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23 Year Old Dom Looking For Sub
I am looking for a sub or a slave. I have experience with both and am not opposed to either. I am looking for someone around my age (18-26) but willing to consider others ages.
ControllingDom​(dom male)10/16/2018

Looking for my babygirl
Are you a submissive little or babygirl, looking for your daddy? Do you crave to be loved, petted, played with and dominated by a loving, high quality Daddy Dom that is looking for a long-term relationship? Well, then drop me a note and let's start talking.

Slave wanted
I’m looking for a slave in the Reading/Lancaster area of PA. I’m a fairly new Dom but I really want to move forward. If you have any questions please send me a message.
Bigiron421​(dom male){If my sub }10/16/2018

Dom in Nashville, looking for a Submissive.

Well, to keep this very brief, cause honestly I would rather talk in private than to be judged with just a few words on an Ad page. But anyway, just to tell you a bit about myself, I am a single black male that lives in Nashville, TN.

I am a friendly, loving, outgoing social person that has recently got into doing Stand-up Comedy. But but at home is when the Dominate side comes out, and when it does, oh what fun we will have. I have found out that Submissive sex slaves are great fun, and I am looking for a 24/7 playmate, possibly roommate, possible relationship. Taking it one step at a time.

So open minded women that loves to explore her submissive sex slave lifestyle please talk to me and let's see what may happen. Newbies or long time lifestyle are welcome, contact me and let's get to know each other a little better.

I hope to hear from women, even if it is just a "Hello, how are you doing?" let's talk.
Montavious​(dom male)10/16/2018

Searching for my one submissive woman
I'm a 53 year young dominant male living in Massachusetts who is looking for a submissive woman for a real life mutually beneficial relationship. I'm a warm and engaging man (just a regular guy) who is kind, honest, sincere, generous & romantic but definitely with an edge. I'm a divorced dad of 3 boys and totally unattached and available.

Mutual open communication, sincerity, flexibility and honesty are THE most important characteristics I am hoping to find in a partner. It's also the kind of relationship I want and need with my submissive. That is truly how we will build trust in each other.

It doesn't matter if you have experience or if you are a newbie, as long as you are honest, sincere, and loyal. Please send me an email if you are interested and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Don't be shy, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you for reading my ad. :)
Massdomguy​(dom male)10/16/2018

Looking for daddy's little girl
I have been a daddy dom for many years . I am looking for someone that I can build trust with .this is very important for dynamic. And preferably in central New York area.
Thom​(dom male)10/16/2018

submissive white female wanted
I am an experienced white male dominant looking for a submissive white female age 18 to 40 who wishes to be dominated sexually and spanked. Married or single does not matter. A student from USM, Carey University or a white female is fine. Looking for someone part time with the possibility of it becoming full-time. Please check out my profile and get back to me.

Young Dom Seeks Submissive Anywhere
First off I would like to thank you for actually taking the time to read this. I'm just going to put this all out there and if I sound like the type of guy you'd be interested then send me a PM. I'm open and honest and I feel like my advertisement should be too. A little about me: I am 20 years old, slim build,with a deep voice living in the DC area I have experience both in person and online and have had submissives from as far away as Australia and it worked out so really anywhere is fine. I am a massive gamer and nerd so being my submissive means you will need to put up with that. I also do volunteer work, fist aid training, and I make lovely audios you can have a look at on my profile. A submissive who can show interests in my hobbies is a must, it's a side of intimacy I think gets overlooked in the BDSM community.

My kinks include but are not limited to: Spanking, choking, collars, bondage (light and heavy), breast play, public play, degradation, humiliation, gags, breeding, and roleplay. Always wanted to use a remote controlled vibrator long distance on someone so we could talk about that. What I look for in a submissive: I need someone who can be loyal, trusting, willing to learn, ages 18-40 (will discuss older), respectful , caring, someone who can be both my best friend, my lover, and my little fuck toy.

Limits: Ageplay, rape, kidnapping, significant abuse (ask me about it), blood (bruises and scratches are fine), needles. Feel free to ask me about any of these. I am a flexible dominant and so I really like to get to know my submissives so I can be the type of Dominant they need me to be. If you made it this far thank you again, please send me a PM even if you aren't interested and just have a question or want to talk. Have a nice day!
SlothForce1​(dom male)10/15/2018

28, Male Dom,

Thanks for reading my post

I’m looking for a girl/woman/sub seeking to explore herself through ongoing, active online play and thensome.

