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Looking for new toys
If you willing to serve, give yourself, been totally used and protected - You know what to do!
More info in my profile.
Macchinetta Dom​(dom male)06/20/2018

male dominant seeking a female submissive
I'm a white male living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I am seeking a white female between the ages of 18 and 40. I am an experienced Dom currently in between submissives. Looking for someone close by or someone who is willing to travel to me at their own expense. Please check out my profile and get back with me if you see an interest. Looking forward to hearing from you and discussing the possibilities.

white male dominant looking for a white female submissive
I am an experienced white male dominant living in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area looking for a slender white female submissive. Must be DD free I am as well. Must live in the vicinity of Hattiesburg, Mississippi or be willing to travel to me at your own expense. Do not play games. I am serious. Looking forward to hearing back from you and finding out what you are looking for.

Looking for daddy's little girl
I have been a daddy dom for many years . I am looking for someone that I can build trust with .this is very important for dynamic. And preferably in central New York area.
Thom​(dom male)06/20/2018

23 Year Old Dom Looking For Sub
I am looking for a sub or a slave. I have experience with both and am not opposed to either. I am looking for someone around my age (18-26) but willing to consider others ages.
ControllingDom​(dom male)06/20/2018

online play sub
I am male 21 and looking for an online sub for skype sessions. You will have to pleasure yourself as i request and recieve my punishements. You should be into anal, humiliation and pain. i will frequently request things such as spanking, gaping, clamps, bondage, hot wax, writing on yourself etc. if you are into chastity in between skype sessions even better. im looking for women between 18 and 28. Of course you can set limits. MSG me if you are interested so we can wrok out the details.
Greetings Master J

Irish master seeks real life submissive
Trust respect and honour communication at the top .
Not looking to abuse and use.

Seeking the real submissive, those with the desire to please and those who know that true submission is a gift and it will not be treated with disrespect.

Real person here and expect the same ..
No time wasters.
No here for lonely hearts.

My current location is Ireland
Do and will travel no problem .
No looking for sessions or play partners looking for real long term .

Do not online role play so do not ask.

Have had some replies in the past but majority either time wasters or didn't know what they wanted. To save your time and mine know what you want and have enthusiasm, along with communication skills.
Master4subirl​(dom male)06/19/2018

Trainer / Strict / Experienced
Im dom looking for sub.If you are new into this dont worry ping me.I have trained alot of people who just started bdsm.
Fido dido​(dom male)06/19/2018

Making myself findable
Making this ad in hopes that I will be messaged.

I am looking for a sub that is between the ages of 18 to 25 though would prefer the ages 18-20. I will like to have a genral idea of how they look. While a photo is the easy way for me to know how they look I understand it may also be uncomfortable so I'll be fine with just thier best physical description.

To make things clear I feel very uncomfortable on showing myself. Though I hope my sub wouldn't. So before ever considering sending me a photograph or video of themselves I want to be clear I am most likely not going to do the same. I may still send photos and videos but not showing me. And if we where to ever video chat I would stay in voice chat.

I'll be honest,unlike most people here, I am not looking for a permanent relationship. I am looking for a short to long term Dom/sub relationship where it is know at some point we wouldn't be in that relationship anymore but be assured the friendship relationship would still live. Think of me as a Dom you will service to try and get some experience serving a type of Dom, since all Doms may be diffrent.

I will admit I am not a very exprince Dom as I have not really had an Rl master/sub relationships and have only really rped the relationships.

Take note I am a very caring and understanding person. I will not force you to do anything you are uncomfortable doing, though if it's a situation where you just need to get comfortable with doing it I will gladly give you time and try helping you get comfortable with it. I am also if you are ever having a bad day or need to rant I'd be glad to let you rant and either give feed back or just stay quite if you just wanted to let something out but not be told anything back.

