sub / and a better you . There will be different rules of behavior for when in public and private life.

My limits are :
Illegal activities

Please feel free to message me .
Blackrob​(dom male)08/15/2018

Young Dom Looking for Long-term Online Sub
I'm looking for a long-term online sub. Someone who is interested in serving their master completely. I've had experienced and inexperienced subs in the past so either is fine. Contact me if you are interested or have any questions.
Michael​(dom male)08/15/2018

Sensual Dom who is searching for a friend, a partner, a lover and a submissive.
Sensual Dom who is searching for a friend, a partner, a lover and a submissive.
I believe that a woman's mind is her most powerful sexual organ and so I want to take the time to get to know her, and so have that mental connection that is at the core of any real relationship. As such, I prefer sensual control over harsh use and enjoy the power of well-crafted words to help guide and train a woman to be that submissive for me.. I have extensive experience in BDSM allows me a unique insight. I am not looking just for sex play. I am looking to help you learn and grow in submission to me. I want a nice sensual, but D/s based, relationship with a woman. She could be any age. So long as the chemistry is right, I don't much care what our dynamic is. Supplicants must be genuine in their desire to serve, please, amuse, obey and surrender control, as well as demonstrate a willingness to learn proper Dominance/submissive etiquette and protocol. My ideal person, would be someone intelligent, eloquent, witty, imaginative, independent with others; brave, sensual, kinky, attractive (I do prefer curvy girls). I like to boast with my girl and show her around, so I like her to be sophisticated and well mannered. I want her honest, with high sense of morality, stable and loyal.

I want her to be profoundly addicted to Me, showing her love, passion and devotion from day to day, and never get tired of surprising and pleasing Me as not her Dominant but her Man.

I know that there are many different motivations around here. Some look for that quick thrill or to collect friends. I much prefer that connection and seeing where the relationship can go. If that strikes a chord within you then we should talk and at least commiserate. If it doesn't then I wish you well in your own journey on the cage.
PrevalingMaster​(dom male)08/15/2018

Experienced Dom/Master seeking female slave
I have an opening for a new 24/7 slave. You will be a household and sexual slave, with some vanilla time, which will be a lot of fun. Training will be ongoing, strict punishment for transgression.
wolfweyoun​(dom male)08/15/2018

Hey there.
Looking for a woman who needs to unwind and let loose. Long term conversation partners/friends are welcome. Expect things to get flirty, kinky, a little naughty. Might say some things that will disgust you to read back 10 minutes later but we'll get there again eventually - that feeling is like half the reason this kind of stuff is fun.

I do have a slight preference for older, professional women. Ironically I also like dealing with clinginess so women who lacked a solid male influence while they were growing up hold a special place in my heart.

You''re going to need a sense of humor to tolerate me. Just as an aside.
Aden Figg​(dom male)08/15/2018

Master seeking slave
47 year old master seeking female slave 18 -27 for sexual pleasuring, discipline, and punishment, must be willing and able to relocate to be with me in my Ohio home, and be willing to submit to be collared and leashed and cage trained and to be just a stay at home slave, will be taken care of and provided for, requirements are must be between age 18-27 and preferably petite or skinny body type

I Want a Submissive Girl that Wants a Master/Lover
I desire someone who will put me before herself. I want to have plenty of say over her life like with what she wears, changes I'd like her to make, and other things that would make her my ideal girl. I want a long term relationship, and for her to be fiercely loyal to me. She should also enjoy pleasing me in any way she can, being fucked by me, and making love to me often enough. I would also like her to have introverted hobbies like videogames or art, so we can be around each other most of the time. I do have a huge thing for light skinned girls as well. (Usually with a dark style like with emo or gothic girls) And feel free to tell me about your hopes, fears, kinks, etc. I want you to feel comfortable with me, plus I will be interested in knowing more about you. Especially because I seek a long term relationship.

I am pretty much an introverted loner who tends to stay at home a lot. My hobbies mainly involve videogames, youtube, music, and things like that. On the other hand I do constantly try to improve things like my health, strength, and sexual ability. I train for lean muscle and am pretty close to having a six pack, but not quite there yet. My dick is about 7.5 inches long, and has a 5 inch girth. I don't make too much money, but I do make above minimum wage, and I do have a vehicle. I don't live alone, but will move out when I find the right girl. I am mostly Hispanic, about 5'5" tall, weight 160lb, and 23 years old. When I know you're real and serious, I'll be happy to show you how I look. For now however, people tend to say I look
handsome/young, so take that as you will.

We should be pretty much the center of each other's world, and basically favor each other over anyone else. Also, I more so want effort from you, not necessarily perfection, so no need to feel insecure about being good enough. Just the desire to be good enough, and making the effort to improve yourself is what I seek. So if you have weight issues, acne, or some other technically fixable issue, as long as you're truly interested, I will likely still be interested. Another thing, when it comes to beliefs, or anything of that nature, I would prefer you either adopt mine, or we just be open-minded and not stress over it at all.

What I Need in A Response:

- Write something in the headline like 'I'm interested in being yours', or something personal so that I know you actually read this.

- 1-3 pics showing your face and body (Or a good desc. of yourself if that makes you too uncomfortable for now.)

- How close you are to meeting my standards

- Your age (18-30 is the range)

- How many guys you've been with previously

- How clean or dirty you are (STD-wise)

- Basic financial status

* Distance is a non-issue if you suit my tastes well enough, so don't hesitate if you are far, yet interested. Also, I don't mind if you don't have much money or are unemployed. I just want to know what I'm getting into is all.

Looking for Sub/Slave
Looking for a sub/slave for long term relationship. I'm in Upstate NY and looking for someone close or willing to eventually relocate. I am willing to train and take things slow. An online relationship to start would be okay.
philf34​(dom male)08/15/2018

Seeking my sub
I am seeking a sub. I am a dom and this will be online only unless you are in the az area. If you are interested than message me I am 28 6’2 tall and am athletic
Sir M96708/15/2018

Kind and Strict
For now I’m seeking a online submissive. I’m looking for either a inexperienced or experienced submissive between the ages of 19-30. I’m looking for someone who like to joke around and have fun but knows when it’s time to get serious. I’m going to respect you so I’m expecting the same in return. If interested send me a message and I’ll get back to you.

P.S. I like to talk a lot ?
jimmer24​(dom male)08/14/2018

23 Year Old Dom Looking For Sub
I am looking for a sub or a slave. I have experience with both and am not opposed to either. I am looking for someone around my age (18-26) but willing to consider others ages.
ControllingDom​(dom male)08/14/2018

Looking for Sub or Slave
Experienced Dom of over 10 years located in California. Looking for a Sub or Slave to become apart of this crazy thing we call life. Experienced or inexperienced either or is fine. Looking for a Sub or Slave that can take their role seriously and not looking for people to waste my time. Please get back if interested and there's a photo of me on my profile.
Dom83​(dom male)08/13/2018

Frenchie Dom looking for an online sub
Hello there,

I'm looking for an online submissive (25/45 yo). I love women a bit bratty, who can speak her mind to tell me what she wants and what she don't, as I consider D/s relationships as a two-way thing.

I have a huge fetish for pantyhose, heels and lycra, so you liking them wouldn't be a bad thing.

I'm not that good when it comes to talk about me, so feel free to come and have a chat!
DamCx​(dom male)08/13/2018