I’ve got some experience with regards to being Top, Lead, Dom and seek the satisfaction that comes with dynamic D/s relationships.
Helter Skelter10/15/2018

Looking for open minded sub
I'm 30. I am looking for a young submissive lady that is very open-minded little to no limits to have fun with online and possibly rl if it comes to that.
Pennsylvaniadom​(dom male)10/15/2018

Seeking Submissive Women in LA
I am seeking a Submissive female. I am a Dom. Looking for someone close by. I'm very serious when it comes to my subs and can be gentle, understanding and compassionate but also strict and even harsh at times if Dom determines a sub needs it. I can give you training and guidance. if you are interested contact to me.
acowca​(dom male)10/15/2018

Looking for my other half My Queen-sub
Looking for my other half My Queen-sub a true submissive female
Hello All I am looking to find my Queen-sub who I can protect and care for online and in real life. A strong-minded smart female who want to share this lifestyle with a Don who is strict and fair and I except my sub to follow the rules at all time. I am looking or a sub who wants to be disciplined, whether by hand or cane also who is willing to be trained, but also wants tenderness and caring from her Don. “A truly submissive woman is to be treasured, cherished and protected for it is only she who can give a man the gift of dominance." "If my Master is lost, I'll find him. I'll lead him back to himself, because to serve doesn't always mean to follow”.
A c h i l l e s​(dom male)10/15/2018

I am a strict Dominanat Master looking for submissive girl online or in Canada
I am a Dom from Canada, strict but caring. I am into mind control , reward and punishment for the submissive, humiliation , I am interested in the Sub to be truly a sub that enjoy being controlled and disciplined. I do respect the limits . I like spanking,obedience training and more. if you are intrested drop me a line and let me know how we can start chatting.
MasterJ34ca123​(dom male)10/15/2018

Searching for a submissive woman who wants to be challenged and explore.
Hello there. It is my pleasure to announce that I am able to take on a new submissive woman, either experienced or inexperienced. I allow for live in submissives if it gets to that point. But I totally understand that you have your own life and ambitions which may prevent such an arrangement. I am looking for a woman who wants to be challenged physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I do have a Dominant presence physically, but my Dominance comes primarily in the form of mental Dominance. I want to challenge you to push yourself further and harder than you ever had before in your life. I want you to be empowered to try the things you fantasize about but are afraid to try. If you are interested in this sort of thing, please contact me.

Best Regards,

DaddyDak​(dom male)10/15/2018

Just waiting and more than willing to just talk about anything doesn’t have to be kink but I’m in a search for my sub I’d prefer kinda close and start online to build a connection for a couple weeks seems fair right age doesn’t really bother me to much have to be over 18 and if your interested in chatting with me just message me I’ll message back don’t be rude and we can be friend
Dylansmabc21​(dom male)10/15/2018

NYC Dom looking for Sub for long term Relationship
HI I am Rob I am a Dom ,

I am looking for sub who for a long term relationship possibly living together . I don’t do online role playing don’t have the time for that . I am looking a sub with or without experience . Im not into administering lots of pain. I am more of a trainer that will get you to do the things you need to do to make me happy and thus making you happy . I am also big into personal development because the more you grow the more you have to offer .

I am looking for someone who is about this life , looking to totally submit themselves to me . In return I will train you to be a perfect sub / and a better you . There will be different rules of behavior for when in public and private life.

My limits are :
Illegal activities

Please feel free to message me .
Blackrob​(dom male)10/15/2018

Experienced Dom seeking online sub to start
No experience required just message me and let's see what happens. It will start online but if your a good girl then you will end up living with your Dom.
Uncutdom89​(dom male)10/15/2018

Adventurous online submissive needed
If you're already reading this then you are who I seek....i want a submissive that's sassy but not an entire brat, adventurous, wanting, eager to serve, wanting humiliationverbal degrading and much more, then come have a chat over what could be
Roughshot​(dom male)10/15/2018

Young Dom looking for potential new sub.
I am in search of a new potential sub for the Lynchburg/Madison Heights area. No experience required, but we will push boundaries quickly and discretion is necessary.

In need of a Online or IRL Slave
I’m looking for a Slave to own. Either online or IRL. Between the ages of 18 and 35 for now. If you’re willing to become my personal toy and object then message me.
jimmer24​(dom male)10/15/2018