And finally to very important things.
Firs I would like my sub to still be able to be able to go on with there lives without me having to be responsible about everything. I'll gladly take some control over your life if you want me to depending how it is.
Second this is purely an online thing. Maybe in the far future It won't be, but that is the far future.
Dantie​(dom male)06/19/2018

Looking for Slaves
Hello, I’m S. I’m a young, 18 year old master looking for a slave. Although I do have a small bit of expericne, I am still learning and do have an idea of what I’m doing. I’m looking for a young female slave/sub, whether they need training or not, who is willing to serve me either after getting to know one another or right away. I’m extremely flexible and understanding, and very easy to talk to, so if you’re interested, or want to know more, or anything else, please do message me.
SuperiorMale​(dom male)06/19/2018

NYC Dom looking for Sub for long term Relationship
HI I am Rob I am a Dom ,

I am looking for sub who for a long term relationship possibly living together . I don’t do online role playing don’t have the time for that . I am looking a sub with or without experience . Im not into administering lots of pain. I am more of a trainer that will get you to do the things you need to do to make me happy and thus making you happy . I am also big into personal development because the more you grow the more you have to offer .

I am looking for someone who is about this life , looking to totally submit themselves to me . In return I will train you to be a perfect sub / and a better you . There will be different rules of behavior for when in public and private life.

My limits are :
Illegal activities

Please feel free to message me .

Seeking Submissive Women in LA
I am seeking a female between the ages of 18 and 50. I am a Dom. Looking for someone close by. I'm very serious when it comes to my subs and can be gentle, understanding and compassionate but also strict and even harsh at times if Dom determines a sub needs it. I can give you training and guidance. if you are interested contact to me.
acowca​(dom male)06/19/2018

Looking for a new submissive. Interested?
First off my name is Master Kris. You can address me as “Master Kris” “Sir” or “Master”. I live in the central part of the Canada (eastern Time). I'm very serious when it comes to my slaves and can be gentle, understanding and compassionate but also strict and even harsh at times if Master determines a slave needs it.

If trust is destroyed, so goes the relationship. Master doesn’t have the tolerance or time to try and determine if the slave is lying.

Snapchat and email... How much communication will need to be determined. At this time, this Master is not looking for 24/7 contact, but tasks may be given with a time limit.

We both have lives outside. I usually have limited free time on the weekends and some holidays considering that I like to travel during these times. Tasks can be given during these times.

Lying will not be tolerated. Masters door to communication will be open. This Master will not use silence or non-communication as a form of punishment. Master will not tolerate silence from a slave just because the slave is scared or is trying to get out of a task.

Limits will always be respected. Online training can work if Master and slave are honest with each other and trust that the slave will only get out of it what the slave puts in. It goes without saying that the slave who pretends to follow the rules will not get as much out of it and may jump from one online Master to another while those that learn and grow honestly will develop deeper relationships and learn the true meaning of serving a Master.
sessions will be slow at first and tasks will be simple, maybe even seem trivial. If the slave can’t/won’t follow instructions during an online session or complete the easiest task, why should Master waste his time expanding the slaves training when the slave does not take the training serious?

Master will take as much control as a slave is willing to concede. Master will always have total control in online sessions, and determining what, if any tasks are assigned. Control can also include complete control over daily activities.

Poo/Scat, Phone, Permanent, Illegal, Blood, Child Play, Extreme Pain

Inexcusable/Not Tolerated
Non-Communication, Not-Replying, Lying

Anal, Orgasm Control, Denial, Showing Face, Edging, Control, Humiliation, Cum Eating/Play, Toys, Spanking, Bondage, family friends

If a slave is only looking for a Master to have online sessions …….then say so! If the slave is looking for “long term” understand that “long term” means more than a couple of days. If a slave answers this Masters add at a very minimum know what it is the slave is looking for, how much time the slave is willing/able to put into serving and have the ability to convey this to the slaves potential Master.

Thank prospective slaves for taking the time to read. Hopefully it has created enough interest that you will contact this Master.

Older Master Seeks LTR With Eye to TPE
65-yo Master with broad sadistic streak in northern New England seeks sub/servant/slave female, any race, any legal age, for long-term arrangement/relationship with goal of establishing TPE. Happy to answer all responses.
DomPoet52​(dom male){Owner}06/19/2018

Howdy Out There...
I am searching for the right little for me to pamper, and spoil and grow with.

Currently seeking dedicated submissive females in the Denver, Colorado area and online.
What do I look for in a sub? It would be easy to say obedience and loyalty but that's not really what I'm in this for. I look for potential for personal growth. If I choose you to be my sub I'll be giving you assignments from which you will benefit. In the past i have held subs accountable for dietary or fitness goals, so in many ways i act as a personal trainer or success coach. I also give mindfulness and sensual assignments. My goal is to help you to grow as a person through our time together.
Feel free to write me at my Cage profile
Orgazmo​(dom male)06/19/2018

Looking for a sub in similar age and one who is fun and adventerous if you think yours interested message me anytime
Dylansmabc21​(dom male)06/19/2018

Central Florida Dominant Male seeking submissive female
I am a 49 year old working professional with an advanced degree, and I do not have any tattoos or body piercings. I am tall (6’3) and I have a normal to slim build, and if you met me in public I would come across as very “vanilla” on the surface. I have always had a dominant personality, but it is only recently that I have come to fully embrace my dominance within the context of being in a relationship. I consider myself to be very much a gentleman with traditional chivalrous values when it comes to knowing how to treat and respect a lady. I also attend church on a semi-regular basis. Although in some ways I am vanilla and traditional, I am also open minded and I can be somewhat kinky when it comes to my sex life.

I am looking for a woman who is also open minded and kinky and open to trying new things while at the same time knows how to be a lady in a traditional sense and who values and appreciates traditional relationship roles. I am looking for a woman who wants to be in a traditional style relationship with a dominant man as the head of household. I am looking for a woman who is not afraid to embrace their natural submissiveness and relishes the idea of being with a strong man who has the judgment and intelligence necessary to be a leader in the relationship. I am not looking for someone to submit after the first email or the first meeting because I understand that it requires strength of character for a woman to willingly submit to the will of another and that it takes time to develop the level of trust and connection that is necessary for a woman to truly let go and truly submit to a strong man. I know that there are many “fake doms” out who say they are dominant but who really do not know what that means because they expect a woman to be submit after the first email, and they do not understand what it takes to earn the title of a true dominant, and they do not understand the responsibility that comes with being head of household. A true dominant or head of household understands that his authority must be earned, and he must consider the well being and safety of his submissive partner as his top priority, and should always be receptive to his submissive’s input before making a decision.

Master seeking slave
47 year old master seeking female slave 18 -27 for sexual pleasuring, discipline, and punishment, must be willing and able to relocate to be with me in my Ohio home, and be willing to submit to be collared and leashed and cage trained and to be just a stay at home slave, will be taken care of and provided for, requirements are must be between age 18-27 and preferably petite or skinny body type

Not a one-liner.
Greetings all.

This is a simple post, although I'd have to say that it's probably a bit more involved than some of the other posts that I've seen on here thus far. Here are the basics:

I'm a Dominant male.

I'm looking for a submissive female.

Simple, right? Here's the juicy, nitty gritty stuff:

I'm looking for someone that is fairly new and looking for a Dom that is willing to take it slow with them. On that note, I prefer that you're open to just about everything that is safe and sane. I enjoy rope-play, general bondage, humiliation and I do have a fondness of oral training... but that's just the tip of the iceberg, because I have very few limits but strictly follow my partner's limits (if any).

I prefer that you're within driving distance of SE Michigan, and like to take things slow on the relationship front, even though I would like to get into lifestyle play as soon as we're comfortable with one another. I stress comfortable, because I'm not one to press someone into being a bottom to me.

So, if you're intrigued at all... even on a 'hey, I want someone to chat with but not get serious with' level, feel free to reach out to me. I don't bite, until I'm asked to. ;)
TooTallD​(dom male)06/18/2018